Navigating Passport Name Changes: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Navigate Your Passport Name Update with Ease


A passport is not just a travel document; it’s an essential identity proof. Therefore, ensuring that all details, especially your name, are accurate and up-to-date is crucial. This guide simplifies the process of changing your name on your Indian passport, whether due to marriage, divorce, or other personal reasons.

Online Procedure for Passport Name Change

Changing your name on your passport can be done conveniently online. Here’s how:

  1. Visit Passport Seva Portal: Start by registering and logging in at the official Passport Seva portal.
  2. Application Selection: Choose “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport”.
  3. Form Filling: Select “Re-issue of Passport” and specify the details you wish to change, focusing on the name change.
  4. Document Upload: Upload the necessary documents that support your name change.
  5. Payment and Appointment: Make the required payment online and book an appointment slot.
  6. Final Submission: Attend the passport office on your appointment date with all the necessary documents and application receipt.

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Offline Procedure for Passport Name Change

For those who prefer the traditional method, here’s the offline process:

  1. Prepare an Affidavit: Draft an affidavit detailing your old and new names and the reason for the change.
  2. Gazette Notification: Wait for the publication of your new name in the Gazette of India.
  3. Newspaper Advertisements: Publish the name change in two different newspapers.
  4. Visit Passport Seva Kendra: Submit your application along with the necessary documents at the nearest Passport Seva Kendra.

Reasons for Name Change in Passport

Common reasons for changing your name in the passport include:

  • Marriage or remarriage
  • Divorce
  • Personal preference or other reasons

Required Documents

The documents required vary based on the reason for the name change:

  1. Post Marriage: Marriage certificate and spouse’s passport copy.
  2. Post Divorce: Divorce decree and a sworn affidavit.
  3. Re-marriage: Proof of divorce or death certificate of the former spouse, and marriage certificate.
  4. Other Circumstances: Sworn affidavit and newspaper advertisements.

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Fees for Passport Re-issue

The fee depends on the passport’s validity and type:

  • 36-page passport (10-year validity): Rs. 1,500
  • 60-page passport (10-year validity): Rs. 2,000
  • Tatkal application: Additional Rs. 2,000


Q1. Can I change my name in my passport?
Ans1. Yes, you can change the name mentioned in your passport by submitting an application through the Passport Seva portal.

Q2. Is it mandatory for women to change their names on their passports after getting married?
Ans2. No, it is not mandatory for women to change their names on their passports after marriage.

Q3. Does the change of name in the passport require the original passport?
Ans3. Yes, you need to submit your original passport to get a new one re-issued with the changed name.

Q4. How long will I have to wait for the change of name in my passport?
Ans4. It can take anywhere between 3 to 4 weeks to get the updated passport re-issued, depending on the complexity of the application.

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Q5. What if my passport expired over four years ago?
Ans5. If your passport expired more than three years ago, you will need to undergo a fresh police verification process.

Q6. What if my last passport was issued when I was a minor, but now I’m 25?
Ans6. You need to apply for the re-issue of your passport as an adult.

Q7. How is a damaged passport defined?
Ans7. A damaged passport can range from minor damages where details are legible to ones damaged beyond recognition.


Changing your name on your passport is a straightforward process, whether done online or offline. By following these steps and preparing the necessary documents, you can ensure your passport reflects your current legal name, keeping this crucial document accurate and up-to-date.

Begin Your Journey with Confidence! Contact us today for a consultation, and let us take care of the rest. Your new passport, with your new name, is just a few clicks away.

Adv. Praneeth GN

Adv. Praneeth GN


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