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Succession Certificate is a document issued by a Competent (Civil) Court certifying a rightful person to be ...

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How to get Succession Certificate

  • Schedule call with the Lawyer

    Discuss requirements & shares details of properties

  • Application Filing in Court

    Submission of documents & filing of application in Civil Court

  • Court Procedure

    Court proceedings take place

  • Succession Certificate

    Succession Certificate is issued by the Court

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Schedule call with the Lawyer

Discuss requirements & shares details of properties

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Application Filing in Court

Submission of documents & filing of application in Civil Court

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Court Procedure

Court proceedings take place

Succession Certificate

Succession Certificate is issued by the Court

Contents of Succession Certificate

  • article_black_24dp (1)

    Time of death of the deceased

    The certificate shall include the details of the deceased along with time and place of death.

  • article_black_24dp (1)

    Address of the deceased

    The certificate shall provide the full address of the residence of the deceased or any other place the deceased was residing before his death.

  • maps_home_work_black_24dp

    Property/Asset details

    The details of the property/asset are written in the certificate. The details include plot area, identification number, details of construction, the exact location and surroundings of the property. In case of any other asset, it will include complete details of that asset.

  • groups_black_24dp

    Details of family members

    The certificate shall provide the names, age, and full address of the family members of the deceased. It also mentions details of the relationship between the deceased and family members.

  • how_to_reg_black_24dp

    Rights of the petitioner

    The certificate outlines the rights of the petitioner. It includes in what capacity he should be nominated as the successor of the deceased. Sufficient evidence that the said asset does not fall under the restrictive cases and there is no dispute to his claim as a successor.

  • description_black_24dp (1)

    Details of debts and securities

    The certificate also includes the details of the debts and securities attached to the property.

Benefits of Succession Certificate

  • description_black_24dp (1)

    Claiming Assets

    Succession certificate is the primary document through which the heirs can claim the assets of the deceased.

  • description_black_24dp (1)

    Legitimacy Proof

    It establishes the legitimacy of the heirs and gives them the authority to get the deposits and other assets transferred in their names.

Registration Process

  • 1

    Discuss your requirements with the Lawyer

  • 2

    Lawyer prepares the application

  • 3

    Application is filed in the Court

  • 4

    Court proceedings take place

  • 5

    Succession Certificate is issued


  • schedule_black_24dp

    Consultation with experienced Succession Lawyer

  • description_black_24dp

    Application Filing

  • Court proceedings taken care of end to end

  • Succession Certificate

Frequently asked Questions

Who grants the Succession Certificate?


The District Judge grants a succession certificate, The Judge grants a certificate specifying the debts and securities set forth in the application empowering the person to receive interest or dividend or to negotiate or transfer or do both.

What is the importance of a succession certificate?


The succession certificate affirms who the legal heirs of the deceased are and that
there was no will. This may be enough for the legal heirs to administer and dispose of

I have a succession certificate; how can I get it reviewed by a Lawyer?


ezyLegal can help you get your succession certificate reviewed and provide you with the right legal guidance. You can upload your document and schedule your Consultation with an ezyLegal Lawyer.

What is the process of getting the Agreement drafted from ezyLegal?


ezyLegal offers Standard and Customized Document drafts. If you chose the customized Document option, your call will be scheduled with a Lawyer to whom you can explain your specific requirements. The first draft will be delivered within 2 working days and then you would be allowed 2 iterations to make changes in the draft.

How will the Document be delivered to me?


The Document when ready will be available on the ezyLegal website ( in your secured Account. You will be notified on email and WhatsApp whenever a new version of the Document is uploaded. You can Log-in and View or Download the document. Copy of the documents delivered by ezyLegal will always be available in your ezyLegal account forever.

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