Design Rights in India

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Safeguarding Innovation: Securing Design Rights in the Indian Market


Design rights protect products’ unique visual elements, ensuring creators can safeguard their innovative designs. In India, the process of registering industrial designs provides legal protection against unauthorised use and copying.

This section will guide you through the process of registering industrial designs, the legal protections available, notable case studies, and the renewal of design registrations. Understanding these aspects is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring exclusive rights to your designs.

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Design Rights in India

Process for Registering Industrial Designs in India

Steps to Register an Industrial Design

  1. Preparation of Documents: Prepare a representation of the design, including views from different angles, and describe its features.
  2. Application Filing: Submit the application to the Design Wing of the Indian Patent Office. The application must include a statement of novelty, class and sub-class of the design, and the necessary fees.
  3. Examination: The Design Office examines the application to ensure it meets the legal requirements. They check for novelty, originality, and non-functionality of the design.
  4. Publication: If the design meets all criteria, it is published in the Patent Office Journal.
  5. Grant of Registration: Upon successful examination and publication, the design is registered, and a certificate of registration is issued to the applicant.

Documents Required

  • Representation of the design (drawings or photographs)
  • Statement of novelty
  • Class and sub-class of the design
  • Power of attorney (if filed through an agent)
  • Payment of the prescribed fee

Legal Protections for Industrial Designs

Rights Conferred by Design Registration

  1. Exclusive Rights: The owner has the exclusive right to use, manufacture, and sell the design.
  2. Prevention of Unauthorized Use: The registered design can be used to prevent others from using, copying, or imitating the design without permission.
  3. Legal Remedies: In case of infringement, the owner can seek legal remedies, including injunctions, damages, and seizure of infringing products.

We have covered all aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in India in our ultimate guide. Be sure to check it out for a complete overview.

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Enforcement and Infringement

  • Infringement Actions: Legal action can be taken against anyone who uses the registered design without authorization.
  • Defences: Defendants can argue non-infringement by showing the design is not novel or has not been copied.
  • Remedies: Courts can grant injunctions to stop the infringing activity, award damages, and order the destruction of infringing goods.

Case Studies of Registered Designs in India

Example 1: Tata Nano

The design of the Tata Nano car, known for its compact and economical design, was registered to protect its unique shape and appearance. This helped Tata Motors maintain a competitive edge and prevent imitation by competitors.

Example 2: Godrej Refrigerator

Godrej’s innovative refrigerator designs have been registered to protect their distinct look and functional enhancements. This registration has safeguarded their market position and brand identity.

Example 3: Titan Watches

Titan has registered numerous watch designs, ensuring the protection of their unique and fashionable designs. This has helped Titan build a strong brand presence and deter counterfeit products.

Renewal of Design Registrations

Renewal Process

  1. Initial Term: Design registrations are valid for ten years from the date of registration.
  2. Renewal Application: The registration can be renewed for an additional five years by filing a renewal application before the expiry of the initial term.
  3. Fees: Pay the prescribed renewal fee along with the application to extend the protection.

Documents Required

  • Renewal application form
  • Proof of payment of renewal fee
  • Power of attorney (if filed through an agent)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What are the steps to register an industrial design in India?

Ans1: The steps include preparing documents, filing the application, examining, publishing, and receiving the registration certificate.

Q2: What rights does a registered design confer?

Ans2: It grants exclusive rights to use, manufacture, and sell the design, and the ability to prevent unauthorized use and seek legal remedies for infringement.

Q3: Can you provide examples of registered designs in India?

Ans3: Examples include the Tata Nano car, Godrej refrigerators, and Titan watches, each protected for their unique visual appearance and functional designs.

Q4: How long is a design registration valid, and can it be renewed?

Ans4: Design registrations are valid for ten years and can be renewed for an additional five years by filing a renewal application and paying the fee.

Q5: What legal remedies are available for design infringement?

Ans5: Remedies include injunctions, damages, and seizure of infringing goods, which can be sought through legal action in courts.

Understanding the registration process, legal protections, notable cases, and renewal of design rights is essential for protecting products’ visual aspects and maintaining a competitive advantage in the market.

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