How to Reply to a Show Cause Letter at Work?

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Facing A Show Cause Notice At Work? Learn How To Respond Like A Pro!


At some point in their careers, many professionals might encounter a ‘show cause notice’ from their employer. This notice, often related to performance or conduct, requires a well-thought-out response. In this guide, we’ll explore what a show cause notice is and how to effectively reply to one.

What is a Show Cause Notice?

A show cause notice is a formal communication issued by an employer to an employee. Its purpose is to request the employee to explain or “show cause” why they should not face disciplinary action for specific misconduct, underperformance, or other workplace issues. Here are the key components of a show cause notice:

  • Intent: It allows the employee to explain their actions before the employer decides on any disciplinary measures. It’s important to note that a show cause notice is not a legal notice.
  • Contents: The notice should clearly detail the alleged misconduct or underperformance, including specific dates, times, and locations. It should also mention any relevant employment history, past warnings, and the potential consequences if the employee fails to respond adequately.
  • Procedure: The notice must specify any additional restrictions, such as confidentiality, and outline how and when the employee should respond.

Components of a Show Cause Notice:

IntentAllows the employee to explain their actions before any disciplinary measures. It’s not a legal notice.
ContentsDetails the alleged misconduct or underperformance, including specifics and potential consequences.
ProcedureSpecifies any additional restrictions and outlines the response process.

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Reflecting on Your Show Cause Notice: Key Considerations

Given that every situation is unique in its circumstances, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach or template for responding to a show cause notice. Do not become agitated if you receive a show-cause notice from your job. Do not react as if it is a legal notice. Before you start writing your show cause notice reply, take a moment to sit down and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Was the issue of the show cause notice justified, given the circumstances?
  2. Is it true that it was issued in good faith?
  3. Were the accusations made against you in the notice specific or general?
  4. Do you have a good enough understanding of the allegations to respond coherently? 
  5. Was the show cause notice based on natural justice principles?

Defend Yourself Professionally

When faced with a show-cause notice, it’s essential to approach the situation professionally. This often involves understanding certain processes, such as a domestic investigation.

Understanding Domestic Investigation

  • Definition: A ‘domestic investigation’ refers to an internal inquiry conducted by the employer. Its primary goal is to gather facts and evidence related to the allegations made in the show-cause notice.
  • Relation to a Show-Cause Notice: Typically, this investigation is initiated after issuing a show-cause notice to the employee. The show-cause notice itself might sometimes be a part of this investigative process.
  • Adherence to Employment Regulations: It’s crucial for the investigation process to adhere to principles of fairness and transparency. Employment regulations, like the Employment Act of 1955, mandate a “due investigation”, ensuring the protection of both the employer and employee’s rights.

Crafting Your Response

  • Professionalism: If you are supposed to write a show cause notice reply, ensure you respond professionally to defend yourself and provide the sender with your side of the story. Remember, a show cause notice reply is not a form of retaliation for wrongdoing or poor performance.
  • Assessing the Legitimacy of the Notice: Not all show cause notices are given for legitimate reasons. Before crafting your response, consider the following:
    • Are the charges vague?
    • Were you accused of misconduct you didn’t commit?
    • Were the charges related to performance issues already discussed with your superior?
    • Do the charges seem purposefully designed to get you into trouble?
    • Is the time frame too short for a proper response? Were the contents not adequately explained to you?
    If any of the above points apply, or if you believe the show cause notice was improperly sent to you, consider contacting a lawyer, a Labour/Industrial Relations official, or your Union representative before responding.
  • Avoiding Pitfalls: Ensure that your response doesn’t contain any loopholes that your employer might exploit to punish you further. Be wary of malicious show cause notices sent as entrapment to elicit information that will be used against you, potentially leading to dismissal.

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Responding to a Show-Cause Notice

It’s essential to respond when you receive a show-cause notice. Your response communicates your perspective and can influence subsequent actions. Here’s a guide on how to craft an effective reply:

1. Importance of Replying:

Never refrain from responding to a show-cause notice. If you don’t respond, it may be assumed that you agree with the allegations or have no defence to offer. Always express your perspective.

2. Things to Include in Your Reply:

  • Acknowledge Receipt: Start by acknowledging that you’ve received the notice.
  • Address the Allegations: Clearly address each point or allegation made in the notice.
  • Provide Evidence: If you have any evidence or reasons to support your stance, include them.

3. What to Avoid in Your Reply:

  • Being Defensive: While defending your position is essential, avoid coming off as overly defensive or confrontational.
  • Making Assumptions: Don’t make statements that assume future actions, like “The Company may dismiss me if I repeat this error.”
  • Public Discussions: Maintain confidentiality. Avoid discussing the notice or your reply with colleagues or on social media.

Apologizing in Your Show-Cause Notice Reply: While crafting your response to a show cause notice, the decision to apologize should be made carefully. Here are some considerations:

  • Assess the Situation: Before deciding whether to apologize, evaluate the allegations made against you.
  • Be Specific: If you choose to apologize, be specific about what you’re apologizing for.
  • Avoid Over-Apologizing: While it’s essential to acknowledge genuine mistakes, avoid excessive apologies.
  • Combine Apology with Action: If you apologize, consider pairing it with a commitment to rectify the mistake.

4. Seeking Further Advice:

If you’re unsure about any aspect of your reply, consider seeking advice from a legal expert or a trusted colleague.

Defend Yourself Like A Pro: Responding To A Show Cause Notice Made Easy


Show cause notice reply must be drafted very wisely. Taking legal advice while sending out a show cause notice reply is always better. The expert advice of a lawyer must be taken in this regard. It makes you aware of your rights and what actions you can take against the employer if anything happens.

If you wish to reply to a show cause notice after consulting an expert lawyer, tap on the link below.

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