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As per the Indian Registration Act of 1908, it is mandatory to get the property registered, and similarly, every transaction related to it should be registered too. The rights of property can be obtained only through deed registration of the land or property that is being transferred.

What is Section 25 Bihar Registration Act?

  • Section 25 of the Bihar Registration Act specifies that every documentation that is necessary for the registration process should be obtained within four months from the specific date of registration in the Sub-registrar’s office. 
  • The individual registering the sale deed in Bihar should meet the obligations as per the specified time.
  • A fine of ten times the registration fees of the sale deed in Bihar is charged if the individual fails to furnish the important documents needed for the registration process, and legal advice must be taken beforehand to avoid such circumstances.

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What are the Advantages of Property Registration?

There are certain benefits of property deed registration that can be enjoyed and used as per Sale deed Bihar. These are as follows:

  • It provides the guarantee that the land deed is related to the property genuinely & existing.
  • It acts as evidence of the transfer that the person drafting a Sale deed in Bihar will have and can enforce the same in a court of law.
  • It provides security from fraud and forgery that may occur at any time due to the negligence of the transaction.
  • It helps in legally transferring the ownership title of the property.
  • Gives publicity for transactions and a record in government books in the sale deed in the Bihar section as per the law.
  • Helps in saving the original sale deed in Bihar and making title deeds for the property or certified copy of the deed in case the original is misplaced or stolen.

Procedure to Register a Sale Deed in Bihar

  • Section 32 of the Indian Registration Act 1908 deciphers certain documents which are prescribed to be furnished for registration under the prerequisites of this act. 
  • These documents for the sale deed in Bihar are to be presented to the respective regional authority or Sub-registrar who will then proceed with the registration after verification of the said documentation.

The documents that are required to get a Sale deed in Bihar registered are:

  • The original copy of the sale or purchase agreement is printed on stamp paper.
  • A certified copy of the resolution of the board of directors of both parties.
  • Both parties need to provide their identity proof that is prescribed by the concerned authority.
  • PAN card of both parties.
  • Income Tax statement or copy of the filing done to register the sale deed Bihar.

These are some of the basic documents that might be required for the registration of a sale deed in Bihar. The authority may also prescribe any other documents that may be necessary for other cases, such as:

Partition case

  • Original Deed
  • Challan (Appendix 1A BRR)
  • form 4 as per section 4(1) Bihar Stamp Rules 1995 (Annexure 1b) 
  • Identity proof of any of the identifiers.

Gift, exchange, or sale 

  • Original deed
  • Challan (Appendix 1A BRR) 
  • Plot map and design
  • Bihar stamp rules, 1995 form 4 under section 4(1)
  • Bihar Tenancy Act, 1885 form 13 under section 15
  • Declaration under BLR act 1961 section 16

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The process to register a Sale Deed in Bihar

To register a sale deed in Bihar, certain steps are to be followed:

  • Visit the official website portal: the excise, prohibition, and registration website of Bihar for completing the registry of sale deed Bihar.
  • On the home page of the website, ” e-services” is available for sale deed in Bihar registration which is to be clicked.
  • The next page opens; select the land or property registration button. This selection will redirect the user to the sale deed on the Bihar registration page.
  • The existing users should enter their login information and password, respectively. New users are required to sign up as described by inputting the required information.
  • Click on the “new registration” for the new user registration page and enter the necessary details that are required.
  • The user will get an OTP after giving their details which are used to activate the new account for the sale deed in Bihar registration.
  • The application form should be filled with the correct details which are appropriate for this section, such as the party details, land and property details, and document details.
  • The user will be required to upload the necessary documentation for the property sale deed in Bihar registration.
  • The confirmation process is completed, which will be shown on the next page with the “pay now” option.
  • Select the desired payment method that the user will use to complete the registration of the sale deed in Bihar.
  • The user will receive the E Stamp after the completion of payment.
  • The photo and fingerprints are needed to be recorded by the user as directed on the website.
  • The confirmation and registration number will be allotted by the sanctioning authority of the sub-registrar.
  • The sub-registrar will attest and affix the stamp and signature.
  • The receipt of confirmation will be given to the user, and it should be shown to the Sub-registrar of the concerned authority.
  • The authority in the sub-registrar’s office will scan the recorded documents and then grant the registered ones to the owner of the sale deed in Bihar as per the regulations.
  • The user will also receive a report and appointment slip that is generated there which is next shown to the sub-registrar in their office on the day of the appointment slot.

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The registration helps the owner of the property to sell and use the property as they like. The new owner can receive title and rights only after the registration is complete and they might need legal advice to follow the procedure for transferring rights.

An expert lawyer can help with property matters and get the sale deed drafted correctly.

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