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How to get Name Changed

  • Upload Documents

    Upload all the documents on ezyLegal portal

  • Affidavit Drafting

    Lawyer drafts the Affidavit

  • Newspaper Advertisement

    Name Change Ad is published in the local newspaper

  • Gazette Application

    Application filing at the Gazette of India

  • Gazette Notification

    The changed name is published in the gazette

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Upload Documents

Upload all the documents on ezyLegal portal

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Affidavit Drafting

Lawyer drafts the Affidavit

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Newspaper Advertisement

Name Change Ad is published in the local newspaper

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Gazette Application

Application filing at the Gazette of India

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Gazette Notification

The changed name is published in the gazette

Documents Required for Birth Certificate Name Change

  • article_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    Affidavit for Name Change

    This document declares the intention to change the name and typically includes the old name, new name, reason for the change, and other relevant details.

  • receipt_long_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48 (1)

    Newspaper Advertisement

    A published advertisement in local newspapers announcing the name change. This is often required for public notification

  • passport photograph

    Attested Photographs

    Recent photographs of the individual applying for the name change, duly attested

  • appraisal

    Address and Identity Proofs

    Documents verifying the current address and identity of the individual, such as Aadhar card, passport, or driver's license

  • form

    Deed Changing Name Form

    A form obtained from the Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, declaring the need for changing the name

  • letter

    Original Copies of Newspaper Advertisements

    Original copies of the advertisements published in newspapers, along with the publication date

  • checklist

    Application to the Registrar of Births and Deaths

    A formal application to the Registrar of Births and Deaths, including details about the old and new names and the reason for the change

  • Specification

    Gazette Notification

    In some cases, a Gazette Notification from the official government gazette may be required for legal recognition

Benefits of Name Change in Birth Certificate

  • person_filled_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    Personal identity

    Ensures that the individual's legal documents accurately reflect their chosen or current name, aligning with their personal identity.

  • group_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48 (1)

    Marriage or Divorce

    Simplifies the process of updating the last name after marriage or reverting to a maiden name following a divorce.

  • draw_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    Cultural or Religious Reasons

    Allows individuals to adopt a name change for cultural, religious, or spiritual reasons, reflecting a significant aspect of their identity.

  • article_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    Professional and Academic Recognition

    Facilitates the use of a consistent and recognized name on academic certificates, degrees, and professional credentials, avoiding confusion in educational and professional settings.

  • private_connectivity_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    Social and Gender Identity

    Supports individuals in aligning their birth certificate name with their gender identity, contributing to a more accurate representation of their self-identified gender.

  • financial-analysis

    Avoidance of Misidentification

    Reduces the likelihood of misidentification or confusion in various official and legal matters, ensuring a smoother interaction with authorities, institutions, and organizations.

  • Operational

    Legal Compliance

    Maintains legal compliance by ensuring that all official documents, including the birth certificate, accurately reflect the individual's current and chosen name.

  • analytics

    Inheritance and Property Claims

    Streamlines the process of establishing inheritance and property claims by ensuring that legal documents, including the birth certificate, accurately reflect the individual's chosen name.

  • Specification

    Immigration and Passport Purposes

    Helps in meeting the requirements for passport applications and immigration processes by providing consistency in the name across official documents.

  • meeting

    Social and Personal Convenience

    Enhances personal convenience by eliminating discrepancies in the name across various documents, reducing the need for explanations or corrections in everyday situations.

Registration Process

  • 1

    Create a Name change Affidavit

  • 2

    Place an Advertisement in the Newspaper

  • 3

    Gazette Publication


  • schedule_black_24dp

    Dedicated Lawyer Available

    60 Minutes of Talk time with the Lawyer for discussing requirements and changes in the application

  • receipt_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48 (1)

    Newspaper Advertisement

    Publication of Name Change Advertisement in the local newspaper

  • description_black_24dp

    Name Change Confirmation

    Copy of the Gazette publication reflecting the changed name

Frequently asked Questions

Is it possible to change the name on a birth certificate?


Absolutely. Our service guides you through the process of legally changing the name on your birth certificate.

Who can apply for a birth certificate name change?


Individuals who wish to change their name for various reasons, such as marriage, personal preference, or corrections, can apply.

What are the common reasons for changing a name on a birth certificate?


Reasons include marriage, personal preference, correction of errors, cultural or religious considerations, or gender identity alignment.

What documents are required for the name change process?


Required documents may include an affidavit for name change, newspaper advertisements, attested photographs, address and identity proofs, and the deed changing name form.

How long does the name change process take?


The timeline can vary, but our service aims to streamline the process for efficiency. Factors like government processing times and approvals may affect the duration.

Is the name change legal and recognized everywhere in India?


Yes, the name change is legally valid and recognized nationwide. Gazette notification ensures uniformity across states.

Can I change the name of my child on their birth certificate?


Yes, you can change the name of a minor child on their birth certificate. The process involves additional considerations.

What happens if the registrar rejects my application?


In the case of rejection, you may have the option to appeal or rectify any issues. Legal remedies, such as a writ of mandamus, can be pursued.

Is the Gazette Notification necessary for the name change?


While it may not be mandatory in all cases, a Gazette Notification adds legal weight and is often recommended for consistency.

How can I track the status of my name change application?


You can follow up with the relevant authorities, and our service provides guidance on monitoring the progress of your application.

Can I use the new name on my updated birth certificate for official purposes?


Yes, once the name change is approved, you can use the updated birth certificate for all official and legal purposes.

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  • Vikram Patel

    I was impressed by the thorough and detailed guidance provided by ezyLegal for my birth certificate name change. Their comprehensive approach covered all aspects, including affidavits and newspaper publications, and their lawyers were extremely knowledgeable. The clear, step-by-step instructions were very helpful and ensured a successful name change.
  • Priya Desai

    Exceptional customer service from start to finish. ezyLegal's team was very responsive and kept us informed at every stage of the name change process. They handled everything professionally, from drafting the affidavit to ensuring the Gazette publication was done correctly. A big thank you to the entire team for making this so easy for us.
  • Rahul Singh

    The team at ezyLegal is both timely and reliable. They managed all the paperwork and legal formalities required for changing my daughter’s name on her birth certificate. Their commitment to deadlines and meticulous attention to detail ensured that the process was completed without any delays. Fantastic service.
  • Anjali Sharma

    ezyLegal's professionalism and support made all the difference in our name change process. The legal experts were always available to answer our questions and provided valuable insights that ensured we didn't miss any important steps. We were particularly impressed with the Personalized attention we received throughout.
  • Ravi Kumar

    I recently used ezyLegal to change the name on my son's birth certificate. The entire process was incredibly smooth and efficient. The team provided clear instructions and guided us through every step, making a typically daunting task hassle-free. Highly recommend their services for anyone needing legal assistance with name changes.

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