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Simple Steps that Will Make Copyright Registration Easy for You

by Mandvi Singh · 5 min read

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As they say, modern problems require modern solutions. In a world where our whole life revolves around computers and algorithms, there is very little to no time for people to create things limited to traditional and modern knowledge. People these days have become very aware of their rights, and the current law promises supreme protection from any breaches which might result in putting a person on the back foot, be it economically, morally, or reputation-wise. Different parts of intellectual properties protect a particular type; the patent can be regarded as a caretaker of the invention that results in solving a problem, a trademark can be considered as protection to the identity of any company or individual in the same way copyright can be regarded as the protection offered to any artistic and literary work. It is vital to keep the innovation going even in the area where the industrial applicability of such things is lower than that of others.

Concept of ownership

When we talk about copyrights, ownership becomes my topic, and it is essential to define who is the beneficial ring party and who is the owner of such property. The first owner is the person who is regarded as the creator or inventor of such property; it is different for different categories suggest a photographer for a photograph, a cinematographer is for a cinematograph, a sound composer for sound recording, author or poet for writing and many more. These creators will be regarded as the first owner of the property, and if they are instant possession of their property, they will be stated as the beneficiaries as well. If in case they have transferred their right to a third party or have sold their copyright to someone else, that third party will be regarded as the new owner or the beneficiary of the copyright.

Steps involved in the registering a Copyright in India

Steps involved in the registering a Copyright in India

The whole process of filing for a Copyright Registration in India has become electronic. So if a person is looking for getting copyright registered in India, they need to follow the following steps:

  • Filing the application

Here you’ll be asked to fill an application along with the requisite fee if you are seeking copyright destruction. In this application, your diary number will be generated and will be issued to the applicant.

  • Examination

This is a 30-day lengthy procedure that involves recording analyzing different aspects of complications that you are seeking. There will be two probable outcomes.

  • Zero discrepancy

In case you copulate fulfills all the criteria which are mentioned by the copyright registration office, it becomes eligible for the next step.

In case there are objections raised.

In this situation, a letter of discrepancy is sent to the applicant stating the alleged differences arising and things that need to be sorted out if they want their copyright to be registered. If they agree to the set requirements or negotiate with the examiner, then did file a new application where all the agreed terms will be mentioned. If the examination still falls short and is in the arguing phase, it might result in the abandonment of the application.

  • Registration

After the rigorous examination step comes on, once they destroy an examiner are fully satisfied that there is no breach in the prior art, they will go ahead with the registration process and will Copyright registration certificate. Once this letter is issued, it legally entitles you to be the owner of that property and which copyright belongs to you from when that day onwards.

What are the different types of copyright infringements?

Some of the primary forms of corporate infringement include:

  • Copying
  • Communicating the work to the public
  • Making copies and issuing them for work the public
  • Making different adaptations without prior permission of the owner
  • Showing different types of performances in front of a crowd


It can be clearly seen that the copyright registration procedure is not as lengthy and no breaking as one might think. With the advent of electronic media, the copyright registration procedure has been mobilized and is in the reach of people. This has provided people with the ownership and the facility to take control and has also made sure that it promotes future inventions and takes care of any invention happening in the future. Creativity and craftsmanship are why a country or a region is different from one another what so any country or part needs to protect its identity. Copyright registration and protection have done a decent job in this department.

What if someone plagiarises your creative work? Assert your rights as the original creator of content by registering your copyright. Talk to a lawyer now.

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