Why E-consultancy is better than offline legal consultancy?

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Looking for online legal consultancy services? In today’s digital first world, consumers are looking for everything online- from 10 min grocery delivery to doctor appointments. It is only natural that more and more people are also looking for online legal consulting as a service. 

Why is online legal consultancy growing?

Online legal consulting or e-consultancy is fast emerging as the next scalable service that will help you consult a lawyer in the privacy of your home, in just a few clicks.

The legal consultancy services bore the impact of the pandemic with courts and lawyer offices remaining closed for a long period of time. This led to a drop in demand, but the real picture is that demand never faded away. People started looking for legal e-consultancy when they saw that in person meeting with lawyers was not possible. The legal consulting model is now getting disrupted by online legal consultancy services or e-consultancy.

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What are the advantages of e-consultancy over offline legal consultancy?

The e-consultancy model for legal services has a promising future owing to some clear advantages over offline legal consultancy.

Privacy & confidentiality:

One of the biggest advantages of e-consultancy is that you can consult a lawyer in the privacy of your home, using your smartphone or computer. You do not need to visit court premises or a lawyer’s chamber where someone might spot you. Your most private concerns like divorce or family matter legal consulting stays only between you and the lawyer you are consulting. No one else needs to know that you are looking for legal consulting and are meeting lawyers by online appointment.

Saves time and money:

 E-consultancy does not require you to make long commutes to the lawyer’s office thus saving your precious time. Similarly, in online legal consulting, you get a choice of lawyers that you can speak to thereby helping you evaluate cost options also. You yourself decide your budget and connect with a relevant lawyer using e-consultancy services.

No language barrier:

 Imagine you are a native of Kerala and recently moved to New Delhi. You are not very comfortable with Hindi and there is a sudden emergency which requires you to consult a lawyer. In the offline world, you will have challenges like not being able to communicate clearly with the lawyer due to the language barrier. In online e-consultancy, you can pick a language of your choice sitting anywhere in the world, and speak comfortably in your language with a lawyer who also understands and speaks your language.

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Fast turnaround contract templates:

For standard legal services like power of attorney, Registrar of Companies registration, rent or lease agreements, online e-consultancy is better suited for quick and fast turnaround. You do not need to step out from your home or office, and you just need to enter a few data points and make the payment. Your standard contract template is ready to be executed.

Easy access to reputable lawyers:

In the offline legal consulting world, you usually go by reference from your friends or family, which means you begin your legal consulting with just one or two lawyer references. In e-consultancy, however, you get a range of reputable lawyers to choose from depending on your budget and language preferences.

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E-consultancy in legal services is the future

It is clear that e-consultancy or online legal consulting services offer substantial advantages over offline legal consultancy. Online legal consulting has disrupted legal consultancy services to benefit both the lawyers and the customer. The future looks very different (and convenient) for legal services consulting. If you have not considered the advantages of e-consultancy, it is now time to do so.

It is clear that e-consultancy or online legal consulting services offer substantial advantages over offline legal consultancy. If you have not considered the advantages of e-consultancy, it is now time to do so.

Adv. Umapathi Natarajan

Adv. Umapathi Natarajan


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With 24 years of independent practice, Advocate Umapathi Natarajan has gained extensive experience in handling legal cases while providing legal consultancy and advisory services with a focus on achieving results in an ethical and professional manner. Advocate Umapathi Natarajan, who can speak English, Tamil, and Telugu, possesses excellent communication skills that enable him to articulate arguments persuasively in both written and verbal forms.

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