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Land Patta Registration is the Evidence of Your Land Ownership

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patta land registration

There are several aspects and contents related to a transaction of land, and the official legal documents must be prepared for such transfers. The existing owner must have some kind of evidence as the legal owner of their land and to prove that they need a Land Patta. There are many benefits and importance of a Patta Land registration which we will discuss in the article below.

What is Patta Land?

  • When an official authority or the government issues a legal document having every single detail about the land and its owner, this document is known as a Land Patta. 
  • This is also called a Record of Rights and is used as evidence to prove the ownership of any land parcel where the owner’s name is registered at the Registrar’s office.
  • This document plays a very crucial role during land transactions and contains every land detail elaborately, along with the name and details of the legal owner who is registered with the Tehsildar. Patta Land registration is very important to make it of legal value.
  • Individual buildings and houses can also have a Patta, which also shows if these are occupied or not, unlike barren lands which are not yet occupied. Lands having any undivided share will not be issued a Patta by the government.
  • If any property has more than a single owner, a Patta cannot be issued for every owner’s name. A single Patta is issued and contains the names of all co-owners.

Some of the features of Land Patta

There are vital points that an owner must know before acquiring a Land Patta or doing a Patta Land registration. These are as follows:

  • Registration Patta is called Land Deed and is a legal document issued by authorities or the state government.
  • Registrar can also issue one-time Patta Land registration under law provisions.
  • The person who owns the Patta Land Registration document, which is issued by the government in their name, is called a Pattadar.
  • The Land Patta does not require time-to-time renewal of the Patta Land registration in their name. The renewal is needed during land transfers or deals and can be obtained cost-free.
  • The Patta fees vary from state to state and can be obtained on an ostensible basis.
  • Only India and some of the neighboring countries use the term Patta.
  • Unconstructed lands, lands with any ongoing construction, and scarcely visited lands need a Patta Land Registration issued by the Government officials.

Patta Land registration is issued by the government for properties obtained in different ways, such as:

  • The property is obtained by the owner through the “Transfer of Property Act.”
  • Any Land which is gained through Will or succession from families.
  • State court orders land issues as these are under Land Patta Registration.

Importance of Patta and how to acquire it?

The way to acquire a Patta involves applying for it with the Tehsildar or any other Administrative Authority of the District or State. The land owner will make the property paper in the format specified by the Revenue Department.

The process involves verification by the Tehsildar, who can either have a meeting with the applicant or visit the property in person to verify the situation of the property and its surroundings. The Patta mentions every single detail about the owner of the property paper and also describes the plot in question.

The importance of Patta Land registration is as follows:

  • It is a crucial document that proves the ownership of an individual with any land or plot in question.
  • Any matter of dispute/litigation in the Court of Law can be settled with Patta or Patta Land Registration documents. It is beneficial to seek legal consultation in similar matters to avoid complicated issues.
  • Any government acquisition or transaction of property with Patta Land Registration can comply if the documents are present to prove the ownership.
  • Remuneration from government land or ownership can be acquired without issues with a Patta Land Registration and its documents.

What is the role of a Tehsildar?

Revenue officials issued by the State Government for maintenance of land records are known as Tehsildars. They are located according to the area where the property is positioned and are certified to verify, modify and register Patta’s when needed.

Which type of Land Patta needs to be registered?

Patta Land Registration is needed for frequently visited lands or barely used ones, parcels with any construction or buildings. The Patta also affirms if the plot in question is commercial or residential.

Ownership of any land can be proved easily with Patta Land registration with the revenue official. In the case of any concern or unsolved disputes present, the owner can take legal consultation to get clarification on the matter with professional advice for solving the predicament.

How is Patta Land Registration done with the Tehsildar?

The Patta Land registration process varies from one state to another but is a simple procedure and requires a few documents. The steps are as follows:

  • The owner can file a submission according to the format given by the revenue official at the Tehsildar’s office in their district or state.
  • The Patta Land Registration process has become easier nowadays as individuals are now filing the Patta Land registration application online. But it is to be noted that only some or limited states are using the new technology for Patta Land registration online.
  • The Patta Land registration form also differs from one state to another, and the details needed are the same such as parcel location, size, structure, and type.
  • There are additional documents required for Patta Land registration as identity proof, PAN card, Aadhar card, etc., to complete the official verification of the application with the Revenue official.
  • After the Tehsildar receives the Registration application, they either assemble for a meeting with the owner or personally visit the site for inspection and verification.
  • After the inspection and verification are completed, the Tehsildar reports back to the registration office, and the Patta Land registration is approved by the owner of the property.
  • After the approval, the owner can issue either a hardcopy or get a softcopy of the registration papers if that facility is available. It is available in English and some regional languages for a thorough understanding of the owner.


The Patta land registration documents are a vital piece of evidence to prove the ownership irrespective of the fact that the owner is a new one or an existing owner. The charges for obtaining Patta Land registration/transfer are completed as per government provisions.

The government is trying its best to make the process more convenient and simple for every individual opting for Land registration with the officials. With the new technology available, some states have adopted the online method of Patta Land registration to make it efficient and prompt.

With the new technology available, some states have adopted the online method of Patta Land registration to make it efficient and prompt. Legal consultation before such procedures is beneficial and advantageous as the advice and suggestions will make the owner take better decisions according to official norms.

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