Reasons and Benefits of Divorce Counselling

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Divorce counseling


  • Divorce is a very exhausting and exhilarating step in a person’s lifetime. It can affect physical and mental health and create anxiety. 
  • People going through a tough separation have many issues regarding depression and stress, which cause health problems down the line. 
  • Taking divorce counseling not only helps the spouse themselves but also helps their family and children.
  • It is a helpful way out of a toxic environment and relationship, but it is devastating at the same time, their normal lives are affected the most as it is crucial to understand how to pave through it safely.

What is Divorce Counselling?

It is a therapy for parties that require going through a divorce and separation. They face several issues during the process of divorce or after it, so a counseling session will guide them to betterment. 

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The objective of Divorce Counselling

  • Divorce counseling helps newly separated couples to adjust and move on with their lives with a positive approach and thoughts. 
  • The counseling sessions will calm the parties down and help them solve their queries in a civilized and dignified manner. 
  • Divorce counseling is necessary to properly eliminate any destructive behavior and thoughts. These can do damage and harm that may be irreversible and unnecessary. 
  • It points out the positive impact and the subjective solution to their questions.  

What are the Main Causes of Divorce?

  • Several reasons and circumstances lead to divorce and separation.
  • Divorce counseling becomes a vital part after divorce or while going through the first and second motions as it hampers mental health and creates extra complications. 
  • People often rule out the legal aspect of going through divorce counseling and do not contact a divorce lawyer or a counselor.
  • This can be very hassle-some as the individual has to manage every documentation and information alone.
  • So, it is advisable to get divorce counseling from a professional and contact a divorce lawyer who can file the petition on their behalf and furnish every documentation. 

The causes are as follows:

  • Divorce counseling is important because the partner may show signs of ignorance and commitment issues which is stressful for the other partner and can lead to divorce.
  • In cases where the spouse is involved in extramarital affairs, divorce counseling becomes crucial because the scenario induces rage and unhealthy assumptions and actions, which should be discussed before, and then the petition is filed.
  • Many partners show a lack of communication with their partners, and it becomes harder for the other spouse to maintain such a bond. Family issues arise and might lead to a legal divorce or separation. 
  • Physical and mental abuse is also another cause that leads to divorce and divorce counseling. Victims who suffer such abuse need counseling sessions to stay healthy inside and outside. 
  • Economic instability is a reason for divorce where; couples can use legal consultancy services to find out a solution and get divorce counseling from a professional who will guide them through the process. 

Several other complaints and complications arise in a marriage where the couples cannot reconcile and live together again. In this scenario, divorce seems the only option, and the partners can opt for divorce counseling after legal separation.

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What are the Effects of a Divorce?

When spouses are not happy together and go through a divorce, a lot of things change and some may be positive while some are negative in their lives.

These are as follows:

  • Economic damages: The parties can suffer from financial crisis after separation as they are divided and distributed. This can cause debts, losses, and other obligations that need to be fulfilled. Hence, the parties may suffer from stress and tension. Here divorce counseling might help as they will be heard and queries will be solved. 
  • Life and relationships: The sudden change and feelings of negativity can make an individual delusional and depressed. Divorce counseling can help these individuals come out of the phase and start fresh, as many relationships are lost, and new will be found. The counseling session will provide the necessary help and support. 

The parties can also choose Legal consultancy services as it can be helpful to understand different law provisions and scenarios where rights are applied as per the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

Responsibilities of a Divorce Counsellor 

  • The Indian law system tries to unite the couple, and divorce is seen as a last resort. They have first and second motions that have a specific duration within which the couples might reconcile and start their relationship anew.
  • The Alternative Disputes Resolution Act (ADR) was passed and introduced by the Family Courts Act of 1984 to help couples through counseling, meditation, and reconciliation. 
  • Every state has a different approach regarding divorce counseling and has different strategies for couple counseling sessions.

Two counselors per court are standardized as normal nowadays to help each party individually. 

  • The counselor should not bias and resolve issues simply. 
  • The counselor should have an acute and improvised understanding of empowering clients and their scenarios. 
  • It is a mandatory action for each party, and they must attend the sessions as directed by the Hon’ble court. 
  • The conversation is to be kept private and fluid. 
  • The family and child of the party are to be prioritized.

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Going through divorce counseling has been a mandatory condition nowadays for couples seeking divorce or separation. It is a way to address the complications and solve them in a civilized manner.

A divorce lawyer can help the party to stay updated with each aspect of their hearing and settlement after the divorce or during the process. They also guide the clients through counseling sessions.

Adv. Priyanka Sampathy

Adv. Priyanka Sampathy


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