Essentials of Cybercrime and the Complaint Procedure in India

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cybercrime complaint procedure

Many codes of conduct and laws have been implemented in the recent past to make sure people are protected over online media. Implementation of the information technology Act 2000 was a big step towards accepting that online media is here to stay, and people who are involved in this need some sort of protection when they will be using it regularly. There are many similarities and inter-linkage of civil procedural code criminal procedural code and Indian Penal Code to that of cyber laws in India, all this is because of the nature of the crime which happens on and offline mode is similar to that of happening on an online media the only difference is the source of committing that crime is anonymous and the environment in which it is happening is on line. There are many facilities which Indian government is providing to make sure that cybercrime complaints are filed with ease and said the crime reports are generated with ease.

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What is the procedure for filing a cybercrime complaint in India?

The procedure to file a cyber crime complaint is very simple because the Government of India is trying to promote a line medium. They need to assure people that a particular medium is safe for use and will not harm the masses. What people can do is they can approach the national cybercrime reporting portal and file an electronic complaint in this regard.

The category of crimes that can be reported in this portal includes

• Child Pornography
• Child sexual abuse material
• Rape gang rape and other sexually explicit content
• Social media crimes
• Mobile crimes
• Ransomware
• Online financial frauds
• Hacking
• Cyber trafficking

Crimes reported related to women and children

• It is essential to protect the identity of the person who’s reporting this crime in this category; hence the complaint will be fined anonymously.
• The campaign will also not provide any personal information
• The person who will be registering the offense will have to provide all the information, considering the portal will keep their identity anonymous

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Type of information that will be required for them to mention include:

  • Under which category their crime has been reported
  • Date and time of the incident happening
  • Location in regards to state district wherever the crime was committed, and the victim is residing
  • They need to mention the platform over which the particular crime was committed
  • If any available pieces of evidence images or documents are found, then they need to upload that as well.
  • Mentioning suspects name, if available
  • Mentioning suspect’s identity such as pan card mobile number aadhaar card email address driving license.

How to keep track of such reports?

The best thing about registering your complaint online is that you can keep track of every single update happening in your investigation. You can visit their government portal, and over there, they will allow you to gain access to your complaint by generating a one-time password if you click on report and track. This secure method will only let you and the registered complainant to see the status of your complaint.

There are many ways with which a person can seek protection from any cybercrime happening, and they are:

  • By using security services sites that are fully secure
  • Making strong passwords for your social media platforms and eCommerce sites
  • Please should keep all your software updated for any security enhancement purposes
  • Always manage your social media settings by yourself; do not trust anyone with your email address and password
  • Try strengthening your home network
  • Talk to people who are experts in cyber law and know more about how you can use and surf the Internet with greater caution and security
  • Keep yourself informed of all the security breaches happening in the online world.
  • Take all the possible measures available for protecting your identity
  • Should always inform yourself about all the possible options that you can take in case you find yourself in the position of the victim of any cybercrime

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The process involved in the district of cybercrime complaints can be broadly divided into online and often procedure. Still, the online system is promoted over often the procedure is because it gives speedy results and educates people on how but you turn off reporting crime is. The government is trying a lot to inform people that they need to register their complaints whenever they find themselves being a victim of any type of cybercrime with the cyber cell. All the measures from the protection of identity to giving all the means to recover from any situation are done to make sure, but the future of the cyber world is safe, and people don’t feel threatened to visit such platforms. If a world needs to survive with the Internet being the center of it, it can be a little overwhelming task for any government and institution to form a framework that is 100% secure and can gain the trust of people. The work that is being done by our government has shown some positive results and will educate people in the long run on how their actions can be used for and against them in the cyber world.

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