Top Reasons that Lead to Divorce

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When you know that things are not going well between you and your partner, you must first try to compromise and find a solution. Compromise is the best and cheapest lawyer. However, if it is not possible, don’t spend your time beating on a wall, hoping it will transform into a door. You must opt for divorce. There are various reasons for divorce. The reasons for divorce are discussed below. 

What are the reasons for divorce in marriage?

There are various reasons for divorce. Cheating upon the partner, lack of communication, and financial troubles are a few of the reasons for divorce. According to a study conducted by the Austin Institute for The Study of Family and Culture, the top reasons for divorce are cheating, unresponsiveness to the needs of the spouse, emotional abuse, immature spouse, and financial problems. 

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What are the top eight reasons for divorce?

The top eight reasons for divorce are as follows: 

1) An extramarital affair

An extramarital affair is one of the reasons for divorce. When a spouse goes outside of the relationship to fulfill his sexual or physical needs, he/she is said to have an extramarital affair. It becomes difficult for the spouse to gain trust back once he/she feels cheated. It has been seen that extramarital affairs lead to a 20-40% breakdown of most marriages ultimately leading to divorce. Lack of emotional intimacy is the prime reason for having extramarital affairs. 

2) Trouble with finances

If a couple has a dispute on how the finances are handled, it leads to serious issues between them. According to the statistics, 40% of divorce is because of incompatibility in the financial arena. If there is a dispute between the partners as to how the money must be spent, it leads to the breakdown of the marriage. Also, sometimes if the wife earns more than the husband, the husband’s ego comes in between, and it leads to the breakdown of the marriage. Therefore, it is important to have financial compatibility between couples or it can be one of the important reasons for divorce. 

3) Lack of communication

One of the prominent reasons for divorce is a lack of communication. Communication is a very important aspect of marriage. Good communication helps in making a good foundation for marriage. When a couple is living together, it is important to have all kinds of communication. It is also important to respect each other’s views and try to understand the partner. Unhealthy methods of communication lead to a dispute between parties. The partner may start feeling lonely and this may lead to the breakdown of the marriage. 65% of divorce is the result of poor communication. Therefore, it is important to have mindful communication to save the relationship or it can be one of the reasons for divorce. 

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4) Constant arguing

Constant arguing is one of the important reasons for divorce. It is important to respect each other’s views to maintain a healthy relationship. It is often seen that a couple that keeps having arguments repeatedly often tends to have an unhealthy relationship. The key to a happy relationship is to respect each other. Almost 57.7% of divorce cases are because of constant arguing. 

5) Unrealistic expectations

Having unrealistic expectations can be one of the reasons for divorce. In a marriage, the spouse has certain expectations of the other spouse. Sometimes, the partner has unrealistic expectations from the other partner, and this leads to a lot of strain between the partners. Setting unreasonable, and unrealistic expectations between partners can be one of the prominent reasons for divorce. 

6) Lack of Intimacy

One of the reasons for divorce is a lack of intimacy. If the partners are not feeling connected, it can ruin the relationship between the partners as it gives a feeling that they are living with a stranger or like roommates and not spouses. Lack of intimacy does not always mean a sexual relationship with partners. It is the emotional intimacy that keeps a marriage intact. But sometimes, not fulfilling the sexual needs of the partner can also lead to a lack of intimacy. It may create differences between the partners. Therefore, it becomes important to know all the sexual expectations of the partners.

7) Lack of equality

When a Partner takes more responsibility than the other partner, the partner taking the responsibility feels pressurized. This causes bitterness among the partners which ultimately leads to divorce. Therefore, it becomes important to take responsibility equally in a relationship. The couple must negotiate among themselves according to their unique set of challenges and find a way of living together as two equals and ask who enjoys each other’s respect. Lack of equality is one of the prominent reasons for divorce.

8) Physical and emotional abuse

Physical and emotional abuse is one of the important reasons for divorce. Often it is seen that in the institution of marriage women are subject to physical and emotional abuse. But it should not be the case. A woman has a right to be equally treated in a household. Physical and emotional abuse of any kind in a household leads to the breakdown of the marriage. Therefore, in a common household, it is important to respect each other and practice acts of kindness and appreciation to sweeten the relationship or it can become one of the reasons for divorce. 

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Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy is staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children wrong things about love. It is better to end on a good note than to fight for a lifetime. There are various reasons for divorce in which various technicalities are involved and it is important to get the best and correct legal advice. Consulting a divorce lawyer who would help you know your rights and liabilities after divorce is essential. To get the right legal advice, consult a divorce lawyer immediately.

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