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How To Get A Premium Will

  • Schedule appointment with lawyer

    Customer fixes appointment with lawyer

  • Lawyer visits you

    Customer discusses requirement and shares details of the properties

  • Drafting the Will

    Lawyer drafts Will

  • Will Registration

    Will is registered at Sub-Registrar office

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Schedule appointment with lawyer

Customer fixes appointment with lawyer

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Lawyer visits you

Customer discusses requirement and shares details of the properties

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Drafting the Will

Lawyer drafts Will


Will Registration

Will is registered at Sub-Registrar office

Contents Of A Will

  • Registration

    Testator’s details

    Will enlists the details of the testator (person making the Will).

  • Legal Heir

    Legatees details

    Will enlists the details of the people to whom assets shall be given.

  • Untitled

    Executor details

    Details of the appointed Executor mentioned in the Will.

  • beneficiaries

    Asset distribution

    Details of the asset distribution between the beneficiaries.

Benefits Of Premium Will

  • Cost Effective Draft


    Premium Will is tailored to an individual's specific wishes, circumstances, and needs regarding the distribution of their assets and the care of dependents after their demise

  • Customisation to Your Needs

    Doorstep service

    An expert lawyer visits you at a location of your choice, ensuring absolute convenience and comfort.

  • Control Over Assets

    Control Over Asset Distribution

    Will allows you to dictate exactly how your assets and property should be distributed after your death.

  • Protection-of-Minor

    Appointing Guardianship

    If you have minor children, a Will enables you to designate a guardian who will be responsible for their care and upbringing in the event of your death.

  • Legal Heir

    Providing for Dependents

    Will allows you to allocate assets for the support and care of your dependents, such as children, elderly parents, or disabled family members.

  • avoid family disputes

    Avoiding Family Disputes

    By outlining your wishes in a Will can help prevent potential conflicts or disagreements among family members regarding the distribution of your assets.

  • contribution

    Charitable Contributions

    If you have specific charities or causes that are important to you, Will allows you to allocate a portion of your estate to them.

  • family business

    Preserving Family Businesses or Heirlooms

    Will can specify how family businesses, heirlooms, or sentimental items should be passed down, helping to preserve the legacy of these assets.

  • peace-of-mind

    Peace of Mind

    Creating Will can offer you peace of mind, knowing that you have taken steps to ensure that your loved ones are provided for and that your wishes are respected.

Prerequisites For Registering A Will

  • Original Will

    Original Will

    This is the document that outlines how the testators (the individuals writing the Will) wish to distribute their assets after death.

  • Identification Proof

    Identity Proof

    This can be an Aadhar card, driver's license, or any other government-issued ID. The testators and witnesses need to provide their identity proof at the time of Registration.

  • Proof of Property

    Proof of Address

    This is required to verify the current residence of the testators. It can include a utility bill, Aadhar card, or any other official document that includes the testator's address.

  • witness

    Presence of Witnesses

    The two witnesses who were present when the Will was signed need to be present at the time of Registration. They also need to bring their own identity proof.

  • registration of fee

    Registration Fee

    Registration fee needs to be paid at the Sub Registrar's Office. The amount can vary based on local guidelines and rules.

  • passport photograph

    Passport size photographs

    Passport size photograph of the testators is affixed on the Will at the time of registration.

Registration Process

  • 1

    Discuss your requirements with the Lawyer

  • 2

    Lawyer drafts the Will

  • 3

    Schedule appointment with the lawyer

  • 4

    Lawyer visits you

  • 5

    Get any changes/corrections done in the Will

  • 6

    Will draft is ready

Deliverables of a Premium Will

  • Personal visit and consultation with an experienced lawyer.

  • Premium Will draft within 3 business days.

  • Two iterations in the draft as per your requirements.

  • Will draft available in your secured ezyLegal account forever.

Frequently asked Questions

Is it mandatory to register a Will?


No, it is not mandatory to register a Will in India. However, registering it can provide an extra layer of legal protection and authenticity.

Can a registered Will be challenged?


Yes, a registered Will can be challenged in a court of law on various grounds such as undue influence, fraud, lack of mental capacity of the testator, or if it is not properly executed.

How Can I change my Will after making it?


You can change your Will after making it by creating a new Will or adding a codicil to the existing Will. The new Will or codicil should be dated and signed by you and the witnesses.

Can changes be made to the registered Will after death?


No, changes cannot be made to a registered Will after the death of the testator. The Will becomes operative only after the death of the testator.

How the Will is executed after death?


After death, the executor named in the Will is responsible for its execution. The executor applies to the authorities/establishments for transfer of assets as per the Will or to the court for probate (if required) and upon its grant, distributes the assets as per the Will.

Are the succession laws different for different religions?


Yes, succession laws in India vary based on religion. Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains are governed by the Hindu Succession Act, 1956, while Muslims are governed by Muslim Personal Law. Christians and Parsis have their own separate laws.

Do all Wills go to probate?


Not all Wills require probate in India. Authorities may demand probate of an unregistered Will depending upon your location. Probate is mandatory only if the Will is executed within the territories of the provinces of West Bengal, Bombay, and Madras, or in the city of Chennai.

How can NRI make a Will in India?


An NRI can make a Will in India by drafting a Will and signing it in the presence of two witnesses. The Will can include property in India and abroad. It is advisable to register the Will, but it is not mandatory.

Is notarised Will legally valid?


Yes, a notarised Will is legally valid in India. However, notarisation is not a substitute for registration. A notarised Will can still be contested in court.

What is the difference between Beneficiary and Nominee?


A beneficiary is the person who is entitled to receive the assets or benefits as per the Will. A nominee is a trustee or a custodian who holds the assets until they are transferred to the legal heirs or beneficiaries.

What happens if I die without a will?


If you die without a will (intestate), your assets will be distributed according to the laws of succession.

Who can be a witness to a will?


Anyone (family, friends, colleagues, acquaintance), typically over the age of 18 and of sound mind can act as a witness to a will. It is preferred that a beneficiary is not made a witness to a Will. 

What are the duties of the Executor?


The duties of an executor include gathering the deceased’s assets, paying any debts or taxes, and distributing the assets to the beneficiaries as per the will. They’re also responsible for obtaining a probate of the will if required and maintaining accurate records of all transactions related to the estate of the deceased.

I have nominees on all my investments. What is the need for a Will?


In India, nomination does not confer ownership. It only gives the right to receive. The nominee holds the assets as a custodian until the legal heirs or beneficiaries of a Will claim it. Therefore, having a will is crucial to clearly define how your assets should be distributed after your death.

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    Premium Will is a game-changer in estate planning. The lawyer who came to my home, showcased remarkable expertise. He simplified the complexities of Will drafting, making it accessible for someone like me who had limited prior knowledge. This service offers not just convenience but also a deep sense of trust that your legacy is in capable hands. Kudos to ezyLegal for raising the bar in Will creation!
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    Their Premium Will service provides a level of personalization you won't find elsewhere. Ms. Sharma, the lawyer who visited me, took the time to understand my unique requirements. She guided me through the entire process, ensuring my Will accurately reflects my intentions. It's a comprehensive and seamless experience that gives you confidence in your legacy planning. I'm thoroughly impressed and thankful for this exceptional service.
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    When it comes to something as important as a will, you want the best, and ezyLegal's Premium Will delivers just that. The convenience of having a lawyer come to my home made the process stress-free. Mr. Reddy, the lawyer assigned to me, was incredibly thorough and professional. He patiently addressed all my queries, ensuring I understood every aspect of the will. I now have peace of mind knowing that my family's future is secure with a legally robust will. Highly recommend!
  • Sneha Sharma

    ezyLegal's Premium Will service exceeded my expectations. The personal touch they offer with the "Doorstep Will" service is exceptional. Mr. Kapoor, the lawyer who visited me, was not only knowledgeable but also patient in explaining every detail of the will creation process. It felt like a partnership in securing my family's future. I'm grateful for the meticulous will he drafted, which truly reflects my wishes. Thank you, ezyLegal, for this wonderful experience!

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