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Income Tax Valuation Report

  • Share financial information

    Customer shares company’s financial data

  • Value is calculated

    Valuer calculates enterprise valuation

  • Valuation Report is issued

    Merchant Banker issues signed report

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Share financial information

Customer shares company’s financial data

Arrow pointing to next blockArrow pointing to next block

Value is calculated

Valuer calculates enterprise valuation


Valuation Report is issued

Merchant Banker issues signed report

Contents of Report

  • overview


    The name and registration number of the Merchant Banker and details of the company requesting for Income Tax Valuation Report.

  • scope-of-work

    Scope of Work

    Outlines the specific shares being valued, along with any limitations or restrictions on the valuation process.

  • methodology


    Details about the approaches and methods used to determine the value of the share.

  • market-analysis

    Market Analysis

    Information about the relevant market conditions, trends, and factors that may impact the value of the share.

  • valuation-results

    Valuation Results

    The final estimated value of the asset, along with any supporting calculations or analyses.

  • valuer-declaration

    Merchant Banker's Declaration

    A statement by the Merchant Banker confirming that the report has been prepared in accordance with relevant laws and standards.

  • signature-and-stamp

    Signature and Stamp

    The report is signed by the Merchant Banker, along with their official stamp or seal.

Benefits of Income Tax Valuation Report

  • credibility


    The report is prepared by a Merchant Banker/Registered Valuer/CA which lends credibility to the valuation process and assurance to stakeholders.

  • regulatory-compliance

    Regulatory Compliance

    Income Tax Valuation Report ensures compliance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act, SEBI regulations and RBI guidelines.

  • assessment

    Objective and Unbiased Assessment

    It provides an impartial and unbiased valuation, free from any conflicts of interest.

  • risk-mitigation

    Risk Mitigation

    Income Tax Valuation Report helps mitigate the risk of disputes or disagreements related to the value of the asset.

  • reporting-and-accounting

    Financial Reporting and Accounting

    Premium per share as mentioned in the Valuation Report is used for financial reporting purposes as per accounting standards compliance.

  • accountability-and-ethics

    Professional Accountability and Ethics

    The preparation of a Income Tax Valuation Report demonstrates adherence to these standards, which enhances trust and confidence in the valuation.

  • methodology

    Documentation of Methodology and Assumptions

    Transparency in method, approach, and assumptions helps stakeholders understand how the value was determined.

Documents Required Income Tax Valuation Report

  • statement

    Financial Statements

    If the valuation is for a business or shares, financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

  • reports

    Property Documents

    For real estate valuation, property deeds, registration documents, and previous purchase agreements.

  • certificate

    Valuation Certificates

    Previous valuation certificates, if any, which provide a baseline or historical valuation perspective.

  • tax planning

    Tax Returns

    Recent tax returns of the asset owner or the business.

  • reporting-and-accounting

    Audit Reports

    Independent audit reports of the business or asset

  • Application Draft

    Government Assessment Documents

    For properties, government assessment for property taxes might be needed as a comparative benchmark.

  • legal

    Legal Documents

    Any legal documents that impact the ownership, use, or value of the asset, such as pending litigations, rights, and encumbrances.

  • accountability-and-ethics

    Board Resolutions

    For corporate assets, resolutions related to the asset valuation or any related corporate action.

  • report

    Details of Related Party Transactions

    Information on transactions involving related parties, which might influence the valuation.


  • valuation-results

    Determine Enterprise Valuation

  • description_black_24dp

    Issue of Valuation Report signed and stamped

Frequently asked Questions

What is income tax valuation?


Income tax valuation is a specialized process used to determine the fair market value of an asset for tax purposes, mandated by the Income Tax Act in India. This fair market value is crucial for calculating capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and gift tax.

How does income tax valuation differ from a regular valuation?


Regular valuations often focus on a current market price, while income tax valuation utilizes specific methodologies outlined in the Income Tax Act to ensure consistency and compliance with tax regulations.

When is income tax valuation required?


Income tax valuation is commonly required for situations like calculating capital gains tax on asset sales, determining inheritance tax for inherited assets, and understanding the fair market value of gifted assets to comply with gift tax regulations.

What factors are considered in income tax valuation?


The factors considered depend on the type of asset. For real estate, it might include location, property condition, and comparable property sales. For businesses, factors like financial performance, future growth prospects, and industry benchmarks are considered.

What are the benefits of proper income tax valuation?


Proper income tax valuation minimizes the risk of disputes with tax authorities by establishing a defensible fair market value for the asset. This promotes transparency, ensures accurate tax assessments, and facilitates a smooth tax filing process.

What is fair valuation as per the Income Tax Act?


The Income Tax Act doesn’t provide a single definition of fair valuation. However, it generally refers to the “arm’s length price” an asset would fetch in a transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller, where neither party is under any pressure to buy or sell.

What is a valuation certificate for income tax?


A valuation certificate is a document issued by a registered valuer that estimates the fair market value of an asset as of a specific date. This certificate can be helpful for tax purposes in situations where the fair market value of an asset is crucial for calculating taxable income.

What is the market value in income tax valuation?


“Market value” in the Income Tax Act usually aligns with the concept of “fair market value” discussed earlier. It refers to the price a willing buyer would pay to a willing seller in an arm’s length transaction. The Act might use the term “market value” in specific contexts, but it essentially means the same thing as fair market value for tax purposes.

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    Dealing with taxes can be overwhelming, but ezyLegal made the process surprisingly smooth and stress-free. Their income tax valuation report not only provided me with valuable insights into my tax situation but also offered practical guidance on how to optimize my tax strategy. I appreciate their supportive approach and willingness to assist me every step of the way. With ezyLegal's expertise by my side, I feel more confident in managing my tax affairs effectively.
  • Rohan Singh

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    ezyLegal's income tax valuation report left no stone unturned in its quest to provide a comprehensive analysis of my tax obligations. The report covered every aspect of my financial situation, from income sources to deductions and credits, giving me a clear picture of my tax liabilities. I'm grateful for their thoroughness and attention to detail, which has empowered me to make informed decisions about my finances. Kudos to the team at ezyLegal for their dedication to client success!
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    What sets ezyLegal apart is its ability to deliver customized solutions tailored to each client's unique tax situation. The income tax valuation report I received was personalized to address my specific concerns and goals, ensuring that I received maximum value from their services. I'm impressed by their attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend ezyLegal to anyone in need of personalized tax planning assistance.
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    Time is of the essence when it comes to tax matters, and ezyLegal understands this better than anyone. Their income tax valuation report was not only thorough and insightful but also delivered promptly, allowing me ample time to implement recommended strategies before the tax deadline. I appreciate their commitment to timeliness and efficiency, which has made tax planning a hassle-free experience. Thank you, ezyLegal, for your prompt and professional service!
  • Aman Gupta

    ezyLegal's income tax valuation report provided me with invaluable insights into my tax liabilities and optimization opportunities. The detailed analysis helped me identify areas where I could minimize tax burdens legally and maximize savings. I'm impressed by the depth of expertise demonstrated by the team at ezyLegal and grateful for their assistance in navigating the complexities of the tax system. Highly recommended for anyone seeking proactive tax planning solutions.

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