How to Dispose of Challan in Court?

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Disposing of Challans in Court: Your Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Legal Procedures


The Road Regulation, 1989 deems it crucial for every vehicle driver to adhere to the regulations and set of traffic rules for the betterment of society. The Act ensures that the transportation structure and functionality remain smooth and accident-free throughout the country.

Numerous accidents and unfortunate mishaps occur each day because many individuals don’t follow traffic rules. The traffic challan is used to avoid such situations and ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Everyone should be educated on how to dispose of the challan in Court to settle litigations if any occur. This blog deals with how to dispose of challan in Court. 

What is the meaning of a Challan?

  • The violation of traffic rules and regulations is prohibited by law, and the violator is issued an official notification as per Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, that a penalty is attracted, known as challan. 
  • The person who violated such rules must know how to dispose of challan in Court or online. The document is issued under the violator’s name, and they must clear the fees that are determined by the offence committed.

The challan is issued in two types. These are:

  • On-spot challan: This type of challan is issued on the spot where the violator has committed a traffic rules violation offence. The concerned police officer takes the actions necessary instantly at the location where the incident happened. The violator should know how to dispose of challan in Court.
  • E- challan: This kind of challan is notified and generated electronically. The concerned authority communicates with the violator, confirming the violation and stating how to dispose of the challan in Court or online.

Example of violation: 

  • Incorrect parking 
  • Over speeding
  • Jumping a red signal
  • Not adhering to a one-way route. 

Many other types of violations are acknowledged by the Indian law, which attracts challan, and the person must understand how to dispose of challan in Court to settle the issue. An E – challan can be paid in both ways, i.e., online or offline.

If necessary and the process sounds complex to a layman, they should seek legal consultation to solve queries. This new revolutionary system was introduced by the Government to provide better-improved services and transparency.

Many people who had queries on how to dispose of challan in Court have been using the digital version of challan nowadays as they find it more convenient and simple.

This step by the Indian Government has helped many who did not know how to dispose of challan in Court, and it has eliminated the bribery system and unlawful cash transactions.

Understand the Procedure of Disposing of a Challan in Court:Consult an Expert

How do I pay challan?

The violator may not know how to dispose of challan in Court, but they can opt for online and offline ways to pay challan on time. The fees due should be cleared on time to avoid any further complications. 

  • If one does not know how to dispose of challan in Court, they can go to the nearby police station. The pending fines can be cleared together by visiting the nearest local P.S. 
  • Login to the state transportation department website and choose one from the e-challan
  • Payments or traffic violation payments. Choose the type of violation for which you will pay and enter the vehicle number. After this, enter the necessary captcha codes to confirm. Input the card details or pay via Paytm. A confirmation SMS will be sent after the completion of the payment. This is a good method and an easy way to answer the query of how to dispose of challan in Court.

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What is the meaning of a Virtual Court?

Virtual Court means a digital Court where the violator/litigant and the lawyer interact electronically to settle a challan payment case. They need not be present in an actual Court as it can become a lengthy process. The litigant can solve the query regarding how to dispose of challan in Court with their lawyer for further evaluation.

Proper Disposal of Challan in Court: Ensure compliance with legal formalities with expert guidance

How does this work?

  • The digitally processed challans are sent to the Court in digital form, and the judge has a screening system where all the challans for the day are arranged in a dashboard to make it easier to solve the litigation one by one in a prompt and orderly manner. 
  • The layman need not always know the process of how to dispose of challan in Court, so they hire a lawyer online to manage this case on their behalf.
  • The Court summons the litigant, and their lawyer knows how to dispose of challan in Court joins on their behalf as per Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The message is hyperlinked to a web link redirecting the violator to a virtual Court web portal.

Steps to pay the Virtual Challan

  • Visit the virtual Court portal website with the given link. Select “State” as currently, nine states are using the virtual Court facility to help individuals know how to dispose of challan in Court.
  • After choosing the state, the portal will redirect to another page where the vehicle registration number, Challan number or mobile number, and party name are filled up accordingly. Select the “search details tab,” and the virtual Court challan will be reflected on the same screen.
  • The details will be stated as when the offence happened, where, and how. The due fees will be mentioned. Click on “pay now” to clear the challan payment. Select payment I.D., amount, and gateway as per the necessity and state requirements. Read or select the terms and conditions to proceed further.
  • Select the mode in which you will choose to pay, fill in the banking details and click “pay now.”
  • A confirmation email or successful payment message will be sent with the transaction I.D.

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Mastering Challan Disposal: Ask Our Expert about the Court Proceedings


Several laws are in place to control the percentage of accidents and violations of traffic rules. This process of online and offline challan will enable the Government to curb the violator ratio.

Taking legal consultation can be beneficial for an individual who is facing challan for the first time and does not know how to dispose of challan in Court.

Consulting a lawyer and getting their advice can be helpful for individuals to understand the procedure better and know the cause-and-effect process of traffic rules and the laws that govern it.

Adv. Priyanka Sampathy

Adv. Priyanka Sampathy


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