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Contents of POSH policy

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Policy Statement

    Introduction and purpose of the policy i.e. commitment to providing a safe and harassment-free workplace for all employees.

  • done_all_black_24dp


    What constitutes sexual harassment along with examples of inappropriate behavior.

  • done_all_black_24dp


    Specifies the applicability of the policy to all employees, including permanent, temporary, and contract workers.

  • done_all_black_24dp


    Define the roles and responsibilities of various parties involved, including Employer,HR Department, Employees, Internal Complaints Committee (ICC).

  • done_all_black_24dp


    Steps taken to prevent sexual harassment, such as awareness programs, training, and clear communication of the policy.

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Complaint Mechanism

    Outline the procedure for reporting incidents of sexual harassment.

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Internal Complaints Committee

    Define the composition and role of the ICC.

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Investigation Process

    How complaints will be investigated, including timelines and the steps involved.

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Action and Remedies

    Range of actions that may be taken like disciplinary actions against the harasser and remedies for the victim, such as counseling, transfer, or any other necessary support.

  • done_all_black_24dp


    The importance of maintaining confidentiality throughout the process to protect the privacy of the parties involved.

  • done_all_black_24dp


    Explains the process for appealing the decision, if either party is dissatisfied with the outcome.

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Training and Awareness

    Training programs that will be implemented to educate employees about their rights and responsibilities regarding sexual harassment.

Benefits of being PoSH Compliant

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Creating a Safe Work Environment

    A well-defined policy helps create a safer and more secure work environment for all employees, particularly women.

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Preventing Harassment

    The policy acts as a preventive measure by clearly defining what constitutes sexual harassment and establishing a framework to address and prevent such behavior

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Promoting Gender Equality

    It reinforces the commitment of the organization for gender equality, showing that it takes the well-being and rights of all employees seriously.

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Empowering Victims to Report

    Encourages victims to come forward and report incidents of harassment, knowing that they will be supported and protected

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Ensuring Fair and Timely Investigations

    The policy ensures that incidents are handled promptly and impartially

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Preventing Retaliation

    Protect employees from any form of retaliation for reporting harassment

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Maintaining Employee Morale and Productivity

    Knowing that the organization takes their well-being seriously can boost the morale and productivity of employees

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Demonstrating Corporate Responsibility

    Having a strong policy demonstrates the organization's commitment to ethical and responsible business practices

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Enhancing Reputation and Employer Branding

    A strong commitment to the protection of women from sexual harassment can enhance the organization's reputation and make it an attractive employer for potential candidates

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion

    A safe workplace environment encourages diverse workforce, as it signals that the organization values and respects individuals from all backgrounds

  • done_all_black_24dp

    Setting a Standard for Behavior

    The policy sets a clear standard of behavior for all employees, reinforcing the expectation that everyone should treat each other with respect and dignity

How to be PoSH Compliant

  • form

    Draft PoSH Policy

  • appraisal

    Constitute Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

  • checklist

    PoSH compliance training for employees and ICC members

  • letter

    Annually file PoSH Compliance Report


  • schedule_black_24dp

    Consultation with PoSH expert lawyer

  • description_black_24dp

    Assistance in ICC formation

  • post_add_black_24dp

    Conduct PoSH training

  • financial-analysis

    Report filing to District Officer and Registrar of Companies

Frequently asked Questions

What is the Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act?


This Act is a legal framework in India that aims to prevent and address incidents of sexual harassment at workplaces.

Who is covered under the Act?


The Act covers all employees, including permanent, temporary, contract workers, and even associates & consultants visiting the workplace.

What is considered sexual harassment under the Act?


Sexual harassment includes any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, including physical, verbal, or non-verbal acts.

Where is PoSH compliance applicable?


Applicable to all types of workplaces – government, private, organized, unorganized, hospitals, sports institutes, stadiums etc. 

For unorganized sector- number of workers may be less than ten but for organized sector it should be minimum ten.

What are the obligations of employers under the Act?


Employers are required to implement policies, establish an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC), conduct awareness programs, and ensure a safe and harassment-free work environment.

Who are the members of ICC (Internal Complaints Committee)?


ICC constitutes members as per the provisions of The Sexual Harassment of Women At Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act,2013. There should be mandatorily one external member in the ICC.

What is the role of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)?


The ICC is responsible for receiving and investigating complaints of sexual harassment and recommending appropriate action.

How do I file a complaint under the Act?


The Act outlines a specific procedure for reporting incidents of sexual harassment, which typically involves approaching a member of the ICC or a designated authority within the organization.

Is there a time limit for filing a complaint?


The Act encourages prompt reporting, but it does not specify a strict time limit for filing a complaint. However, it is advisable to report incidents as soon as possible for an effective investigation.

Is the complaint process confidential?


Yes, the Act mandates that the complaint process should be kept confidential to protect the privacy of the parties involved.

What protections are in place for the complainant?


The Act prohibits any form of retaliation against the complainant for reporting an incident of sexual harassment.

What happens after a complaint is filed?


The ICC conducts an impartial investigation, which may involve interviews with the complainant, the respondent, and any witnesses. Based on their findings, they recommend appropriate action.

What are the possible outcomes of an investigation?


Depending on the severity of the incident, outcomes may range from counselling and warnings to more severe disciplinary actions, including termination.

Can a complainant appeal the decision of the ICC?


Yes, the Act allows for an appeal process if either party is dissatisfied with the outcome of the investigation.

What are the legal consequences for non-compliance with the Act?


Non-compliance can result in penalties, including fines and potential legal action against the organization and its representatives.

How often should awareness programs be conducted?


The Act recommends regular awareness programs to educate employees about their rights and responsibilities regarding sexual harassment.

Can a complaint be filed against a third-party or a client/vendor?


Yes, the Act recognizes that sexual harassment can occur from third parties connected with the workplace, and provides for a complaint mechanism in such cases

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