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Concept of Cybercrime in the Banking Sector

by Shalini Vashistha · 4 min read

Cybercrime in Banking Sector


Cybercrime is a criminal action that uses or targets a computer, a computer network, or a networked device. Most Cybercrime is conducted by hackers or cybercriminals whose goals are financial gain. Many sectors suffer from Cybercrime; here we will discuss Cybercrime in Banking Sector.

Cybercrime in Banking Sector

Online banking and credit card services are only two of the services the banking sector provides to its customers and clients. Customers may simply transact and manage their accounts utilizing the internet and mobile devices from anywhere globally, and they have access to all sorts of bank services 24 hours a day. 

These services, as we all know, are beneficial to users, but they also have negative aspects, such as hacking, fraud, robbery, etc.By getting into banking websites and clients’ accounts. Hackers or fraudsters use those services to destabilize accounts and steal money from consumers’ accounts.

Types of Cybercrimes taking place in the Banking Sector

  • Attacks based on malware

Malware-based assaults are one of the electronic financial systems’ most significant online dangers. Such assaults result in the creation of harmful code. Attacks using malware are becoming more frequent in the financial sector these days.

  • ATM tampering

One method of hacking ATMs or POS systems is to install a skimming device on top of the machine’s keypad to make it look natural or attach one to the card reader to make it look like it belongs to the engine.

  • Phishing

Private information, such as Debit/Credit Card numbers, Customer IDs, IPINs, CVV numbers, Card expiration dates, and so on, are taken through phishing scams by using emails that appear to be from a reliable source.

  • Pharming

Using the internet, pharming is done when a consumer signs onto a bank’s website, the attackers hijack the URL so that they direct them to another website that is fake yet looks like the real website of the bank.

  • Spyware

The most popular method for acquiring internet banking login information and exploiting it fraudulently is spyware.

  • Viruses

It is a type of self-replicating software that inserts copies of itself into executable code or documents to spread infection. A virus is a software that affects an executable file that, following illness, makes the file act strangely. By connecting itself to executable files like program files and operating systems, it spreads.

  • Hacking

Hacking is a type of Cybercrime that entails getting unauthorized access to a system or trying to get beyond security measures by breaking into user accounts or banking websites.

  • Logging keys

The phrase “keystroke logging or keyboard capture” describes it. It is the practice of secretly recording the keys struck on a keyboard so that the user is unaware that their actions are being watched. These techniques are hazardous for stealing sensitive information, such as banking information, among other things.

Reasons for Cybercrime in Banking Sector

  • It is difficult to protect a computer system against unauthorized access since there are numerous ways for a breach to occur because the technology is so advanced. Access codes, retinal pictures, sophisticated voice recorders, etc., that can easily trick biometric systems and get past firewalls can be stolen by hackers and used to get past numerous security measures.
  • Ability to store data in a relatively small amount of space – The computer can store data in a minimal amount of space. This makes it much simpler for individuals to steal data from other storage systems and utilize it for their own financial gain.
  • The operating systems that power computers are composed of millions of lines of code. Because the human mind is flawed, mistakes can be made at any point. Cybercriminals profit from these openings.
  • One of the traits of human behavior is negligence. So, by failing to defend the computer system, we can provide cybercriminals access to and control over the computer system.

Impact of Cybercrime on the Banking Sector

  • Financial setback- Financial loss is one of the significant impacts as hackers, robbers, etc., obtain the banking information of a person fraudulently and then use them to withdraw money.
  • Personal information being violated- All banking services need personal information then. This information gets leaked sometimes and gets used for illegal purposes.
  • Theft and sabotage of personally identifiable information
  • Risks to one’s reputation

Measures for the protection of the Banking Sector from Cybercrime

  • Putting in place strict business guidelines that guarantee safe client data security.
  • They are establishing appropriate controls, such as password security, user account verification, and user login monitoring, and ensuring staff safety requirements.
  • They are giving each employee their user and forbidding the sharing of protected information.
  • Prevent workers from installing or downloading any unlawful software.
  • It ensures the implementation of appropriate approval procedures, including a minimum of two approval requirements for wire transfers, clearing transfers, and other transactions.
  • Increasing tech support will ensure that all devices have adequate firewall protection. This will block any contacts from unapproved websites.


Electronic Banking services are used by most people now, and to open an account, sharing personal information is necessary, but as it’s online, there is a threat of Cybercrime. Numerous measures can stop or minimize this, and if someone suffers from Cybercrime, the person can get legal help too. Get Legal consultation here for the same.

Online banking and credit card services are only two of the various services that the banking sector provides to its customers and clients. Still, they have a negative issue, which is the threat of Cybercrime. To know more, get online legal advice here.

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Cybercrime In Banking Sector

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