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virtual office for company registration

In recent years, it has become more expensive to maintain physical office space. However, in order to receive GST Registration and Business Registration, you are required to have a physical location for your company to do business at. 

It’s possible that enterprises in India might save expenses by using a virtual office for company registration instead of traditional ones. Owning a virtual office for company registration costs a fraction of what one might incur for having a physical office space, which is something that businesses in their earlier stages might not require. 

What exactly is a “virtual office”?

An office that does not physically exist is referred to as a virtual office.

The plan is beneficial to your wallet since it does not need you to pay rent on a monthly basis. The Company Registration, registration of partnership deed, and the Goods and Services Tax Registration may be completed at the same place. 

A virtual office for company registration is a wonderful option for those who do not have the financial means to maintain various offices in different locations.

Virtual Office Made Easy: Register Your Company Hassle-Free

What Are the Benefits of Using a Virtual Office for company registration?

  • One of the most significant benefits of using a virtual office for company registration is the ability to do business from almost any location in the globe without physically being there.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises, which often do not have the financial resources necessary to establish branch offices in cities and countries with many commercial prospects and a high volume of ongoing client inquiries, stand to benefit the most by using a virtual office for company registration.
  • The third benefit of using a virtual office for company registration is that your virtual office will be equipped with its own unique virtual number, to which any incoming calls from a pre-determined number or numbers may be redirected. 
  • In India, the cost of utilizing a virtual office for company registration may range anywhere from Rs 830 to 2500 per month, whereas the cost is $100 per month in the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • Office Address in a Premium Area: An individual will be provided with an address for his company that is located in a premium location. This address may be used as his virtual office for company registration.
  • Availability of Every Single Important Document: The person who wants to have a virtual office for company registration will be given all of the paperwork that is required for the numerous registrations that they need to complete and can also get a legal consultation from professional Lawyers if required.
  • Solution That Is Reasonably Priced: A virtual office for company registration is the most cost-efficient method for receiving a premium office address without having to pay the deposits, bills, and maintenance costs of a real office. This is because a physical office address requires you to pay rent, utilities, and maintenance costs.

The steps involved in getting a Virtual Office for company registration in India are as follows:

  1. In order to obtain the Virtual Office for company registration, all you need to do is fill out the straightforward checklist with all of your preferences and specifications regarding location, as well as your budget and all your requirements. The Virtual Office Service Manager will get in contact with you to discuss the task’s specifics and learn more about your needs.
  2. As soon as they get the information describing your criteria and your choices for the applicants, they will immediately act upon the information and begin the paperwork procedure for the Virtual Office for company registration.
  3. They will compile the necessary documentation, including proof of address, an agreement/partnership deed, and a notarized letter of consent from the legal owner, in order to provide an address for a Virtual Office for Company Registration. They will give over all of the paperwork to you after they have finished preparing them. 
  4. You may now utilize the same for your GST registration as well as your business registration and can also get a legal consultation from professional Lawyers if required.

    Streamline The Virtual Office Process For Company Registration With Our Legal Experts

Additional facilities That Can Be Provided by a Virtual Office

The following is a list of some of the fundamental services offered by virtual offices. It is important to keep in mind that various vendors may provide additional services in addition to those that are listed below; however, the services listed below are representative of the fundamental services offered if you opt for a virtual office for company registration.

  • Assistant 

A committed professional will be supplied to carry out the numerous responsibilities and activities that have been delegated by the individual customers. This assistant may attend meetings on behalf of the firm and function as its representative if the organization that employs them so wishes.

  • Answering services

It includes the appointment of a senior executive to answer calls on behalf of the company or organization that has contracted for those services.

  • Office space

When you wish to extend your company activities in a location at a relatively cheap cost, renting office space might provide you with the opportunity to possess a high-profile and reputable address in that city.

  • Mailing address

They provide a post office box number as a mailing address, which enables a commercial enterprise to receive, send, and forward mail to and from that location.

  • Meeting room

Meeting room services are provided, and the space may be booked on short notice for a variety of lengths of time.

We hope that this blog has helped you in getting an overview of the benefits of using a virtual office for company registration.

Effortlessly Register Your Company With Our Virtual Office Solution: Speak With Our Experts For Guidance And Support


If you want to establish the company as a limited liability partnership (LLP) or a private limited company (Pvt. Ltd.), you will need a corporate address in order to register the firm as a new entity. It is required that the address be located inside the state borders of the state in which the business is officially established. As a result, a great number of businesses, corporations, and other types of organizations simply use a virtual office for company registration for this reason.

There is no longer a need to invest money in upscale office premises. Consult a legal professional for the most cost-effective assistance in coordinating and finding a vendor for a virtual office for company registration in any part of the Country.

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