Understanding Khata Certificate and Khata Extract

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Unlocking the Secrets of Khata: Guide to Ownership, Transfers, and Legalities in Real Estate Transactions!


In the intricate landscape of real estate, the term “Khata” holds significant importance, particularly in regions governed by the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

The Khata Certificate and Khata Extract are indispensable documents issued by the BBMP, playing a pivotal role in property transactions, tax assessment, and various official purposes. This article aims to shed light on the nuances of these documents and the procedures associated with them.

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Types of Khata

The two primary classifications of Khata are ‘A Khata’ and ‘B Khata.’ An ‘A Khata’ is granted to properties within BBMP jurisdiction, providing a legal foundation for construction and facilitating the acquisition of licenses. Conversely, ‘B Khata’ is issued for lands lacking layout approval, rendering it invalid for official purposes.

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What is Khata Certificate?

A Khata Certificate is a crucial document that establishes property ownership. It is essential for property registration, transfers, and obtaining amenities such as water and trade licenses. To obtain a Khata Certificate, one needs to submit a requisition letter to the Assistant Officer along with details and receipts of the latest tax payment. Typically, the certificate is issued within a week.

What is Khata Extract?

The Khata Extract provides detailed information about property taxes, size, location, built-up area, purpose of utilization, annual value, and more. It is instrumental in obtaining a trade license or procuring a property. Similar to the certificate, obtaining a Khata Extract involves submitting a requisition letter with the necessary documents.

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Documents Required for Khata Registration

Khata registration necessitates several documents, including the title deed/possession certificate, tax payment receipts, property sketch, improvement charges, national savings certificate, encumbrance certificate (for vacant sites), and a flow chart of title. Specific requirements may vary across different locales within the city.

Khata Transfer Process

Khata transfer is applicable when property ownership changes due to sale, gift, will, or the death of the owner. The process involves submitting a requisition letter along with documents such as the title deed, tax payment receipts, details of Khata, national savings certificate, death certificate (if applicable), and an affidavit declaring the legal heirs.

Khata Bifurcation and Khata Amalgamation

Khata bifurcation divides a Khata into two or more, while amalgamation combines multiple Khatas into one. The application for these processes requires documents like the old Khata certificate, flow chart of title, registered sale deed/title deed, tax receipts, sketch of property changes, NOC from the BDA, and an encumbrance certificate.

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RTI Application

Applicants have the right to be informed about the status of their application. If dissatisfied with the authorities’ decision, filing a Right to Information (RTI) application can provide insights into the application’s progress.

Applicable Fee

Khata-related transactions, including registration, transfer, bifurcation, or amalgamation, incur a fee equivalent to 2% of the administration fee based on the stamp paper value.


Understanding the nuances of Khata Certificate and Khata Extract is crucial for property owners within BBMP jurisdiction. These documents not only establish ownership but also play a vital role in various legal and official processes associated with real estate transactions. Being well-informed about the application procedures and required documents ensures a smooth and legally sound experience in dealing with Khata-related matters.

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