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Name change for an adult extends to modifying both the first name and surname or solely the surname through a legal process. This allows individual ...

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How to get Name Changed

  • Upload Documents

    Upload all the documents on ezyLegal portal

  • Affidavit Drafting

    Lawyer drafts the Affidavit

  • Newspaper Advertisement

    Name Change Ad is published in the local newspaper

  • Gazette Application

    Application filing at the Gazette of India

  • Gazette Notification

    The changed name is published in the gazette

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Upload Documents

Upload all the documents on ezyLegal portal

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Affidavit Drafting

Lawyer drafts the Affidavit

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Newspaper Advertisement

Name Change Ad is published in the local newspaper

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Gazette Application

Application filing at the Gazette of India

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Gazette Notification

The changed name is published in the gazette

Documents Required for Name Change After Marriage

  • Identification Proof

    ID Proof

    School ID card or Aadhaar card

  • residence-proof

    Address Proof

    Aadhaar Card

  • age-proof

    Age Proof

    Birth Certificate

  • photograph


    One Passport Size Photo

  • application1

    Application Form

    Duly Signed

Benefits of Name Change of Adult

  • personalization

    Unlocking Personal Identity

    Changing the name of an Adult allows them to align with their identity, fostering a sense of individuality and personal expression.

  • cultural

    Cultural and Religious Alignment:

    For families with cultural or religious considerations, a name change ensures that the identity is in harmony with their cultural or religious background.

  • error

    Correcting Errors

    In cases of misspelled names on official documents, a name change rectifies errors, preventing potential complications in the future.

  • numerology

    Numerology and Astrology Alignment

    Parents seeking alignment with numerology or astrology may opt for a name change to reflect auspicious or meaningful aspects associated with the new name.

  • legal

    Avoiding Unnecessary Legal Issues

    Legally changing a child's name helps avoid complications and legal challenges in the future, ensuring a smooth transition through various life stages.

  • Confidence

    Enhancing Confidence

    A name change can positively impact a one's self-esteem and confidence, as they embrace a name that resonates with their personality and aspirations.

  • adoption

    Adoption or Blended Family Integration

    In cases of adoption or blended families, a name change can symbolize unity and integration, creating a cohesive family identity.

  • adaptation

    Social Adaptation

    A well-chosen name can contribute to positive social interactions, making it easier to adapt and connect with peers.

  • opportunity

    Future Opportunities

    A thoughtfully chosen name can empower a the individual, potentially influencing their life path and future opportunities positively.

  • empowerment

    Personal Empowerment

    Allowing individual to be part of the decision-making process regarding their name cultivates a sense of personal empowerment and autonomy.

Registration Process

  • 1

    Create a Name change Affidavit

  • 2

    Place an Advertisement in the Newspaper

  • 3

    Gazette Publication


  • schedule_black_24dp

    Dedicated Lawyer Available

    60 Minutes of Talk time with the Lawyer for discussing requirements and changes in the application

  • receipt_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48 (1)

    Newspaper Advertisement

    Publication of Name Change Advertisement in the local newspaper

  • description_black_24dp

    Name Change Confirmation

    Copy of the Gazette publication reflecting the changed name

Frequently asked Questions

Who is not allowed to change their name?


Specific restrictions on name changes vary by jurisdiction, but generally, individuals with fraudulent intent, those seeking to evade legal obligations, or those attempting to use the process for illegal activities may face limitations on changing their name.

What is the difference between name change and name correction?


A name change involves altering one’s name for personal, professional, or other reasons through a legal process. On the other hand, a name correction typically refers to fixing errors or inaccuracies in existing legal documents without changing the fundamental identity.

Is there a time limit for changing your name?


The time limit for changing your name is often not strictly defined. However, the process is typically easier when initiated promptly after a life event triggering the change, such as marriage, divorce, or a desire for a new identity. Delays may introduce additional administrative steps or requirements.

What is the rule for changing the name?


The rules for changing a name vary by jurisdiction. Generally, the process involves filing a petition or application, providing proof of identity, specifying the desired name change, and obtaining approval from the relevant legal authorities. Rules can include age requirements, restrictions on offensive names, and specific documentation criteria.

Why would someone change their first and last name?


Individuals may change both their first and last names for various reasons, including personal preference, marriage, divorce, gender transition, or a desire for a fresh start. The decision is often influenced by significant life events or the need to align one’s identity with personal or cultural considerations.

Can I use my old name after a name change?


After a legal name change, individuals are generally not allowed to use their old name for official or legal purposes. The purpose of the name change process is to adopt and legally use the newly approved name consistently. However, informally or in certain personal contexts, individuals may choose to use their old name.

What is an affidavit for a name change?


An affidavit for name change is a sworn legal document wherein an individual declares their intention to change their name. It typically includes personal details, the reason for the name change, and the desired new name. This document is often submitted as part of the legal process when applying for a name change.

Can I go by a different name professionally?


Yes, individuals can choose to go by a different name professionally, commonly known as a professional or business name. However, for legal and official purposes, it’s essential to follow the appropriate procedures for a legal name change if the intention is to change the name formally on identification documents and records. Informally, individuals may use a professional name in business settings.

Why might an adult choose to change both their first name and surname or only the surname?


Adults may opt for these changes due to personal preferences, cultural considerations, marriage, divorce, or other significant life events.

What documents are typically required for a name change involving both the first name and surname or only the surname?


Commonly needed documents include proof of identity such as a birth certificate, passport, and driver’s license, along with details specifying the desired changes.

Is a court appearance always necessary for a name change involving both the first name and surname or only the surname?


Depending on the jurisdiction, a court appearance may be required for validation of the name change, especially when altering both the first name and surname.

Can an adult revert to their previous name after changing both the first name and surname?


Depending on the jurisdiction, some adults may have the option to revert to their previous name after a name change, but this varies and requires legal consideration.

How crucial is it to update identification documents after changing both the first name and surname or only the surname?


It is essential. After a name change, adults must update identification documents, including driver’s licenses and passports, to reflect the altered first name and/or surname for legal compliance.

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