What is the Significance of Immigration Lawyers in India?

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Immigration lawyer


  • The role of an immigration lawyer is to provide legal, systematic, and strategic advice on Immigration.
  • The initial association of an immigration lawyer is to educate their clients on complicated issues or laws related to settling in India for a specified time or as a permanent citizen.
  • Immigration is a big step for any individual. Immigrants choose to live in another country for various personal or social reasons. Some are students who want to study abroad and pursue their careers in a different Country. Some determined young adults look for jobs in other countries to settle with better incentives, and some simply wish to relocate.
  • The reason can be anything, but the journey is demanding in every way. Every country has its set of rules and guidelines to guide and regulate Immigration.
  • Their legal framework is the base for settlement in a foreign place for any immigrant. It helps in maintaining law and order and protecting their natural interests.

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Why do you need an Immigration Lawyer?

The candidate can emigrate for any reason, but the complex regulations and the process of Immigration abroad are very complex. A lot of effort and time is spent on paperwork and various document verifications.

The authorities will provide immediate assistance to citizens or immigration individuals who are either looking for medical visas, business visas, student visas, and more. The immigration law is directly associated with Nationality law for foreign nationals as residency and citizenship permits are handled altogether.

The significance of an immigration lawyer can be mentioned as follows:

  • Taking consultation from an immigration lawyer will help arrange things and needed documents smoothly. An expert lawyer has the desired skill set and a lot of experience to initiate the immigration process.
  • The candidate acquires assistance with every step in the preparation and submission of the required documents for document verification with the government authorities.
  • An immigration lawyer can help with the process of application and submission of Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI).
  • The candidate needs to convert their status of PIO (person of Indian origin) to OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India), and an expert immigration lawyer can sort it out promptly.
  • The immigration lawyer will also change their visa status as necessary and assist them in renewals.
  • The candidate who wants to register with Foreigner Regional Registration offices/ Foreigner Registration Offices (FRRO/FRO) can consult an immigration lawyer who will provide issuance help in Residency permits and certificates for registration.
  • The candidate will be in touch with the immigration lawyer and will be informed about all the updates and regulations of the required immigration procedures.
  • They provide exclusive and extended visa options that can be alternate and useful.
  • The immigration lawyer can help solve queries about temporary work or study visa permits.
  • They handle complete processing and issues about the refusal of visas and file an appeal for refusal on the candidate’s behalf.
  • They represent their candidate when matters occur relating to the denial of issuance of visas under Section 221 of the Immigration Nationality Act.
  • An immigration lawyer settled issues with family/employee naturalization and Immigration with sponsorships.
  • The immigration lawyer will help clients to acquire permanent residence permits and visa applications for family and relatives.
  • An immigration lawyer can assist while filing applications, petitions, etc. They provide real-time legal advice on every query regarding immigration law.
  • The expertise of an Indian immigration lawyer can help Foreign clients to acquire tourist visas, residence permits, student visas, employment visas, or entry visas. They also give legal advice regarding the laws regulating foreign Immigration in India.
  • These fall under their skill set and experience which helps the clients with the efficient processing of visas and permits.

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Other critical scenarios where an immigration lawyer is significant

The majority of people are not conversant with immigration laws. They hire an expert immigration lawyer to get help with the submission or preparation of application documents. This is their initial step, as they cannot comprehend the different documentation required and the steps involved. Similar to this, the candidate can tremble in circumstances where hiring an immigration lawyer becomes necessary. They are as follows:

  • A candidate being convicted of a crime: The candidate must disclose every discrete information to an immigration lawyer because they can compare the overlapping of immigration law and national criminal law. Any previous criminal records or accusations should be discussed with the lawyers for transparent evaluation.
  • Denial of prior immigration application: The candidate should appoint an immigration lawyer as they can determine the cause of denial. They can also elaborate if there is a scope in the future to reapply.
  • Entry denial in any previous application: The immigration lawyer provides suggestions and advice on deportation or denials.
  • Any health condition: There are special and specific restrictions in some countries for diseases that may be transmitted. The immigration lawyer helps the candidate in obtaining special visas for such conditions.
  • Cases where the client is not receiving help from the future employer: The method and process of obtaining an employment visa are complex. The immigration lawyer communicates with the employer and makes sure that the employer is following the guidelines and obligations related to the service.

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The candidate may suffer from denial, late submission, or preparation of the application documents; they need to hire an immigration lawyer to avoid delays and process it properly.

Every country has different rules and regulations regarding Immigration, and this needs to be considered before filing a case. The lawyer can solve such situations and guide the candidate through better assessment.

Adv. Priyanka Sampathy

Adv. Priyanka Sampathy


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