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Plant and machinery valuation is the process of determining the fair market value of the equipment used by a business. This includes machinery, veh ...

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Plant and Machinery Valuation Report

  • Share financial information

    Customer shares company’s financial data

  • Value is calculated

    Valuer calculates enterprise valuation

  • Valuation Report is issued

    Merchant Banker issues signed report

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Share financial information

Customer shares company’s financial data

Arrow pointing to next blockArrow pointing to next block

Value is calculated

Valuer calculates enterprise valuation


Valuation Report is issued

Merchant Banker issues signed report

Contents of Report

  • overview


    The name and registration number of the Merchant Banker and details of the company requesting for Plant and Machinery Valuation Report

  • scope-of-work

    Scope of Work

    Outlines the specific shares being valued, along with any limitations or restrictions on the valuation process.

  • methodology


    Details about the approaches and methods used to determine the value of the share.

  • market-analysis

    Market Analysis

    Information about the relevant market conditions, trends, and factors that may impact the value of the share.

  • valuation-results

    Valuation Results

    The final estimated value of the asset, along with any supporting calculations or analyses.

  • valuer-declaration

    Merchant Banker's Declaration

    A statement by the Merchant Banker confirming that the report has been prepared in accordance with relevant laws and standards.

  • signature-and-stamp

    Signature and Stamp

    The report is signed by the Merchant Banker, along with their official stamp or seal.

Benefits of Plant and Machinery Valuation Report

  • credibility


    The report is prepared by a Merchant Banker/Registered Valuer/CA which lends credibility to the valuation process and assurance to stakeholders.

  • regulatory-compliance

    Regulatory Compliance

    Plant and Machinery Valuation Report ensures compliance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act, SEBI regulations and RBI guidelines.

  • assessment

    Objective and Unbiased Assessment

    It provides an impartial and unbiased valuation, free from any conflicts of interest.

  • risk-mitigation

    Risk Mitigation

    Plant and Machinery Valuation Report helps mitigate the risk of disputes or disagreements related to the value of the asset.

  • reporting-and-accounting

    Financial Reporting and Accounting

    Premium per share as mentioned in the Valuation Report is used for financial reporting purposes as per accounting standards compliance.

  • accountability-and-ethics

    Professional Accountability and Ethics

    The preparation of a Plant and Machinery Valuation Report demonstrates adherence to these standards, which enhances trust and confidence in the valuation.

  • methodology

    Documentation of Methodology and Assumptions

    Transparency in method, approach, and assumptions helps stakeholders understand how the value was determined.

Documents Required for Plant and Machinery Valuation Report

  • Application Draft

    Asset Register

    A comprehensive list of all the plant and machinery items, detailing descriptions, purchase dates, costs, and locations.

  • statement

    Purchase Invoices and Receipts

    Original purchase documents for each asset, for proof of purchase and cost basis.

  • schedule_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    Depreciation Schedules

    Records showing the depreciation of each asset over time, for understanding the current book value.

  • reports

    Maintenance Records

    Documentation of regular maintenance and repairs, which can affect the valuation by showing how well the assets have been kept.

  • Specification

    Technical Specifications

    The manufacturer’s specifications for each piece of equipment, can help in assessing the operational capacity and residual value.

  • report

    Previous Valuation Reports

    If available, previous assessments of the assets can provide a baseline and show historical value trends.

  • health-insurance-claim

    Insurance Documents

    Records showing the insured value of the assets, which might provide insights into their replacement costs.

  • regulatory-compliance

    Compliance and Safety Certificates

    Documents proving that the machinery meets industry standards and safety regulations, can influence its marketability and value.

  • expense_6356988

    Utility Bills (if applicable)

    For machinery that significantly impacts utility usage, recent bills can help estimate operational costs.

  • trash_2221048

    Asset Disposal Records

    Information on the sale or disposal of old equipment, which can provide data on residual values and market demand.

  • leasehold_14597212

    Lease Agreements (if leased equipment)

    Contracts for any leased machinery or vehicles, as these agreements might influence the valuation.


  • valuation-results

    Determine Enterprise Valuation

  • description_black_24dp

    Issue of Valuation Report signed and stamped

Frequently asked Questions

What is Plant and Machinery Valuation?


Plant and Machinery Valuation is a process that determines the fair market value of a company’s equipment for various financial purposes. It goes beyond a simple market price by considering factors specific to each machine, ensuring a more accurate and defensible valuation.

Why is Plant and Machinery Valuation important?


Accurate valuations are crucial for financial reporting transparency, securing loans with equipment as collateral, making informed decisions about asset management (acquisition, disposal, upgrades), and ensuring fair value during mergers and acquisitions.

What factors are considered in Plant and Machinery Valuation?


The valuation process considers the age and condition of the machinery, its remaining useful life, the potential impact of technological advancements, recent sales data for comparable equipment in the industry, and the specific role the machinery plays within the company’s operations.

What are the benefits of Plant and Machinery Valuation?


Benefits include transparency in financial reporting, a stronger position when seeking loans, informed decision-making regarding capital assets, and ensuring fair value for essential assets during mergers and acquisitions. This knowledge empowers businesses to optimize their capital assets and navigate financial decisions with greater confidence.

What is the value of plant and machinery?


The value of plant and machinery refers to its fair market value in the Indian context. This is not simply the original purchase price but reflects the current market value considering factors like depreciation, technological advancements, and the overall condition of the machinery.

Who is responsible for plant and machinery valuation in India?


The responsibility for plant and machinery valuation in India typically falls on a qualified valuer. These valuers are professionals with expertise in asset valuation and adhere to established valuation standards.

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  • Rohan Kapoor

    ezyLegal's plant and machinery valuation report provided us with valuable insights that have paved the way for future growth and success. The detailed analysis helped us identify opportunities to upgrade our equipment and streamline our operations, ultimately improving our efficiency and competitiveness in the market. I'm grateful for ezyLegal's expertise and support, which have played a significant role in our continued growth and expansion.
  • Neha Sharma

    What impressed me most about ezyLegal was their responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction. When we reached out to them for a plant and machinery valuation report, they not only delivered the report promptly but also took the time to address all our queries and concerns. Their dedication to providing excellent service sets them apart in the industry, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again in the future.
  • Rahul Verma

    Trust is essential when it comes to asset valuation, and ezyLegal has earned my complete trust with its plant and machinery valuation report. The report was not only thorough and accurate but also delivered with the utmost transparency and integrity. I appreciate ezyLegal's commitment to providing reliable information that we can trust to make important business decisions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anyone in need of trustworthy valuation solutions.
  • Priya Singhania

    ezyLegal's plant and machinery valuation report played a crucial role in our strategic planning process. The detailed analysis provided us with a clear understanding of the value and condition of our equipment, enabling us to develop a more effective maintenance schedule and investment strategy. I'm grateful for the insights provided by ezyLegal, which have helped us optimize our operations and maximize productivity.
  • Alok Gupta

    The plant and machinery valuation report provided by ezyLegal was incredibly comprehensive. It covered every aspect of our equipment, from its current market value to its depreciation rate. The insights provided were invaluable in helping us make informed decisions about maintenance, upgrades, and asset management. I highly recommend ezyLegal to any business looking for a thorough and reliable valuation service.

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