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Partnership Deed or Agreement is a contract between the partners of the firm which outlines the terms and condition ...

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Contents of Partnership Deed

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    Scope of partnership deed

    The partnership deed includes the details of the partners and the firm. It also specifies the nature of business, rights and obligations of each partner. The partnership is an intentional agreement formed to achieve a business objective.

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    Profit sharing

    The partnership deed includes the details of profit sharing ratio, Partners must agree as to the ratio in which they will be distributing profit or loss. The profits and losses are distributed in proportion to partner’s ownership interest

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    Capital of the partner

    The amount of capital contributed or to be contributed by each partner is mutually decided and written in the deed.

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    Operation of Bank account

    The name of the partner or partners authorized to sign cheques and operate bank accounts is mentioned in the deed.

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    Rules of retirement

    A partner may retire, with the consent of all the other partners, in accordance with an express agreement by the partners. The partnership deed states the notice period for retirement and the method to determine the amount of a retired partner.

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    Remuneration of partners

    The partners are entitled to get remuneration. It includes any salary, bonus, commission paid to a partner. A partnership deed sets forth the amount and mode of payment.

Benefits of Partnership Deed

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    The partnership deed monitors the rights and liabilities of each partner.

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    The partnership deed prevents disputes as each partner’s duties and responsibilities are clearly mentioned.

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    The partnership deed gives partners the ability to file a case against third parties, and other partners.


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Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between a partnership deed and partnership agreement?


Partnership deed is signed by all the partners and partnership agreement is signed by majority of the partners. Partnership deed is registered in the court of law whereas partnership agreement is not registered.

How many partners can a partnership have?


The number of partners in a firm shall not exceed 20.

Who is a minor partner?


A minor is a person who is below 18 years’ of age. Minors are generally admitted to the benefits of a partnership firm, meaning, a person who may not be a partner in a firm, but, with the consent of all the partners for the time being, he may be admitted to the benefits of partnership.

I have a partnership deed; how can I get it reviewed by a Lawyer?


ezyLegal can help you get your partnership deed reviewed and provide you with the right legal guidance. You can upload your document and schedule your Consultation with an ezyLegal Lawyer.

What is the process of getting the Agreement drafted from ezyLegal?


ezyLegal offers Standard and Customized Document drafts. If you chose the customized Document option, your call will be scheduled with a Lawyer to whom you can explain your specific requirements. The first draft will be delivered within 2 working days and then you would be allowed 2 iterations to make changes in the draft.

How will the Document be delivered to me?


The Document when ready will be available on the ezyLegal website ( in your secured Account. You will be notified on email and WhatsApp whenever a new version of the Document is uploaded. You can Log-in and View or Download the document.
Copy of the documents delivered by ezyLegal will always be available in your ezyLegal account forever.

What should be included in the partnership agreement?


Here are five clauses every partnership agreement should include:
Capital contributions
Duties as partners
Sharing and assignment of profits and losses
Acceptance of liabilities
Dispute resolution

Why should you have a partnership agreement?


It gives business partners or business owners  a clear understanding of the rules and arrangements applying to your business relationship. Unless there is an agreement in place, all partners are equal and must share the business’ profits and cover losses, equally.

What is the most important element of a partnership agreement?


A good partnership agreement will detail the terms of ownership and the responsibilities of either partner. The more detailed the partnership agreement is at the beginning there will be less disagreements throughout the endeavor.

What type of agreement is used in partnership firms?


A partnership deed is an agreement between two or more individuals who sign a contract to start a profitable business together. They agree to be the co-owners, distribute responsibilities, income or losses for running a business.

What type of agreement is used in partnership firms?


A partnership deed is an agreement between two or more individuals who sign a contract to start a profitable business together. They agree to be the co-owners, distribute responsibilities, income or losses for running a business.

What are the rules as to the name of a firm in partnership agreement?


Name of the business: The partnership firm must have its own name. The name in which the business is carried on is called the “firm name”. Association of persons: At least two persons are needed to make a partnership. The Indian partnership Act is silent about the maximum number of members.

What is needed in a partnership agreement?


The partnership agreement spells out who owns what portion of the firm, how profits and losses will be split, and the assignment of roles and duties. The partnership agreement will also typically spell out how disputes are to be adjudicated and what happens if one of the partners dies prematurely. The business can be carried on by any partner on behalf of another partner. The members can be active or limited partners.

Which is better: partnership or company?


A company is managed by the directors and members with actions governed by organizations like RBI, MCA, SEBI etc. While it is only the partnership agreement that governs the partners. This is why the flexibility and freedom to make decisions is higher, making it better than a company

What is the validity of stamp paper bought for partnership deed registration?


The stamp paper meant for the execution of the partnership deed should not be older than six months of the date of issue of such stamp paper.

What happens after the death of a partner?


The Partnership Act can appropriately be applied to a partnership where there are more than two partners. If one of them dies, the firm is dissolved; but if there is a contract to the contrary, the surviving partners will continue the firm.

Can a partnership deed be notarized?


Yes, notarization of the partnership deed is essential along with registration, as it makes the agreement between partners a legal one which can be defended in the court of law, if any conflicts arise between the partners.

Can a partner be removed from a partnership?


A partner of a firm may not be dismissed from a partnership firm by a majority of the partner except in exercise, in good faith, of powers conferred by contract between the partners. An expulsion is not deemed to be in a proper interest of the business of the firm if the conditions below are not fulfilled.

What is General Partnership?


In this type of partnership, every partner has the right to make decisions regarding the operation and management of the firm.

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