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Sale Deed is the registered sale agreement which establishes the proof of ownership of the property. This document ...

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How to get Sale Deed registered

  • sales deed

    Schedule Call with the Lawyer

    Customer discusses requirements and specifications of the Sale transaction

  • property sale sale deed

    Drafting Sale Agreement

    Lawyer will draft Sale Agreement in accordance with transaction terms

  • deed registration

    Registration appointment

    Registration appointment is taken after the statutory Govt. fees are paid

  • sale deed

    Sale Deed Registration

    Sale Deed is registered at the Sub-Registrar’s office

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Schedule Call with the Lawyer

Customer discusses requirements and specifications of the Sale transaction

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Drafting Sale Agreement

Lawyer will draft Sale Agreement in accordance with transaction terms

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Registration appointment

Registration appointment is taken after the statutory Govt. fees are paid


Sale Deed Registration

Sale Deed is registered at the Sub-Registrar’s office

Contents of Sale Deed

  • description_black_24dp (1)

    Details of the parties

    Sale Deed enlists details of the parties

  • description_black_24dp (1)

    Details of the property

    Sale Deed outlines the description of the property being transferred, such as its nature, value, location and condition

  • payments_black_24dp

    Property Value

    The consideration that is paid for the property purchase, mentioned in the Sale Deed is deemed as the property value

  • description_black_24dp (1)

    Terms of Sale

    Sale Deed mentions the terms and conditions which are to be adhered to after the purchase of the property

Benefits of Registering a Sale Deed

  • how_to_reg_black_24dp

    Legal Recognition

    Registered Sale Deed provides legal recognition to the transfer of property from one party to another

  • receipt_black_24dp

    Creation of Evidence

    They can be used as documentary evidence in case of legal challenges to the ownership

  • article_black_24dp

    Establishment of Title

    Registered Sale Deed safeguards the rights and ownership of the buyer of the property

Documents required for Registering Sale Deed

  • find_in_page_black_24dp

    Proof Of Ownership

    Certified Copy Of Original Old Sale Deed

  • badge_black_24dp

    Identification Of The Parties

    Ration Card / Voter Card / Driving License / Aadhar Card / Pan Card of both the parties

  • file_copy_black_24dp

    Registration Of Document Through POA

    GPA (If applicable)

  • people_outline_black_24dp


    Two Witnesses Of The Parties Along With ID Proof.

  • web_asset_black_24dp

    Map Plan

    Map Plan And Description Of Immovable Property.

  • web_asset_black_24dp

    Building/Layout Plan

    Digital Photograph Of Building/Plot

  • article_black_24dp

    Release Deed

    Mutation of Virasat For Identification Of Ancestral Property (if applicable)

Registration Process

  • 1

    Discuss your requirements with a Lawyer

  • 2

    Lawyer drafts the Sale Deed

  • 3

    Pay Stamp Duty and generate Challan

  • 4

    Schedule an appointment at the Sub-Registrar Office

  • 5

    Pay Registration Fees

  • 6

    Present relevant documents

  • 7

    Signatures of both parties along with 2 Witnesses in the presence of the Sub-Registrar

  • 8

    Sale Deed is Registered

Deliverables of the Sale Deed

  • schedule_black_24dp

    Customized Sale Deed draft within 3-5 business days

  • description_black_24dp (1)

    Registered Sale Deed (original) home delivered within 5-8 business days

Frequently asked Questions

Is it necessary to register a Sale Deed?


Yes. The Transfer of Property Act necessitates that Sale Deed must be registered.

How much does it cost to register a Sale Deed?


Registration fees for Sale Deed vary from state to state. Please refer to the chart given along with the pricing for a precise list.

What is the difference between an Agreement of sale and a Sale Deed?


An Agreement of Sale states the intent of the parties involved to engage in a sale transaction. A Sale Deed is a record of a sale that has happened. It is not necessary to register the Agreement of Sale but it is mandatory to register a Sale Deed.


How can I get the Sale Deed reviewed by a Lawyer?


You can get your Sale Deed reviewed by an expert property lawyer on the ezyLegal platform. Upload your document and schedule Consultation with an expert Lawyer.

What is the process of getting the Sale Deed drafted from ezyLegal?


After you purchase the Sale Deed Registration service from ezyLegal, your call will be scheduled with a Lawyer to discuss your specific requirements. The lawyer will draft your Sale Agreement and get the Sale Deed registered. 

How will I get the Registered Sale Deed?


You can collect the registered Sale Deed from the Registrar’s office after 3-5 days from the date of registration. EzyLegal can collect the Registered Sale Deed (original) and get it home delivered at additional charges.

Is the sale deed and title deed same?


Sale deed is a document but title deed is a concept

As soon as a sale deed is registered, it becomes a legal proof that the title of the property has been transferred in the name of the buyer. It is in this capacity that the sale deed becomes a title deed. That way, a sale deed is also a title deed.

Can agreement of sale be canceled?


Yes, you can cancel the agreement to sell as the purchaser has failed to comply with the terms and condition of the agreement.

What is a Sale Deed Certificate?


A registered sale deed enables the transfer of property from one party to another. Via a property sale deed, ownership of a property can be transferred in exchange for consideration. A sale deed certificate, similar to the original sale deed, is the certificate that acts as a proof that the sale happened.

What are the modes of transfer of immovable property?


Modes of transfer of ownership of property areas follows:

  • Mortgage
    Sale deed of land/immovable property
    Gifting property

What is conveyance in property law?


A conveyance deed is a legal document that is used to transfer the title of property from one person to another in the form of a gift, exchange, lease, mortgage, etc. Gift deeds, mortgage deeds, lease deeds and absolute sale deeds are all types of conveyances.

What are the important steps to be followed in registering and drafting a sale deed?


The sale deed procedure is as follows:

  • A legal expert or an advocate drafts the Sale Deed.
    The person drafting it can also draft the sale deed online.
    The buyer pays the stamp duty according to the property value.
    An appointment is made at the Sub-Registrar’s Office for registration.
    Both parties, along with 2 witnesses, arrive at the appointed date to the Sub-Registrar’s Office.
    Registration fees are paid.
    Registration is complete.

What is the difference between transfer of property through a sale deed and will transfer of property?


Unlike a sale deed, by which even a gifted property can be sold, a transfer of property through will allows the transfer of property only after the death of the person executing the Will. A sale deed enables a buyer to become the owner of a property during the lifetime of the seller.

Can a jointly-owned property have a sale deed without partition?


If you sell your undivided share of a jointly-owned property, the prospective buyer cannot take possession of any specific part of the land unless the same is partitioned. Nothing stops you from selling your share without a draft sale deed of immovable property but the buyer will have to file a suit for partition to get the possession.

What is the main difference between transferable and non transferable property?


Properties whose title cannot be transferred from one person to another are called non transferable properties. The general rule that governs the property transfer process via property sale deed draft is that property of any kind can be transferred from one person to another. If the value of a property increases upon being gifted, it can be calculated as the capital gains on gifted property

What is a deed of sale?


A sale deed is a contract between two parties through which ownership is transferred from one party to another in exchange for consideration.

Is there any specific language that my sale deed should be in?


Sale deeds are usually either in the regional language of the place they are drafted in, or in Hindi or English. A sale deed in Hindi can be used for the same purposes as a sale deed in any other language, such as a sale deed in Marathi.

Can I initiate transfer of flat after death to nominee through a sale deed?


It is not possible to do so through a sale deed of flat. For the purpose of transferring property after death, consider assigning the property to a legatee through a will.

Can a sale deed be used for property transfer from father to son?


A sale deed can be used for this purpose, as long as the transfer of property is in exchange for consideration. If there is no consideration, the property transfer from father to son must be performed through a gift deed.

Is it safe to draft a sale deed online?


As long as the source that you are drafting the sale deed online through is safe and reliable, the drafting a sale deed online is not an issue at all. ezyLegal’s team of verified lawyers can help you draft a sale deed online without any issues regarding safety or privacy.

What is the process for selling property without original sale deed?


The sale of property without the original sale deed is a complicated process. If you have lost the original sale deed due to someone else’s criminal actions, file a police complaint regarding the same. You will also have to write an undertaking on stamp paper. The Sub-Registrar’s Office is empowered to issue a duplicate of the original sale deed that can be treated as the original sale deed. After this, you can sell your property.

What is seller in a sale deed?


Seller is a person who has current ownership of the property and is willing to sell his property for a price.

What is a witness in a sale deed?


Witness is a person who signs on the sales deed acknowledging to the fact that the buyer and seller have signed the sale deed in front of him.

what is stamp duty in a sale deed?


A duty levied on the legal recognition of certain documents by the government.It is a kind of property tax which needs to be paid to the government while a property is being sold.It is calculated on the market value or the agreement value whichever is higher and stamp duty charges vary from state to state.

What is the registration fee in a sale deed?


The registration fee is additional to the stamp duty charges. Registration fee needs to be paid by the buyer to get the property transferred and registered in your name. The fee is either 1% of the market value or the agreement value, whichever is higher, however, subject to a maximum amount of Rs. 30,000. This fee is different in different states.


What is proof of registration in the sale deed?


The certified copy of the registered lease deed with the name of the buyer can be obtained from the registrar’s office which will act as a proof of registration.

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