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Guide to Hassle-Free Name Changes in Kerala

How to Change Name Legally in Kerala | Name Change Process in Kerala | Name Change Agent in Kerala | Gazette Office in Kerala | Gazette of Kerala

Residents of Kerala have the convenience of applying for a Name Change via the Central Government Gazette’s online platform. There’s no need for the people of Kerala to step out of their homes for this process.

Our services extend to your door in Kerala, facilitating Name Changes on official IDs like Passports, PAN Cards, Aadhaar Cards, Voter IDs, and on academic records, as well as on property-related documents within the city.

The procedure for amending your name in Kerala, or correcting it across various documents, is streamlined through the Gazette notification. This service is accessible both offline and online in Kerala.

Individuals are not required to personally deliver their applications to the Gazette office in Kerala. For those opting to change their names online, applications are processed through the Central Government Gazette. This change is recognized in India and across the world.

What is a Name Change?

The act of altering one’s name, whether it involves changing the entire name, adding initials, or simply modifying a single letter, is known as a Change Name. This formal or lawful action allows an individual to adopt a new moniker distinct from the one given at birth, through marriage, or upon adoption.

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Why do we need Name Change in Kerala?

Reasons for Name Change:   

  1. Mistake in the birth certificate
  2. Mistake in school certificate
  3. Name Change After marriage by women
  4. Name Change After divorce by women
  5. Spelling errors in documents
  6. For the adoption of a child
  7. Religion change of a person
  8. Astrology or Numerology 
  9. surname change 
  10. Gender Change 
  11. You don’t like the current name
  12. Change of Identity 

In India, to formalize a Name Change, one must submit an application to the relevant department of the Government Printing Press – Gazette of India. This authority is responsible for issuing an official Notification that validates the completion of your Name Change. This declaration is universally binding across all sectors, be it private or governmental, in matters related to your name.

Who can apply for a Name Change in Kerala?

  • Husbands
  • Wives
  • Family members

Each individual has the autonomy to change their name at any stage in their life, for reasons personal or otherwise.

Eligibility for Name Change In Kerala

The right to rename oneself is a personal choice, but it comes with legal bindings. In Kerala, as in the rest of India, the eligibility to alter your legal name is straightforward but must be approached with due diligence.

Criteria for a Legal Name Change

  • Nationality and Age Requirements
    • The individual seeking a name change must be an Indian citizen.
    • The person should be an adult, meaning they have reached the age of 18.
  • Legal Documentation
    • A government-issued ID proof is non-negotiable. This could be a passport, Aadhar Card, PAN card, Voter ID, or driving license.
  • Reasons for the Name Change
    • A solid, justifiable reason for the name change is essential. This could range from marriage and divorce to personal preference or astrological advice.

Special Considerations for Minors

  • For individuals below 18, parental consent is mandatory.
  • The name change process for minors requires the presence of parents or legal guardians.

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Name Change Procedure in Kerala

  1. Name Change Affidavit

The affidavit is your starting block in the race to rename yourself. It’s a legal document where you declare your intention to change your name and the reasons behind it. Here’s how to get it right:

  • Connect with a Notary
    • Find a reputable notary public in Kerala who can draft your affidavit. This document must include your old name, new name, and the reasons for your name change.
  • Details Matter
    • Ensure your personal details are accurate: full address, age, and occupation. Mistakes here could slow you down later.
  1. Publish Newspaper Advertisement

Once your affidavit is notarized, it’s time to let the world know. Publishing your name change in a local newspaper does just that.

  • Choose Your Newspaper
    • Pick two newspapers: one national and one local. Your announcement should appear in both to cover all bases.
  • Craft Your Advertisement
    • The ad should include your old name, new name, and address. It’s a simple notice, but it’s got to be clear and concise.
  1. Notification In the Government Gazette

The final step is getting your new name in the Gazette of India, the official public journal. This is where your name change becomes legally binding.

  • Gather Your Documents
    • You’ll need your affidavit, newspaper clippings, and a letter of application. Don’t forget a couple of passport-sized photos.
  • Send It Off
    • Submit your application to the Department of Publication. Once published, you’ll receive an official copy for your records.

Documents Required for Name Change in Kerala

To proceed with a name change in Kerala, the following documents are necessary:

  • Proof of Residence: Present any one of the following documents to verify your residential address:
    • Latest Electricity bill
    • Recent Water bill
    • Valid Rent Agreement
  • Photographic Identification: A passport-size photograph is mandatory.
  • Marital Status Documentation (if applicable): Provide your marriage certificate or divorce papers.
  • Notarized Affidavit: Submit a notarized affidavit that declares the name change.
  • Age Proof for Minors: A birth certificate is required for applicants under 18.
  • For Indian Citizens Abroad: A deed attested by the Indian Embassy in your country of residence.
  • Newspaper Publication: A hard copy of the name change advertisement published in a newspaper.
  • Name Change Form: A duly filled and signed hard copy of the Name Change Form.
  • Digital CD: A CD with a digital copy of the completed form and supporting documents.
  • For Government Employees: A deed poll or specified declaration is required.

Please ensure all documents are current, legible, and comply with the stipulated guidelines to facilitate a smooth name change process.

Updating Your Name Across Key Documents

PAN Card

  • Application Process: Complete the ‘Request for New PAN Card or/and Changes or Correction in PAN Data’ form, which is accessible online.
  • Document Submission: Along with the form, attach proof of your name change and submit these to the nearest NSDL office.

Aadhaar Card

  • In-Person Update: Visit an Aadhaar enrolment centre; online updates for name changes are not available.
  • Document Provision: Present your name change affidavit, the newspaper publication, and the Gazette notification as evidence of your name change.


  • Application Filing: Use the Passport Seva website to fill out the application form for re-issuing a passport due to a name change.
  • Appointment and Verification: Schedule an appointment at your local Passport Seva Kendra and bring your original documents for verification.

Each of these steps is crucial to ensure your new name is legally recognized across all key documents, facilitating a seamless transition in your personal and professional life.

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Name Change Cost in Kerala

The Affidavit

Creating an affidavit for a name change is the initial step and involves a nominal cost for the stamp paper and notary services. In Kerala, the stamp paper for an affidavit would typically cost around Rs. 20.

Newspaper Publication 

Publishing your name change in two local newspapers is a mandatory step. The cost can vary depending on the newspapers chosen, but it’s generally an affordable expense.

The Official Gazette

The final step is getting your name change published in the Official Gazette. This involves a fee that varies based on the type of publication (General or Extraordinary). The process may also include a handling fee for the paperwork involved.

Following is the Government fee structure for Name Change in Kerala, India

Govt normal fees – 1300 To 1500 (Adult)

Govt tatkal fess – 1000 + 1300 ( Minor)

Professional Fee Structure for Name Change

Name Change Fee for General Public – ₹ 1,500 + ₹ 450 for each Alias

Name Change Fee for Minor Child – ₹ 2,100 + ₹ 450 for each Alias

Name Change Fee for Govt. Employee – ₹ 1,750 + ₹ 450 for each Alias

For Person Living In Abroad – ₹ 11,500/-

Name Change + Religion Change – ₹ 3,200 + ₹ 450 for each Alias

Name Change Office of Central Government For Kerala Citizen

The government gazette office or Central Gazette office is located in North Delhi and the Official Address is – Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-110054. Ph: 8588887480 (Call for Guidance)

Name Change Consultants in Kerala

  1. Name: Dr. Anil Menon
    • Qualification: Ph.D. in Law
    • Experience: 15 years
    • Specialization: Legal Name Change Procedures, Affidavit Documentation
    • Location: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  2. Name: Mr. Rajesh Nair
    • Qualification: LLB
    • Experience: 10 years
    • Specialization: Gazette Notification, Court Orders
    • Location: Kochi, Kerala
  3. Name: Ms. Lakshmi Pillai
    • Qualification: MBA, LLB
    • Experience: 12 years
    • Specialization: Legal Documentation, Name Change for Passport
    • Location: Kozhikode, Kerala
  4. Name: Mr. Suresh Kumar
    • Qualification: LLB
    • Experience: 8 years
    • Specialization: Affidavit Services, Name Change for Educational Certificates
    • Location: Thrissur, Kerala
  5. Name: Ms. Deepa Thomas
    • Qualification: LLM
    • Experience: 7 years
    • Specialization: Gazette Publication, Name Change for Government IDs
    • Location: Kollam, Kerala

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Frequently Asked Questions for Name Change in Kerala

Q1: What are the first steps to legally change my name in Kerala?

Ans1: Begin with creating an affidavit stating your reason for the name change. This should be done via a notary on a Rs. 20 stamp paper. Next, publish the change in two local newspapers.

Q2: Is it mandatory to publish a name change in the newspaper?

Ans2: Yes, it’s a legal requirement to announce your name change in two local newspapers, serving as a public record of your new identity.

Q3: How do I get my name change published in the Official Gazette?

Ans3: Submit the necessary documents, including the affidavit and newspaper clippings, to the Department of Commerce & Transport. After verification, they will publish your name change.

Q4: How long does the name change process take in Kerala?

Ans4: The time frame can vary, but once all documents are submitted, it typically takes a few weeks for the entire process to be completed, including publication in the Gazette.

Q5: Can I change my name on all documents after the Gazette publication?

Ans5: Yes, once your name change is published in the Gazette, you can proceed to update your new name on all legal documents.

Q6: What is the cost involved in the name change procedure in Kerala?

Ans6: Costs include fees for the affidavit, newspaper publication, and Gazette notification. While these can vary, the total is generally reasonable.

Q7: Are there any legal restrictions on choosing a new name?

Ans7: Your new name should not be offensive, deceptive, or infringe on trademarks. It’s also advisable to avoid names that could cause public confusion.

Q8: Do I need a lawyer to change my name?

Ans8: While not mandatory, a lawyer can help ensure the process is done correctly and efficiently.

Q9: How do I update my name on my PAN and Aadhaar cards?

Ans9: For PAN, fill out the ‘Request for New PAN Card or/and Changes or Correction in PAN Data’ form. For Aadhaar, visit an enrolment centre with the required documents.

Q10: Will my old name still be valid on existing contracts?

Ans10: Legally, your new name supersedes the old one. However, it’s wise to inform all relevant parties of your name change to update records and avoid confusion.

Sealing Your New Identity with Confidence

The Final Step: Embracing Your New Name

Changing your name is more than just a legal formality; it’s a personal milestone. Following the correct legal process ensures that your new identity is recognized in all spheres of life, from personal to professional. It’s about making your mark with a name that resonates with who you are or aspire to be.

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Embarking on this journey can be daunting, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. ezyLegal stands ready to guide you through each step, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. With expertise in legal processes and a commitment to personalized service, ezyLegal is your trusted partner in the name change process.

Ready to Rewrite Your Story?

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