How to Obtain a Certified Sale Deed Copy?

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Sale Deed copy


A Sale Deed is done during a property transaction, and it proves the ownership of the immovable property or asset. It contains all information and data related to the property sold or bought. The deed registration is proof that the property involved is free from liabilities.

What is a Sale Deed?

  • A Sale Deed is a legal document that proves the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer as it has all data and information regarding the transaction between them and property details. It is a crucial document in the class of conveyance deeds.
  • It comes in very handy if someone wants to dispose of any property because it helps to register the new owner’s name in the agreement.
  • As per the Indian Registration Act, it is important to register a Sale Deed with the concerned sub-registrar as deed registration makes it legally valuable and effective in a court of law in the case of any disputes.

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Obtaining a Sale Deed copy

  • On many occasions, a Sale Deed is used and reviewed for making any property-related transactions. An individual cannot buy or sell a house or property without a proper Sale Deed.
  • It is also used for availing of home loans. There can be an instance where the bank or any lending organization has unfortunately misplaced the original Sale Deed copy.
  • In such circumstances, it becomes crucial to obtain a Sale Deed copy so that it can be used in the future for further property-related transactions.
  • Usually, anybody would try to search for the missing document first. But here, the first step is filing an official police complaint. And secondly, stating the loss of Sale Deed in a daily newspaper is the most preferred among the citizens. 
  • They might take legal consultancy services to know about the steps that can be taken in case of a lost or misplaced Sale Deed.
  • The person can ask the sub-registrar for a duplicate copy of the Sale Deed copy. They will ask for genuine proof of misplacement and proof that the individual has filed a complaint and tried finding the Sale Deed copy.

Filing A Police Report

  • The first step is to file a police FIR (first information report) at your nearest P.S where it is misplaced.
  • The property owner is required to file an FIR mentioning that the Sale Deed copy is misplaced, stolen, or lost.
  • Providing a mobile number will help the owner to get instant updates about the Sale Deed copy if found or seen.
  • The owner must save a copy of the FIR for future use and reference as it may come in handy for evidence in front of the sub-registrar. The potential banker may also ask for the FIR copy in case it is needed for making a Sale Deed copy/duplicate.
  • The Supreme court has recently ordered the state and union departments that every FIR is to be posted online on the website within 24 hours, so it is useful for everyone to check any updates about their filed FIR.

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Publishing the lost Sale Deed copy report in a newspaper

  • The owner must publish in the “Misplaced and Found” section the lost Sale Deed copy. It should be posted in both local and national newspapers for better results. Provide the contact details and detailed facts about the lost copy of the Sale Deed.
  • The law requires an advertisement published in the case of a Sale Deed misplaced or stolen. The newspaper agency may ask for the FIR or an affidavit before printing the lost case of Sale Deed copy in a newspaper.
  • The proof should be kept by the owner at all times, the FIR complaint copy, clipping of newspaper advertisement, affidavit, and any other fact-related documents of the Sale Deed copy.
  • The duration of 2 to 3 weeks is necessary to wait and see if someone contacts you regarding the lost Sale Deed copy.


  • The owner should write a letter to the sub-registrar informing them about the lost Sale Deed copy, the location of the property or where the copy was misplaced, and any other information about the incident that is crucial.
  • Stating an understatement that the contents in the affidavit are correct and checked by the owner.
  • The affidavit copy, along with other complaints and filings, should be attested and registered with a public notary.

Applying to get a Certified Sale Deed copy

  • Apply with the sub-registrar in the location where the property was registered to obtain a certified Sale Deed copy.
  • They will request you to publish an ad in the newspaper and lodge a police report regarding the same.
  • The Sale Deed copy will require a prescribed fee. It is different for each state.
  • The officials at the sub-registrar office will review and inquire about the papers submitted before providing a Sale Deed copy.
  • It can take 15-30 days to obtain the duplicate certified Sale Deed copy. 

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A Sale Deed copy is a crucial legal document that is needed to make any kind of property transaction and get loans. Instant and effective action must be taken in case of a lost or stolen Sale Deed as this can be misused in many ways.

Filing an FIR, affidavit, and newspaper advertisements are some ways through which some information can be gathered, and this can be a prompt solution. It is advised to take legal consultancy services in such circumstances.

Losing a Sale Deed is enough hassle, and one might need to take legal services to make different filings and complaints with various departments to take prompt action.

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