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A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is an agreement in which one or more parties to an agreement agree not to disclose ...

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Contents of Non-Disclosure Agreement

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    Scope of NDA

    The NDA defines confidential information and specifies part of the information which is not confidential. It enables the parties to the Agreement to protect the confidential information that the other party becomes aware of either for performance of its work or otherwise.

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    Duration of agreement

    The agreement outlines the period for which confidentiality is to be maintained. The recipient of the agreement has to uphold the secrecy of the information for the outlined time period. It could be one year or indefinite time.

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    Exceptions to confidentiality

    The agreement lays down certain exceptions for the recipient party. These exceptions address certain circumstances where the recipient party may disclose the confidential information.

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    The Agreement lays down the remedies available to the aggrieved party in case the other party has breached or may breach the terms of the Agreement. The remedies available includes injunction which helps in preventing the other party from breaching the agreement and monetary damages.

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    Dispute Resolution clause

    The Dispute resolution clause provides the parties a dispute resolution mechanism in case of breach of contract or interpretation of the same. The parties may agree on different mechanisms for dispute resolution including referring the dispute for mediation, arbitration or the competent court.

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    Jurisdiction clause

    The agreement specifies the place/venue of court for enforcing the terms of agreement or settlement of disputes and claiming injunction or damages.

Benefits of Non Disclosure Agreement

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    The NDA protects trade secrets, proprietary rights and safeguards the interest of the disclosing party

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    It precisely defines the confidentiality terms, which helps avoid ambiguity and litigation cost in case of disputes.


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Frequently asked Questions

Does a Non-Disclosure Agreement need to be stamped?


Yes, stamping is a necessary procedure for NDA. Without a stamp the document will not be accepted in court. The stamp duty on NDA may vary from state to state.

Is NDA enforceable in India?


The NDA is a legally binding contract as it is governed by the Indian Contract Act, 1872. It is enforceable in India.

Do both the parties sign the NDA?


Yes, both the parties should sign the agreement.

I have a Non-Disclosure Agreement; how can I get it reviewed by a Lawyer?


ezyLegal can help you get your Non-Disclosure Agreement reviewed and provide you with the right legal guidance. You can upload your document and schedule your Consultation with an ezyLegal Lawyer.

What is the process of getting the Agreement drafted from ezyLegal?


ezyLegal offers Standard and Customized Document drafts. If you chose the customized Document option, your call will be scheduled with a Lawyer to whom you can explain your specific requirements. The first draft will be delivered within 2 working days and then you would be allowed 2 iterations to make changes in the draft.

How will the Document be delivered to me?


The Document when ready will be available on the ezyLegal website ( in your secured Account. You will be notified on email and WhatsApp whenever a new version of the Document is uploaded. You can Log-in and View or Download the document.
Copy of the documents delivered by ezyLegal will always be available in your ezyLegal account forever.

What is NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?


Non-Disclosure Agreements are binding contracts, commonly used when two or more parties wish to enter into discussions that deal with confidential topics. Companies often use employee NDAs to prevent methods or technology that they rely on from being revealed to the general public or their competitors. Signing an NDA document results in one party being unable to reveal the information that they learned after signing the document. While these documents contain many clauses, the most important is the confidentiality clause, also known as the NDA clause.

What is the difference between an NDA contract with a witness and one without a witness?


An NDA contract having witnesses cannot be easily challenged in court as the witnesses may testify that the agreement was signed in their presence.

What is a Non-Circumvention Clause(NCNDA)?


A non-circumvention clause/NCNDA agreement prevents the party subject to the clause from going directly to the other party’s suppliers or client, with the intention of bypassing (or circumventing) them and contracting with them directly, thereby harming the other party’s business. This is a common clause for NDA in business relations.

What happens if you break a Non-Disclosure Agreement for employees?


When you break a Confidentiality Agreement form for employees, depending on the circumstances surrounding the confidentiality breach and how badly it impacted the company, the employer could institute action for anything ranging from breach of contract, to criminal charges against the employee.

Does an NDA need registration and/or stamping?


It is not mandatory to register an NDA.     

What Is an NDA Template?


An NDA template is a template of a Non-Disclosure Agreement that can be used to create an NDA in a company or by an individual. The template will have the general legal information and blanks that can be filled in to create a unique mutual Non Disclosure Agreement between two or more parties.

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