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A lawyer is somebody inside the legal arrangement who assists and provides advice to clients on their legal issues. There are various types of lawyers in the legal world. The title Lawyers, attorneys, and counsels are commonly used interchangeably, but there are differences between them.

  • Lawyers usually advise customers about their legal matters and give them proper legal advice.
  • Attorneys work the same way as lawyers do, but they go one step ahead and represent their client in the Courtroom Proceeding.
  • Counsels are lawyers who are hired by a company or organization. They are not employed by the law firm, but they act exclusively on behalf of that company or organization.

These three types of lawyer’s titles are present within the legal world.

Business Lawyer 

Business lawyers or corporate lawyers are the types of lawyers that guarantee that all functions of a specific company are conducted within the legal outline of local, state, and central laws. A business lawyer deals in everything from obligation and intellectual property clashes to mergers and revising all types of legal documents.

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Tax Lawyer

Tax lawyers are lawyers who have complete knowledge of the US tax system. They assist businesses and individuals in comprehending intricate tax rules and laws and help them comply with all the laws.

Criminal Lawyer

There are two types of lawyers in a criminal case – criminal defense lawyers and prosecutors. Criminal defense lawyers protect individuals who are accused of committing an offense.

Constitutional Lawyer

A constitutional lawyer is one of the types of lawyers who knows in and out of the US Constitution. Constitutional lawyers safeguard that there is a legal balance between the interests of their clients and the government institutions. These kinds of lawyers are experts in interpreting the US Constitution and have in-depth knowledge of the Indian Constitution.

Family Lawyer

Family lawyers are one of the types of lawyers who have good knowledge of all laws relating to family laws. Usually, the family lawyer deals with succession, property, divorce, etc. These lawyers also handle child adoption and surrogacy to child delinquency and domestic violence.

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Labor Lawyer

Labor and employment lawyers are types of lawyers who emphasize matters relating to the relationship between employers, employees, and unions. They provide legal advice on various employment laws that cover salaries, working hours, discrimination in the workplace, safety, and other related problems. Generally, all types of lawyers are aware of labor laws, but a labor lawyer further focuses on the field and works on generating and reviewing company plans.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property or IP lawyers are types of lawyers who work directly with clients who need to protect ideas, inventions, or patents. They aid both individuals (artists and inventors) and businesses with issues over trademarks, copyright, etc. IP lawyers also assist their clients in securing licenses and comprehending trademark laws. In addition, they deliver assistance concerning new regulations and laws that protect patients. 

Entertainment Lawyer

The list of different types of lawyers also includes entertainment lawyers. They assist actors, musicians, athletes, and other individuals or brands with media acquaintance. The primary duty of entertainment lawyers is to support their clients to protect their intellectual property, along with songs, paintings, and performances. They also work on contracts, agreements, and other kinds of issues in the entertainment industry.

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Contract Lawyer

Contract lawyers are one of the types of lawyers who specialize in helping clients draft and implement legally binding documents. They are employed in breach-of-contract litigation, contract dispute consulting, advice, or leading contract negotiations.

Government Lawyer

Government lawyers are one of the types of lawyers who work under the Government. They can also be termed, prosecution lawyers. When a crime is committed against the individual, it is presumed that the crime is committed against the state and not against the individual. Also, the Government lawyer assists the Government in making the right decision whenever required.

Real Estate or Property Lawyer

This is one of the types of lawyers who deal with real estate or property and assist their clients in buying properties or help the house owners in selling their property. The lawyer’s exceptional knowledge helps clients navigate buying a home or advise construction. They also help the clients in the negotiation where there is a dispute between two parties.

Public-Interest Lawyer

Nonprofit organizations or government agencies often engage public-interest lawyers. These lawyers give their legal services to clients without charging any fees or at a significantly low rate. These lawyers help the people from economically weaker sections have good legal backing and support and help them overcome social injustice. They help in providing them with basic fundamental rights. These are lawyers online who can be found easily.

Civil Rights Lawyer

Civil rights lawyers are the types of lawyers who deal with civil rights violations committed against their clients by the Government, its agencies, or any other form of authority. The complainants are often victimized based on gender, age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or other reasons. These lawyers play a vital role in securing their clients’ constitutional and fundamental rights. These are lawyers online who can be found easily.


These are types of lawyers who assist their clients in different legal spheres whenever required. In today’s world, a lawyer can be contacted even online, and it becomes straightforward to deal with any legal issue. One should not wait for a problem to solve but seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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