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The valuation of shares under the Income Tax Act plays a critical role in determining tax liabilities arising from various transactions involving s ...

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Stock Valuation Report

  • Share financial information

    Customer shares company’s financial data

  • Value is calculated

    Valuer calculates enterprise valuation

  • Valuation Report is issued

    Merchant Banker issues signed report

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Share financial information

Customer shares company’s financial data

Arrow pointing to next blockArrow pointing to next block

Value is calculated

Valuer calculates enterprise valuation


Valuation Report is issued

Merchant Banker issues signed report

Contents of Report

  • overview


    The name and registration number of the Merchant Banker and details of the company requesting for Valuation Report.

  • scope-of-work

    Scope of Work

    Outlines the specific shares being valued, along with any limitations or restrictions on the valuation process.

  • methodology


    Details about the approaches and methods used to determine the value of the share.

  • market-analysis

    Market Analysis

    Information about the relevant market conditions, trends, and factors that may impact the value of the share.

  • valuation-results

    Valuation Results

    The final estimated value of the asset, along with any supporting calculations or analyses.

  • valuer-declaration

    Merchant Banker's Declaration

    A statement by the Merchant Banker confirming that the report has been prepared in accordance with relevant laws and standards.

  • signature-and-stamp

    Signature and Stamp

    The report is signed by the Merchant Banker, along with their official stamp or seal.

Benefits of Share Valuation Report

  • credibility


    The report is prepared by a Merchant Banker/Registered Valuer/CA which lends credibility to the valuation process and assurance to stakeholders.

  • regulatory-compliance

    Regulatory Compliance

    Share Valuation Report ensures compliance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act, SEBI regulations and RBI guidelines.

  • assessment

    Objective and Unbiased Assessment

    It provides an impartial and unbiased valuation, free from any conflicts of interest.

  • risk-mitigation

    Risk Mitigation

    Share Valuation Report helps mitigate the risk of disputes or disagreements related to the value of the asset.

  • reporting-and-accounting

    Financial Reporting and Accounting

    Premium per share as mentioned in the Valuation Report is used for financial reporting purposes as per accounting standards compliance.

  • accountability-and-ethics

    Professional Accountability and Ethics

    The preparation of a Share Valuation Report demonstrates adherence to these standards, which enhances trust and confidence in the valuation.

  • methodology

    Documentation of Methodology and Assumptions

    Transparency in method, approach, and assumptions helps stakeholders understand how the value was determined.

Documents Required for Stock Valuation

  • statement

    Financial Statements

    This includes the balance sheet, profit and loss account, and cash flow statements for the last three to five years.

  • report

    Business Plan and Projections

    Detailed business plans and financial projections, including forecasted revenue, expenses, and cash flows for the coming years.

  • Operational

    Shareholding Pattern

    Details about the current shareholding structure, including the number of shares held by each shareholder.

  • leadership

    Minutes of Board Meetings

    Records of board meetings where decisions regarding share valuations, issuances, or transfers were discussed or approved.

  • reports

    Valuation Reports from Previous Years

    If available, these reports can provide insights into the historical valuation approaches and metrics used.

  • Application Draft

    Auditor's Report

    An independent auditor’s report on the company’s financial statements ensures the accuracy and reliability of the financial data used for valuation.

  • Legal Enforcement

    Legal and Regulatory Documents

    Documents relating to regulatory compliance, licenses, intellectual property rights, and legal disputes, which might affect the valuation.

  • Comprehensive search

    Details of Material Contracts and Agreements

    Contracts and agreements that could significantly impact the financials or operations of the company, such as major supply agreements or joint venture contracts.


  • valuation-results

    Determine Enterprise Valuation

  • description_black_24dp

    Issue of Valuation Report signed and stamped

Frequently asked Questions

Why is valuing shares important under the Income Tax Act?


Valuing shares under the Income Tax Act helps determine tax liabilities arising from transactions involving unlisted shares. This ensures fair and consistent taxation for companies and shareholders.

How does valuing unlisted shares differ from valuing listed shares?


Unlike publicly traded shares with readily available market data, valuing unlisted shares requires a more specialized approach. The Income Tax Act outlines specific methodologies for determining the fair market value of these shares.

What are some common situations where share valuation under the Act is needed?


Share valuation under the Income Tax Act is often required for transactions like issuing shares at a premium, transferring shares between related parties, or calculating capital gains tax on share sales.

What factors are considered when valuing shares under the Act?


The valuation process considers various factors, including the company’s financial health, future growth prospects, industry benchmarks, and, in some cases, the expertise of qualified valuers.

What are the benefits of a proper share valuation under the Income Tax Act?


A proper valuation minimizes potential tax disputes, ensures accurate tax assessments, and promotes transparent and compliant tax practices for companies and shareholders.

What is valuation as per Rule 11UA of the Income Tax Act?


Rule 11UA prescribes the methods for valuing various assets, including unquoted shares (shares of companies not listed on a recognized stock exchange) for specific anti-abuse provisions in the Income Tax Act.

What is the fair value of shares under the Income Tax Act?


For unquoted shares, the Income Tax Act, specifically Rule 11UA(1)(c), defines fair value as the price the shares would fetch if sold in the open market on the valuation date. This essentially aligns with the broader definition of fair market value

What is Section 56 valuation of shares?


Section 56 of the Income Tax Act deals with the tax implications of receiving income from sources other than your salary.

What is Section 57 of the Income Tax Act?


Section 57 of the Income Tax Act deals with the concept of “capital gains.” Capital gains refer to the profit earned from the sale of capital assets like shares, property, etc.

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    Planning to issue new shares in our company, but we need to make informed decisions. ezyLegal's share valuation report provided valuable insights. Their analysis helped us determine the fair market value of our company's shares, ensuring we make strategic decisions that benefit our long-term growth and shareholder value.
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    Attracting investors is crucial for our company's growth, but how do we showcase our true value? ezyLegal's share valuation report was the answer! Their in-depth analysis provided a clear picture of our company's worth, not just based on market price. Now we can approach investors with confidence, presenting a strong case for their investment.

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