How to Draft a Legal Notice?

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how to draft a legal notice


  • Several legal cases and suits are solved with legal notice that is made by precisely inputting data and information by a legal expert or professional in this field. 
  • It serves as a warning of any possible legal proceedings in court. Sent from one entity to another, this helps to mitigate several issues at once and form a mutual understanding or solution. 
  • It is a kind of legal declaration where one authorized individual must know how to draft a legal notice so an entity sends a notice or declaration to another, warning them of any future court case that might occur in case there is no intention to resolve it outside the court. 
  • One entity can sue another entity in terms of any possible harm or damage that has been caused and needs Redressal by understanding how to draft a legal notice.

What is the meaning of a Legal Notice?

  • It is a formal declaration where one party can sue another, for instance, for breach of contract by the authorities or signatory members.
  • It is a mere warning that the other party is perpetually prepared to take on a court proceeding if the opposition does not address their grievances. 
  • The format must be properly made in the correct structure for bringing it into action and accountability. So it is important to know how to draft a legal notice for official purposes. 
  • The sender targets an individual or organization, or addressee. The sender must understand and learn how to draft a legal notice for transferring their grievance to the opposite party in a sophisticated way.
  • Sufficient information and attention are provided for Redressal through mutual terms and conditions. 
  • It is done to neutralize the situation altogether by arranging ways to fix the negative behaviour. It is a serious matter, so the knowledge of how to draft a legal notice is important for the sender.

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Modes to Issue a Legal Notice

After the sender learns how to draft a legal notice, they must know the mode through which it can be issued to the concerned party. There are some standard modes to issue one accordingly.

These are as follows:

  • The traditional courier post service.
  • Direct hand-to-hand transfer/handover.
  • Registration post
  • Official or formal Email notice
  • Speed courier or post
  • WhatsApp or any other social media platform.

How To Draft A Legal Notice?

It is crucial to know what are the contents to understand how to draft a legal notice. 

  • The full name of the sender, present residence address, and details of the designation are included. If an individual is issuing the notice on behalf of any organization, then the organization’s details must be input.
  • The name, address, and other information of the addressee must be mentioned clearly, as the sender knows how to draft a legal notice and will always include current phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • The current scenario and circumstances are stated in the legal notice for the addressee to understand and evaluate the situation thoroughly. Legal advice might be taken from a professional to make such declaration document verification as they know how to draft a legal notice.
  • The addressee has to perform a Redressal or form a neutral agreement to mitigate the issues. There is a set period within which the addressee must clear the misunderstanding. 
  • The guilty have a time duration within which they have to take action for a formal reply by knowing how to draft a legal notice.
  • A legal expert or professional lawyer should be hired to sign or summarise it making it official, as they are very experienced in how to draft a legal notice and can revise it thoroughly for further implementation and document verification
  • The signature of the sender is very important to make it a legal declaration, and practice will make them better at how to draft a legal notice. They can also opt for legal advice throughout the process. 

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Key Points to keep in mind while Drafting a Legal Notice

There are a few factors that can amplify the original legal notice and make it look professional, and help to convey a better message. These are as follows:

  • Limit using abbreviations 
  • The notice body should not have any uppercase format.
  • Any phrase or sentence that may create confusion or error should be minimized or eliminated.
  • The date can be placed both on the top or bottom. The left or right side can choose dates accordingly. 
  • While it is quite obvious that one should know how to draft a legal notice before starting it, one must also use simple English to make it easier for the addressee to understand every clause and point. Short sentences are prescribed. 
  • There should be no exaggeration or error-prone ideas in the notice.
  • Signature and revising from the lawyer is vital as they are specialists and know how to draft a legal notice. 

A Legal Notice is used on various occasions, such as:

  • Property-related matters or disputes.
  • Family or personal arguments or clashes. 
  • Customer complaints and seeking a fundamental replacement right. 
  • Staff or employees complain.
  • Check to bounce.

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There is always a format that sets the pattern for a legal notice to bring an action or Redressal. Individuals or organizations often take help from professionals to execute a legal notice for formal declaration and purpose.

Hiring a professional lawyer is a great idea when drafting a legal notice to avoid any mistakes or errors and use the correct format.

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Adv. Priyanka Sampathy


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