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Divorce in India has been seen as a taboo for an extended period. For many, divorces signify a failure of marriage where two people have not been able to perform their marital duties. India is a culture where failures are not celebrated as much when it comes to your career studies or even your personal lives; hence divorce is no different. There are many things expected out of a marriage where a woman has to look after a family and work whereas a man has to provide for his family and also to take care of everyone in case of the absence of their wife. Disagreements are bound to happen, and people often look for divorce lawyers near me, but things do not end over here. There is a lot of societal pressure and things to be considered if they are seeking a divorce in India. Due to easy availability, the divorce rate has considerably increased in India. If someone is looking for an easy way out in cases of mutual divorce, they can approach an online divorce filing method.

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All one needs to know about online divorce:

Seeking online mutual divorce is very simple and can be achieved with the least amount of fuss. Online mutual divorce is nothing but an association of divorce lawyers who work on an online platform specializing in this particular area, making sure justice is delivered with no delay.

The lockdown has acted as a catalyst in bringing online services into our legal system, and with the increased divorce rate, it is a blessing in disguise.

What are the steps involved in seeking divorce online mutually?

Documents needed for filing an online mutual divorce

  • If the marriage has been disturbed, then the marriage certificate
  • Passport size pictures of husband and wife which have been duly attested
  • An agreement of divorce signed by both parties
  • Proof of address wherever the couple decided. In the case of a rented place, they need to give a rental agreement.
  • Proof of identity with the help of voter ID passport aadhaar card ration card driving license with a picture on it. It is easy to recognize that the person is an Indian national.

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The steps involved are:

  • Parties must have agreed on dissolving their marriage mutually.
  • All the matches related to custody eliminate property and assets must be discussed and decided beforehand.
  • After deciding all the assets and custody matters, you can pan down all things that you have decided on once you are separated.
  • The process involved in an electronic divorce is pretty simple, but it is still advisable to seek the help of a lawyer as there are many technicalities involved in it.
  • Online services that are offering mutual divorces are the same as law firms, and they will ask you to lead on all the details related to the dissolution of marriage and the grounds on which one is seeking a divorce.
  • A legal notice is sent to the other partner from the registered mailing address.
  • Once all the formalities have been done and finalized, the couple can agree on the grounds of divorce, and the case will be filed in the court of law.
  • A copy of the divorce petition is sent to both the parties and the court of the local jurisdiction.
  • After filing, it will be all up to the court whether they want to agree with the couple and go ahead with the divorce or there are sufficient causes to keep the marriage alive and reverse the decision.

What are the advantages of filing a divorce offline?

Like any other procedure, the online method produces much paperwork, and you’re on the ground running. The process is swift, and you can obtain divorce well within six months, maybe under a year, whereas the Standard Time to seek a divorce is six months to 18 months which is extendable up to many more years. Many online facilities that specialize in this aspect of law have specialized lawyers who only work on these laws; hence the matter is related to technicalities, alimony, child custody property, and asset separation becomes relatively easy.

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Divorce is not an easy route to take place, but no one should find themselves restricted to a particular relationship where they feel they’re out of love or some issues are arising out of nowhere. With online divorce facilities, you don’t need to get plundered by hefty divorce lawyers who will charge you more than what is required for this facility. The process of divorce itself is tiresome and emotionally nerve-wracking; speeding up the process is the only way to ease the pain and let the individuals lead their life without any more misery. It is not always just about differences; if the couple feels out of love, they can then resort to this route as well.

Do you see divorce as the only way to end your marriage problems? Then you should be aware of divorce laws in India. Talk to lawyers who specialize in divorce laws in India.

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