How to Obtain FSSAI Registration in India

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FSSAI registration in India

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India or FSSAI is the regulatory body established by the Government of India. It regulates and monitors food safety standards in India. All food business operators and owners have to register with FSSAI and obtain the FSSAI License.

The FSSAI License ensures that Food Business Operators are following best safety and hygiene practices. The registration grants a 14-digit registration or a license number to the business operator. The 14 digit number is printed on all food packages.

Types of FSSAI Registration –

There are three types of FSSAI registrations. The three categories are further divided into Central and state registration. It provides eligibility criteria to apply for license to different Food Business Operators

  • Basic FSSAI Registration 

The small scale manufacturers, storage units, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors are required to obtain the Basic Registration. The FSSAI Registration is issued by the state government depending on eligibility criteria.

  • Central FSSAI Registration

The Import -Export Oriented Units, large manufacturers, Central Government agencies, airports, ports are required to obtain a Central Food License. The units shall have an annual turnover greater than 20 Crores. The license is issued by the Central Government and is valid for up to 5 years.

  • State FSSAI Registration

The small to medium-sized manufacturers, storage units, transporters, retailers, marketers and distributors are required to obtain the FSSAI State Registration. A Food Business Operator with an annual turnover of more than 12 lakhs is eligible to obtain the State License. The License is valid for up to 5 years.

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The eligibility criterion to apply varies for State Registration and Central Registration. It is based on factors like turnover, production capacity, state and premises. Following establishments and FBOs are eligible to obtain FSSAI License:

  • Any individual who distributes food in any religious or social gathering.
  • Cottage industries operate on a small scale.
  • Stall for food sale
  • Restaurants, Dhaba, Bars and PG providing food.
  • Wholesaler, supplier, distributor and marketer of food products.
  • Canteen and Cafeterias
  • Dairy units, including milk chilling units that are equipped to handle or process milk from 501 litres per day (LPD) to 50,000 LPD or 2.5 million ton of milk solids per annum. 
  • Vegetable oil processing units 
  • Units for Vegetable oil solvent extraction and refineries, which include oil expeller unit that produces up to 2 MT per day or have an annual turnover of Rs 12 lakh and above. 
  • Slaughtering units that a have a capacity in case of large animals of more than 2 and up to 50
  • Slaughtering units for small animals that have a capacity of more than 10 or up to 150.
  • Slaughtering units for poultry birds with capacity of more than 50 and up to 1000 per day. 
  • Meat processing units that have a capacity of up to 500 kg of meat per day or of 150 MT per annum.

Documents required for FSSAI Registration or License-

  • Form B 
  • Plan of the processing unit    
  • List of Directors or Partners
  • Name and list of equipment and machinery
  • List of foods to be manufactured
  • Analysis report of water 
  • Source of raw material 
  • Ministry of Commerce Certificate for 100% EOU in case of Central Registration
  • NOC issued by FSSAI
  • Form IX
  • Certificate from Ministry of Tourism in case of Central Registration  
  • Proof of possession of premises
  • Partnership deed
  • NOC  the manufacturer

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  1. FBOs that operate on a small scale shall submit FORM A along with all the required documents on the official website. They are required to pay a Registration fee of Rs. 100.
  2. The applicant receives UARN (Unique Application Reference Number) after submitting the online form.
  3. The Food and Safety Authority may reject or grant the FSSAI registration within 7 days of submitting the form. If rejected the authority has to record the reason for rejection.
  4. The Authorities conduct an inspection of the premises. The inspection ensures that the premise is following standard health and safety guidelines. The inspection is conducted within 30 days after the submission of the online form.
  5. The Registering Authority issues the FSSAI Registration Certificate after completing the inspection of the premises.


  • FBOs or business owners that operate, manage, manufactures, sells, and distributes stores or imports food products without acquiring the FSSAI Registration or License are subject to punishment as per provisions of the Act. Any such person or company can be punished with an imprisonment up to six months or a fine which may be up to Rs. 5 Lakh.
  • Any Person or company involved or engages in storage, selling, distributing or importing food articles that have been misbranded shall be punished with a fine of up to Rs.3 Lakh.
  • Any Person or company involved in Sell of sub-standard quality of food and Non-compliance of FSSAI Requirements is punishable with fine of up to Rs.5 Lakh.


The Food Safety and Standards Act (FSS), 2006 is the legislation that governs Food Safety regulations in India. The FSSAI has different laws for labeling and packaging of food products. The Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labeling) Regulations 2011 provides regulatory guidelines for Labeling and packaging.

  • The new age consumer is aware and mindful of their consumption. A license provides credibility to the establishment. It improves customer relations and business.
  • The FSSAI license is a certificate of quality. A license is granted after tedious verification and inspection.
  • The FSSAI license regulates all the processes involved in the food industry. It streamlines the production, manufacturing and distribution of goods.

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Starting your dream food business requires compliance approvals and multiple licenses, including the mandatory FSSAI license. Talk to a lawyer to understand the FSSAI requirements and registration process.

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