How to find Land Registration Details?

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registration land details


Registration Land details of the land help the citizens to find out the details and the naming of the particular land of their concern. With the times, the government has improved the system. Now the Registration Land details can be found digitally.

The property and the land registration details are now available on digital platforms. Though the land is the subject matter of the state, every state has its way of providing registration details.

Registration Land Details

First, we should remember a few key points related to the Registration of Land details:

  • In India, there is no concept of land registration with one single document; there is a need for several documents to prove the ownership of the land.
  • Agreements of the parties involved in the land matters should be taken into consideration, as usually two or more parties are involved in the land distribution in India.
  • The legality of the land must be checked beforehand, whether it is under trial or public property, and legal consultation, if required, should be taken without delay in the matter of land. 

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Key information required to find the Registration Land details

  • In India, the land is a matter of pride; people are connected with it not only economically and physically but also emotionally.
  • Before making any decision in matters related to land and land registration, legal consultation is a must to take precautions from disputes.
  • It is taken as an investment, an asset, more than just a property; some customs in India consider land as equal to God, such as farmers and craftsmen.
  • Registration Land details can be accessed through the digital portal of the land administration of the particular area under which the land belongs.
  • Depending upon the specific location of the land, the government at the Municipality or the Nagar Nigam Office can be contacted.
  • Upon which the details of the land will be shown
  • But in the online mode, a simple request on the respective government portal will get you the details.
  • In the manual search, a visit to the sub-district registrar will give access to the Registration Land details.  

Steps to be followed to know the Registration Land details if not online

  • Step 1- A visit to the office of the district registrar/land and revenue department/local governing body/Panchayat sachiv to find the details, the information, and the records of the land in that particular area to find the Registration Land details.
  • Step 2- A direction will be given by the side of the Registrar/Officer/Pradhan or Blockhead/Sachiv towards the office of the administration of the government directly responsible for the Registration Land details. 
  • Step 3- A form will be given, which is to be filled out to get permission from the authority to provide the Registration Land details.  
  • Step 4- A fee may be required to be paid, depending on the nature of the location, the jurisdiction of the state, and the technicality of the process to get that particular Registration Land details.
  • Step 5- A time limit will be given, after which you can collect the Registration Land details and land documents from the office.

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Steps required to be followed if the Registration Land details are needed online

  • Step 1 – The first task is to find out the government’s official website or portal, as every state has a different portal for it, further every district has its sub-portals on the internet for access to Registration Land details.  
  • Step 2 – After the official portal or the website is available, you will be required to fill out the online form on the portals to keep a track record of the person asking for the Registration Land details.  
  • Step 3 – The payment of some amount will be asked to be paid through an online mode.
  • Step 4- Then, to recheck your information, a new tab will open, and make the necessary changes if needed.
  • Step 5 – Submit the form to get the Registration Land details. 
  • Step 6 – The land documents, if available in the portal, will be shown to you on screen, and if not, then in three-four working days, it will digitally send it to you through your given email address.

The initiative of the Government

  • The government of India started to digitalize the record of the land by the year 2002. It was done to make the process of finding the details of the land registration process easy.
  • The digital India project by the government made it completely possible. The records are now available in most of the states, and the various Revenue officers from the Central government have been made responsible for the same.
  • Earlier people had to find the land brokers of the area who usually had the information regarding the Registration Land details of the particular area.
  • These brokers used to charge a huge sum of money to get the work done, as they were in touch with government officials, so to stop this corruption; the government came upon the solution of digitizing it for the welfare of the people.

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The Registration Land details can be accessed on the land not belonging to the government, that is, the land, which is private property. There are majorly two ways. One online, the other offline, in both the matter of concern the person taking out the information, should have reasonable justification for the same.  

The land registration details are sometimes difficult to find. Therefore, it is suggested to consult an expert property lawyer.

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