Functions of the National Commission for Women (NCW)

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functions of national commission for Women


Women in India are frequently despised because of our male-dominated society. So to give equal status and protect the rights of Women, the Committee on the status of Women suggested the formation of NCW. The National Commission for Women was created as a consequence of the National Commission for Women Law 1990, a bill that was submitted to the Parliament in response to the necessity for the establishment of the statutory body as time went on for Women. Here we are going to discuss an Overview and Functions of the National Commission for Women.

National Commission for Women in India

The National Commission for Women Act of 1990’s provisions allowed for the establishment of the National Commission for Women in 1992. In accordance with the requirements of the Indian Constitution, the Central Government established this Commission with the goal of empowering Women in the nation by addressing the oppressions, plights, and other forms of violence they have historically experienced. The National Commission for Women also makes steps to advance the status of Women generally across the nation. The National Commission for Women’s primary goal is to advocate for Women’s rights and increase awareness of their plight.

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Composition of NCW

National Commission for Women’s-

The Commission will be made up of:

(a) A chairperson is chosen by the central government, which is dedicated to the cause of Women.

(b) Five Members will be chosen by the Central Government from among individuals of ability, integrity, and standing who have experience in administration, trade unionism, management of a sector with potential for Women, Women’s voluntary organizations (including Women activists), economic development, health, education, or social welfare;

As long as at least one representative comes from each of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, respectively.

Objectives of NCW

  • A forum for resolving complaints.
  • To offer suggestions for legislative actions.
  • To examine Women’s legal and constitutional protections.
  • The National Commission for Women’s noteworthy accomplishment was creating gender profiles. 
  • The Parivarik Mahila Lok Adalat was then established as a result of their initiative to advance Women’s rights. 
  • The Indian Penal Code of 1860, the Pre-Conception & Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act of 1994, the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961 and other legislation were assessed and revised to provide recommendations to the government about Women’s initiatives.

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Functions of the National Commission for Women

Some Functions of the National Commission for Women-

  • This committee is tasked with promoting/supporting research and study in fields relevant to those mentioned above, such as dual citizenship complaints, new laws being passed or international treaties being signed, foreign marriage laws, etc.
  • In line with Section 10 (1)(f) of the National Commission for Women Act of 1990, read with Subsection 4 of Section 10 and Section 8 of the Act, NCW is required to investigate complaints and take suo moto notice of any matter brought to the attention of the NRI Cell.
  • The National Commission for Women Act of 1990 mandates that the cell is in charge of its own operations.
  • Serve as the central point of contact for any complaints involving Indian Women who have been abandoned by their Indian husbands living abroad.
  • Should provide all help attainable to the complaints, including conciliation, party-to-party mediation, and advice to the complainant on pertinent matters.
  • Collaborating and networking with NGOs, international and domestic community groups, and state Women’s commissions to cover a larger geographic region, provide simple access, and offer support services.
  • Must work to ensure that the different government agencies and organizations, including state governments, the National Human Rights Commission, Indian embassies and missions, relevant ministries, etc., respond in a coordinated manner.
  • Help the lady in need with the legal proceedings and other matters relating to the complainant or case.
  • Must keep a database of all recorded cases.
  • Obtain reports on the complaints made and the actions done in response to the State Government and other authorities.
  • Shall provide recommendations and advice to the government on any NRI marriage-related policy or problem.
  • Look into different legal treaties related to the matter and, where needed, provide the government with recommendations.
  • Should assemble an advisory committee panel made up of reputable attorneys and non-governmental organizations from both India and outside, which will periodically examine the cell’s operation, the cases it has taken on, and its policy decisions.
  • Should establish a panel of specialists (from all over India) to aid the resentful wife by providing legal services and other support, such as mediation and conciliation.
  • Planning training modules and delivering training on topic sensitization to the different entities tasked with delivering justice.
  • Will plan public awareness efforts for the problem.
  • Any additional duties given to NCW by the Commission or Central Government must be completed.

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Increasing crime against Women leads to steps by the government to protect the rights of Women and help them stand again. Hence, National Commission for Women was formed for Women’s safety and betterment, and it performs functions related to the same. Every woman should know their rights and how NCW can help them. It is crucial that illiterate Women, particularly those in rural regions, are made more aware of this commission’s existence and taught about its goal. To reach out to and assist Women who are weak and predisposed to exploitation, a strong network of people should be at work. Get Legal consultation to know more.

Crime against Women still prevails in our society, so they need to be protected. The National Commission of Women helps in the same. To know more, get online Family legal advice here.

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