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Name Change is the legal act of officially altering a person’s name. This process involves adopting a new name, which may be chosen for personal, professional, or other reasons. Name Change may be completed for a variety of reasons, including marriage, divorce, adoption, numerology or simply a desire for a new name.

The specific requirements and procedures for obtaining a name change can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the individual circumstances. In general, the process involves filing a petition or application, providing proof of identity, and possibly appearing in court. After a Name Change is granted, the individual must use their new name consistently and obtain updated identification documents, such as a driver’s license or passport.


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Name Change


Dedicated lawyer available


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Name Change confirmation

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Name Change


Dedicated lawyer available


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Name Change confirmation

₹ 6999

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How to get Name Changed

  • Upload Documents

    Upload all the documents on ezyLegal portal

  • Submit Application

    Lawyer submits the name change application

  • Newspaper Advertisement

    Name Change Ad is published in the local newspaper

  • Get your Name Change

    The changed name is published in the gazette

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Upload Documents

Upload all the documents on ezyLegal portal

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Submit Application

Lawyer submits the name change application

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Newspaper Advertisement

Name Change Ad is published in the local newspaper


Get your Name Change

The changed name is published in the gazette

Documents Required for Name Change

  • article_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    An affidavit on a stamp paper

  • receipt_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48 (1)

    The prescribed proforma in printed format, duly signed by the applicant and two witnesses

  • image_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    Two self-attested passport size photos

  • badge_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    Photocopies of valid ID proof ( PAN card, Aadhaar card, or passport)

  • album_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    A CD with a soft copy of the application in .docx format duly filled

  • description_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    A letter stating that the content in the hard and soft copy of the application is true

  • receipt_long_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    A request letter along with the registration fee to the authority.

  • receipt_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48 (1)

    Copy of newspaper advertisement for the name change

Benefits of Name Change

  • person_filled_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    Personal identity

    A name change can help individuals feel more connected to their true identity and reflect their personal, cultural, or spiritual beliefs.

  • group_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48 (1)

    Marriage or Divorce

    A name change can occur as a result of getting married or divorced, as a symbol of a new chapter in life.

  • draw_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

    Professional Reasons

    A name change can be helpful for individuals who are seeking a fresh start in their careers, or who wish to dissociate themselves from a previous name that is associated with negative connotations.

  • article_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48


    A name change can simplify a person's life by streamlining their legal and official documents under a single, consistent name.

  • private_connectivity_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48


    A name change can help protect an individual's privacy, especially in situations where they want to distance themselves from a previous name that is associated with negative publicity or notoriety.

Registration Process

  • 1

    Create a Name change Affidavit

  • 2

    Place an Advertisement in the Newspaper

  • 3

    Gazette Publication


  • schedule_black_24dp

    Dedicated Lawyer Available

    60 Minutes of Talk time with the Lawyer for discussing requirements and changes in the application

  • receipt_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48 (1)

    Newspaper Advertisement

    Publication of Name Change Advertisement in the local newspaper

  • description_black_24dp

    Name Change Confirmation

    Copy of the Gazette publication reflecting the changed name

Frequently asked Questions

Is it necessary to prepare an affidavit for change my name?


Yes, preparing an affidavit is an important and mandatory step in the name change procedure.

Do I need any witnesses to change my name?


Yes, you need two witnesses in the name change process. You will also need to submit one identity document for each witness.

Do married women have to follow this name change procedure to change their surname into their husband’s name?


Yes, the name change process for married women is the same as normal. Married women simply have to give some additional details like:

  Old name with the father’s name and address

  A new name with the husband’s name and address

  Marriage certificate or ID proof with the husband’s name.

After changing my name officially, what should I produce to change my name in essential documents?


Once you have changed your name officially, you will have to change your name in all the major documents. For that, you must produce copies of the affidavit, newspaper publication and the gazette notification.

What information should be there on the name change affidavit?


For our expert lawyers to prepare your name change affidavit, you have to provide the following details:

  • Name and new name
  • Current address
  • Reason for the name change (astrology, numerology, marriage, etc)

How to change the name on my PAN card?


You can change your name on your PAN card by filling the form for PAN card name change online through TIN or NSDL. The process is straightforward.

What are the major reasons for name change in India?


The major reasons are: marriage, divorce, dislike of the current name, numerology, religious reasons, political context, change of gender, and identity makeover.

Is the name change procedure completely online?


Yes, the process is 100% online. We will provide you with a dashboard in which you can comfortably do everything.


Is the procedure for name change same for infants?


Yes, changing an infant’s name is the same as changing an adult’s name.

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    They were very organized and efficient, and the process was much quicker than I expected. The attorneys were also very friendly and easy to work with, making the whole experience stress-free.
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    ezylegal services I used for my name change were excellent. The attorneys were extremely knowledgeable and helped me navigate the legal process with ease. They were also very communicative and always kept me informed of the progress of my case.

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