What is the Role of A Corporate Attorney For A Business?

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  • The main role of a corporate attorney is to represent their corporate entity efficiently. They give professional advice to their clients about roles, duties, interests, responsibilities, and legal provisions related to this aspect.
  • A corporate attorney is not representing the shareholders, directors, or employees but the entity as a whole to protect their rights and safeguard their interests.

What Role do Corporate Attorneys play?

  • When a corporation hires a corporate attorney, the attorney is regulating and advising their clients on various norms and relevant information that affects the entity as a whole. State law regulates a legal entity, and a corporation is one of them, which is usually formed for conducting different types of business under regulations.
  • They are treated as separate entities or persons from the directors, shareholders, and employees.
  • The corporate attorney handles all the laws surrounding it as it is subject to alternate state and federal restrictions.
  • The main role of corporate attorneys is to manage business compliance with the law provisions and maintain it to stay harmonious in the economy.

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Work handled by the Business Lawyer

It is a general notion that corporate attorneys are very busy in courtrooms, but that is not the case in actuality. Corporate attorneys rarely need to set foot in the courtroom as they are mostly busy with making contracts, answering queries, forming drafts, and writing down forms.

Their work is mostly ” transaction-based.” The company and its litigation issues are what the corporate attorney generally focuses on and rule out possible mitigations that are advantageous.

Their time is spent on the following:

  • Contracts/ agreements: The corporate attorney is busy drafting, correcting, reviewing, negotiating, and legally proofing and binding the documents for a company or organization. This could include everything from mortgages, leasing, acquisitions, and crores worth of transactions.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: The business lawyer manages and overviews the dealings that a corporation goes through. This means the corporation might be merging or purchasing any other company or organization by conducting big transactions that require legal output.
  • Corporate governance: Corporate attorneys help their client base to run and form a business successfully by giving them knowledge and advice about provisions, handling, and resolving issues. They guide them through the framework and structural behavior.
  • Capital and security: They also help the company to expand, flourish and build its business with proper sourcing and financing ideas. It can be private or public, depending on the type the client suggests and chooses. Compliance with the law is very crucial for any corporation to increase its brand base and productivity.

Many big corporations have their legal departments and business lawyers for various aspects of running the organization efficiently. Each corporate attorney in that department handles specific content for handling it.

What is the Objective?

  • The main purpose of forming corporate law is to reciprocate all legal and external affairs with due diligence.
  • It oversees litigations, mergers and acquisitions, contract drafting and finalizing, data and intellectual security and related provisions, and international business and trade issues.
  • They are invested in legally safeguarding and managing the transactions made internationally and commercially as they represent their clients and provide advice on legal rights and duties.
  • Corporate governance can become complex due to its provisional actions, so corporate attorneys build safe and secure transaction frameworks.

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What is Involved in Corporate Law?

The corporate attorney manages a vast array of topics that arise out of a company and its transactional integrations.

The law involves and surrounds these, while the corporate attorney might specialize in some of the areas or most of them. It is as follows:

  • Reworking and restructuring the corporation: The corporate attorney makes sure that the company complies with every legal provision that falls under their business context.

This helps in making the company business more profitable and productive through the initial formation and reorganizing. The corporate attorney might also assist and advise on intellectual property safeguarding and transacting.

  • Corporate insolvency/bankruptcy: these are critical matters which need professional legal consultation, and the corporation surely will take help from a corporate attorney to resolve such issues at hand. They guide and counsel the entity for the necessary precautions and processing.

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 regulates these transactions and areas of a corporation. The corporate attorney will evaluate and form a better financial structure and document to easily assist the corporation.

  • Compliance and regulative provisions: the corporate attorney can become a law officer or can help by being an in-house counsel to a company or organization. They can also choose to help and counsel private companies or joint/startup organizations.
  • Resolving litigations: A company may anytime be a part of litigation which must be taken care of with instant, efficient legal consultation, which the corporate attorney is responsible for conveying.
  • Financial advice: it is a very crucial aspect of the Indian economy that the corporate attorney can major in. Several topics fall under this category, such as capital acquisition, syndicated lending, debt management, restructuring, and many more.
  • International trade and transactions: The corporate lawyer takes care of mitigating any issues related to international affairs when transacting or merging with one located outside India.

There are certain rules which come into play when a company has acquisitions with an international company which are to be complied with while doing business.

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This law field is vast and versatile in many forms, which the corporate attorney can choose to specialize in. The government and private sector have multiple issues and requirements for legal consultation as it is very complex and has loads of provisions to deal with for obtaining stable growth.

Talking to a business lawyer might help an individual to understand each reform and solve their query regarding corporate and commercial sectors.

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Adv. Priyanka Sampathy


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