What are the 10 Signs of Failing Marriage?

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Marriage is a civil contract in law. But the responsibility to run a happy marriage lies on both partners equally. Failure of marriage is considered taboo in Indian society. Our society considers marriage as a lifelong relationship, even after death and rebirth.

But present-day society has seen great social developments, failure of marriages is now accepted, and legal advice by divorce lawyers is now given importance. In this blog, we see ten signs of failing marriage. 

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10 Signs of Failing Marriage

1.Communication Gap

It is observed that modern-day marriages are suffering from the unavailability of time for their partners; if in your relationship there is no personal time to spend with each other, then there’s a chance, and this is a sign of failing marriage.

Unavailability of time leads to communication gaps, and in these modern-day long-distance marriage relationships due to, communication gaps lead to misunderstandings. Communication gaps should be avoided, and the sign of failing marriage should be avoided.

2. Arguments over a past incident

If you and your partner are going through an argument phase so often, then this is a sign of a failing marriage. Arguments in a relationship are a symbol that it is working fine, but when these arguments become too often that the present-day arguments are based on past ones, then it is better to take responsibility and bring the relationship back on track. This is also the most common sign of failing marriage.

3. Not Taking decisions together

A relationship is like two wheels of a Motor vehicle; both the person has the same amount of responsibility to run it.

Both people have the same amount of freedom and rule over each other. Both are equally important for the relationship. In cases where one takes more superiority over the other, then this is a sign of failure of the marriage.

4.  Another person is not the priority

If in the marriage you are not his/her priority and vice versa, then the relationship needs to be worked upon as this sign of failing marriage can lead to you and your relationship to a dead end.

A healthy marriage is one where both the person gives priority to each other rather than him/herself. 

5.  Lack of intimacy in the young couples

It has been observed by various researchers that if there is no physical intimacy between the partners, then there is a high chance of this marriage getting near an end, especially in young and new couples.

This sign of failing marriage should be taken into consideration; it would be advised to consult with a sexologist in this regard.

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6. Cheating

If either of the partners is cheating the other in the relationship, then this is also a sign of a failing marriage.

In this situation, couples need to sort out the things between them and should deal more maturely as cheating the partner is considered morally wrong by society.

7.  Financial worries

If you and your partner are having some differences in the financial issues in your relationship, then this is also a sign of failing marriage in a relationship.

Both partners have equal responsibility for handling the financial hurdles but having differences and jealousy on various issues like income expenditure etc., will lead to the end of this marriage.

8.  The marriage has become boring

If you feel like this marriage has become boring, then both partners should make an effort to spice up the relationship like their earlier days. Otherwise, this sign of a failing marriage will affect them, leading to a divorce.

A couple in a relationship living together after so many years is obvious will feel bored with each other, but it is the responsibility of both to add colors to their failing marriage.

9.  Not taking care

If in your marriage, you both have a stock taking care of each other or be it small birthday parties or movie dates, because of your busy work life and personal and professional life, then this will increase the chances of getting this marriage to an end.

This sign of failing marriages should be taken with utmost responsibility, and the couples should give their care and love to each other.

10.  If there is no love

If you feel that there is no love left in the relationship, then this marriage will come to an end, so it is the responsibility of the partners to keep showing their love and affection to each other by taking time out from their busy schedules.

If in a relationship, there is no love, then this is the greatest sign of a failing marriage which should be taken into consideration, and various marriage counselors can also be consulted in this regard.

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Divorce lawyers and legal advice should be taken first before even thinking about ending a relationship in India, and signs of failing marriage should be discussed with them beforehand. Marriage in our society is a sacred bond between couples; society isn’t ready to accept the detachment of partners from each other in case of a failing marriage. That’s why the sign of a failing marriage should be first considered so that it can be saved beforehand. Divorce laws come into action in such cases.

People in India are now accepting the concept of divorce as they are becoming common in the present-day scenario.

But divorce should always be not the first option until the boundaries of marriage have not been crossed between the partners.

In case of any dispute between spouses, one must consult a divorce lawyer expert.

Adv. Priyanka Sampathy

Adv. Priyanka Sampathy


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