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A Startup Valuation Report is a formal document that estimates the fair market value of a young company. Startup valuation considers a company̵ ...

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Startup Valuation Report

  • Share financial information

    Customer shares company’s financial data

  • Value is calculated

    Valuer calculates enterprise valuation

  • Valuation Report is issued

    Merchant Banker issues signed report

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Share financial information

Customer shares company’s financial data

Arrow pointing to next blockArrow pointing to next block

Value is calculated

Valuer calculates enterprise valuation


Valuation Report is issued

Merchant Banker issues signed report

Contents of Report

  • overview


    The name and registration number of the Merchant Banker and details of the company requesting for Startup Valuation Report

  • scope-of-work

    Scope of Work

    Outlines the specific shares being valued, along with any limitations or restrictions on the valuation process.

  • methodology


    Details about the approaches and methods used to determine the value of the share.

  • market-analysis

    Market Analysis

    Information about the relevant market conditions, trends, and factors that may impact the value of the share.

  • valuation-results

    Valuation Results

    The final estimated value of the asset, along with any supporting calculations or analyses.

  • valuer-declaration

    Merchant Banker's Declaration

    A statement by the Merchant Banker confirming that the report has been prepared in accordance with relevant laws and standards.

  • signature-and-stamp

    Signature and Stamp

    The report is signed by the Merchant Banker, along with their official stamp or seal.

Benefits of Startup Valuation Report

  • credibility


    The report is prepared by a Merchant Banker/Registered Valuer/CA which lends credibility to the valuation process and assurance to stakeholders.

  • regulatory-compliance

    Regulatory Compliance

    Startup Valuation Report ensures compliance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act, SEBI regulations and RBI guidelines.

  • assessment

    Objective and Unbiased Assessment

    It provides an impartial and unbiased valuation, free from any conflicts of interest.

  • risk-mitigation

    Risk Mitigation

    Startup Valuation Report helps mitigate the risk of disputes or disagreements related to the value of the asset.

  • reporting-and-accounting

    Financial Reporting and Accounting

    Premium per share as mentioned in the Valuation Report is used for financial reporting purposes as per accounting standards compliance.

  • accountability-and-ethics

    Professional Accountability and Ethics

    The preparation of a Startup Valuation Report demonstrates adherence to these standards, which enhances trust and confidence in the valuation.

  • methodology

    Documentation of Methodology and Assumptions

    Transparency in method, approach, and assumptions helps stakeholders understand how the value was determined.

Documents Required for Startup Valuation Report

  • Specification

    Business Plan and Projections

    A detailed business plan including financial projections, growth strategies, and market analysis. This should cover projected revenues, expenses, cash flow, and details on the market size and competitive landscape.

  • statement

    Financial Statements

    Historical financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. For startups, these may cover a shorter period if the company is relatively new.

  • Increase Valuation

    Cap Table

    A capitalization table showing the equity ownership capital structure, including details of shares held by founders, investors, and options holders.

  • Comprehensive search

    Investment and Funding History

    Records of previous investment rounds, terms of investment, and details of the investors involved.

  • report

    Market Research Reports

    Reports and studies that provide insights into the industry in which the startup operates, including growth rates, trends, and technological developments.

  • leadership

    Competitor Analysis

    Information on key competitors, their market share, and comparative financials, can help in benchmarking and understanding the competitive landscape.

  • Ownership Rights

    Intellectual Property Documentation

    Details of patents, trademarks, or any other intellectual property owned by the startup that could add to its valuation.

  • leasehold_14597212

    Customer and Supplier Contracts

    Contracts that demonstrate the startup’s current business engagements and potential future earnings.

  • Legal Enforcement

    Legal and Regulatory Compliance Documents

    Any regulatory approvals, compliance documents, or legal checks that are pertinent to the startup’s operation and future growth.

  • meeting

    Minutes of Board Meetings

    Documentation of board meeting discussions and decisions, especially those related to strategic planning, funding, and valuation.

  • strategy

    Exit Strategy

    Insights into the potential exit strategies considered by the startup, which can significantly influence valuation perspectives, especially for potential investors.

  • Operational

    Management Profiles and Organizational Structure

    Information on the key team members, their backgrounds, and roles within the company, underscoring the management's capability to drive growth.


  • valuation-results

    Determine Enterprise Valuation

  • description_black_24dp

    Issue of Valuation Report signed and stamped

Frequently asked Questions

What factors influence startup valuation?


Several factors influence startup valuation, including Market size and growth potential, Financial projections, Team experience and Competition.

How do early-stage businesses get valued?


Early-stage businesses are valued using a mix of comparable company analysis, future cash flow projections, and exit strategy estimates. This accounts for their limited track record but considers future potential.

How essential is startup valuation?


Startup valuation is crucial for securing investment as it sets the price for an ownership stake and ensures a fair deal for both founders and investors.

What is a Startup Valuation Report?


A Startup Valuation Report is a formal document that estimates the fair market value of your young company. This forward-looking assessment is crucial for attracting investors who need a benchmark to decide if your startup is a good investment.

What's included in a Startup Valuation Report?


The report provides a final estimated valuation of your company, but that’s just the beginning. It will also detail the methodology used by analysts, often incorporating industry-standard methods.

What is the 5x your raise method?


The 5x your raise method is a simple valuation approach sometimes used for early-stage startups, particularly when seeking angel investment or seed funding. It estimates the pre-money valuation of the startup by multiplying the amount of capital they intends to raise by a factor of 5.

What is the validity period of a valuation?


A valuation is like a financial snapshot at a specific date. Its accuracy generally holds for about a year, assuming no major changes in your business or the market.

Why do I need a professional valuation if I have an idea of my business worth?


A professional valuation provides credibility and defensibility for your estimated worth. It uses recognized methods and considers factors you might miss, strengthening your position in negotiations or financial reporting.

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    ezyLegal's startup valuation report was not just a document; it was a roadmap to success. The insights provided us with a clear understanding of our company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, empowering us to make informed decisions about our future direction. I appreciate ezyLegal's commitment to delivering insightful analysis and strategic guidance that drive business growth. With their support, I'm confident that we'll achieve our vision and make a meaningful impact in the market.
  • Rahul Sharma

    ezyLegal's startup valuation report provided us with a forward-thinking perspective on our company's value and potential for future growth. The insights offered valuable guidance on strategic planning, investment allocation, and risk management, positioning us for success in an increasingly competitive market. I'm grateful for ezyLegal's expertise and dedication to helping startups like ours thrive. With their support, I'm confident that we'll continue to innovate, grow, and achieve our goals.
  • Neha Gupta

    ezyLegal's startup valuation report proved to be an invaluable tool in shaping our strategic direction. The insights provided us with a deeper understanding of our market positioning and competitive landscape, enabling us to refine our business model and focus our efforts on areas of high growth potential. I appreciate ezyLegal's commitment to delivering actionable intelligence that drives business success. With their support, I'm confident that we'll achieve sustainable growth and long-term success.
  • Rohit Verma

    As a startup founder, navigating the complexities of valuation can be daunting, but ezyLegal made the process surprisingly smooth and stress-free. Their startup valuation report not only provided us with valuable insights into our company's worth but also offered practical guidance on how to enhance our value proposition and attract investors. I appreciate ezyLegal's supportive approach and willingness to assist us every step of the way. With their expertise by our side, I'm confident that we'll achieve our vision for the company.
  • Priya Patel

    ezyLegal's startup valuation report was a game-changer for our company. The insights provided us with a clear understanding of our current value and potential for growth, empowering us to make strategic decisions about funding, expansion, and partnerships. I'm grateful for ezyLegal's expertise and dedication to helping startups like ours succeed. With their support, I'm confident that we'll achieve our goals and make a significant impact in the market.

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