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What are the Types of Cyber Crimes Against the Property?

by Mansi Gehrana · 3 min read

CyberCrime Against Property


  • With the development of new networking and communication technologies also come new ways to abuse them. Because people began to rely more on machines than on themselves, manual records that needed to be saved, safeguarded, and made available when needed were replaced with computer databases.
  • The major asset of a company is information or data. Hence it is important to ensure its availability, confidentiality, and integrity.
  • Because of this, businesses increasingly educate their staff about potential dangers and hazards from small mishaps that could turn into major catastrophes or systemic attacks.
  • Cybercrime against property is the most common type of cybercrime prevailing in the market. 

What are CyberCrimes?

Cybercrimes are crimes in which a computer is either employed as a tool or a target, but the key issue is what exactly qualifies as a computer or what items can be considered computers. The definition section of the IT Act in India describes the computer, which is very helpful in preventing and combating cybercrimes.

Cybercrime is any illegal behavior carried out online while using a computer. It can be an email hoax asking you to send money to a good cause, but it might also be an attack on your personal information (financial information). 

Cybercrime also encompasses the online sale of unlawful goods, such as illegal substances, child pornography, abuse, and cyberbullying. Because of the enormous risks posed by cybercrime, which raises questions about both personal and financial security, it is avoidable by taking simple precautionary actions.

Cybercrime against property

Cybercrime against property is a form of cybercrime where

CyberCrime Against Property– This type of cybercrime against property employs cyber vandalism, in which hackers utilize software to access sensitive data and company websites in order to steal the information of other firms or bank details. Crimes involving intellectual property, such as copyright, patents, and trademarks, are a form of property crime.

CyberCrime property comes in the following forms:

  • Computer trespassing.
  • Dissemination of viruses
  • Hacking the network.
  • Website access by unauthorized parties.
  • Utilizing their ISP user ID and password to access another person’s paying network.
  • Intellectual property crimes include software piracy, trademark infringement, and copyright infringement.

What are the ways in which a cybercrime against property can be committed?

There are some ways in which a cybercrime against property can be committed. 

  1. Credit Card Fraud: As the name implies, this type of cybercrime against property fraud occurs when a credit card is used. This typically occurs if the card is stolen or someone learns the card number. Intellectual property offenses 
  2. Software piracy is another type of cybercrime against property which includes the illegal distribution of copies of software and the copying of programs. There are three types of software piracy that constitute a cybercrime against property. 
  • End-User piracy- End-user piracy is the illegal duplication of licensed software, or to put it another way, it’s the creation of counterfeit versions of the original software.
  • installing software on several computers using a single licensed copy of the program.
  • Internet Download -When software is downloaded illegally through the internet rather than being legally purchased, the practice is known as internet piracy. The software can be downloaded through the internet in a variety of ways. websites offering software downloads for free, in exchange for something, or for a very low cost.
  • Peer-to-peer networks make it possible to download illegally obtained software.
  1. Disk loading– This type of cybercrime against property typically occurs when a computer retailer sells a brand-new computer with pirated software already installed. In India, it is fairly typical for customers to request that the shop owners install a large amount of software when they purchase a new computer.
  2. Counterfeit software– Counterfeit Software is another type of cybercrime against property where Program counterfeiters manufacture unauthorized copies of the software and sell it to consumers who mistakenly think they are purchasing the original. Since counterfeit software also comes in attractive packaging and with helpful manuals, it can be very challenging to tell the difference between the two. When a consumer tries to register for the program online but is unable to, they discover that the product is not an authentic copy.
  3. Copyright infringement is one of the biggest types of cyber crime against property where the use of protected content without the required authorization. The use of trademarks and related rights without the owner’s consent constitutes a trademark violation. Theft of computer source code refers to stealing, erasing, or improperly using a computer’s source code. 
  4. Internet time theft is a type of cybercrime against property that occurs when someone uses the hours allotted for using the Internet but is actually being paid by someone else.


We can use the internet for good or harmful purposes; it is up to us to decide what we do. However, in today’s society, it is important to be alert and cautious because we never know when or how we might be the target of an attacker.

There may seem to be no way out of a cybercriminal’s trap at times. However, when it comes to data integrity, national security, financial security, and personal safety, this is unquestionably a major issue. This can be eliminated by taking the necessary precautions to protect your data or the data of your organization.

Make sure your accounts are secured with a unique password, avoid the spam folder, avoid opening or clicking on links unless you are certain they are safe, and double-check email and URL addresses. It is preferable to abide by the maxim “if in doubt, keep it out.” To save the property from cybercrime against property take legal advice from a Business Lawyer. 

To know more about cybercrime against property & how to prevent them consult a Lawyer.

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