Role of Title Search Report in Real Estate Transactions

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Real estate transactions involve significant investments and are often financed by loans from banks or financial institutions. To ensure the legitimacy of property ownership, a thorough title search is conducted. This process is critical to avoid legal and financial complications arising from defective titles. The time frame for a title search typically spans 12 to 13 years, aligning with the limitations prescribed by the Limitation Act, 1963.

When delving into the intricacies of property transactions, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of the legal landscape. If you’re curious about the broader legal aspects of property verification in India, our comprehensive guide on Legal Verification of Property in India is a must-read. Explore the nuanced legal processes, regulations, and safeguards to fortify your real estate decisions.

Understanding Title

Title refers to ownership rights over a property and serves as conclusive proof of ownership. It can be created through various means, such as purchase, inheritance, or adverse possession. A clear title is essential to establish ownership unequivocally.

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Importance of Title Verification:

  1. Ensuring Legitimate Ownership:
    • Verification is essential to confirm that the person transferring the property is the legitimate owner.
    • Original property-related documents must align with public records held by local authorities.
  2. Duration of Title Search:
    • Typically conducted for 12 to 30 years, with 12 years rooted in the Limitation Act, 1963.
    • Originating from Article 64, 65, and others in Schedule I of the Limitation Act.
  3. Adverse Possession:
    • Recognized globally, adverse possession allows continuous possession to confer title.
    • Duration varies; in the UK, the Land Registration Act, 2002 governs adverse possession.

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The Limitation Act, 1963

  1. Balancing Rights and Remedies:
    • The Act bars remedies but not rights, prescribing a period for legal action (12 years for private properties, 30 years for government-owned).
    • Section 27 extinguishes rights if not enforced within the specified time.
  2. Banker’s Perspective:
    • Banks rely on the Act’s limitations to take legal action.
    • Article 62 specifies a 12-year limitation for mortgage debt recovery suits.

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Title Verification Process:

  1. Ownership Details:
    • Verification includes ensuring the transferor is the genuine owner with clear and marketable rights.
    • Documents like sale deed, conveyance deed, and power of attorney are scrutinized.
  2. Chain of Title:
    • Full search for sale or lease transactions spanning 30 years; limited search for short-term transactions over 15 years.
    • Ensures a complete chain of title from the present to the original owner.
  3. Derivation of Title:
    • Verification of documents proving transferability, including sale deeds, conveyance deeds, wills, etc.
  4. Nature of Transferor’s Right:
    • Inspection of property-related documents to ascertain absolute ownership rights.
  5. Record of Rights and Mutation:
    • Examination of records reflecting the transferor’s right with respect to the property.
  6. Legal Competency:
    • Verification of legal competence of the transferor and former titleholders for a valid transfer.
  7. Nature of Property and Land Use:
    • Determination of property nature (government or private) and land use (agricultural or non-agricultural).
  8. Development and Construction:
    • Verification of adherence to building and sanction plans, necessary permissions, and completion certificates.
  9. Encumbrances:
    • Identification and examination of property encumbrances, charges, liens, and mortgages.
  10. Litigation:
    • Verification of pending litigation related to the property.
  11. Restrictions and Allowances:
    • Scrutiny of society bye-laws and easementary rights affecting the property.
  12. Public Notice:
    • Suggested publication of public notice to invite claims and objections regarding the property.

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Title Search Report:

  1. What it Includes:
    • Details of property location, ownership, and legal personality of the owner.
    • Table of scrutinized records, deeds, and documents.
    • Information on charges, dues, liens, mortgages, and encumbrances.
    • Confirmation of ongoing litigation or government acquisition.
    • Conclusion on the clarity and marketability of the property title.
  2. Who Needs It:
    • Prudent buyers, investors, NRIs/OCIs, companies, banks, financial institutions involved in real estate transactions.


A property’s value lies in its title. Conducting a thorough title verification is crucial to ensure a clear and marketable title, free from doubts, risks, and defects. Buyers, investors, companies, and lenders must prioritize title searches to safeguard their investments and transactions. Ultimately, a clear title provides the assurance of legitimate ownership and is fundamental in the realm of real estate.

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