Reasons for Challenging the Will After Death

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can a Will be challenged after death


  • The Indian Registration Act of 1908 so far pacts with the legalities of the Will registration, and if we go with the law and its applications, there exists no demand for making such registration of Will “mandatory.”
  • The Will was mainly recognized due to its mobile characteristics because it was a distinguishable feature of the nature from the normal deed.
  • A Will may be a written document whereby someone states the procedure of devolution of his/her property and reveals his/her need on what and the way a time period value of assets is going to be handled once his/her death.
  • A person who creates the Will is considered as the ‘Testator,’ the person for whom it is executed, is considered as the fiduciary, and therefore the property disposed of within the Will is understood because of the material of the desire.

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About the Will Registration

The Will registration in India is optional and at the risk of the gatherings making a Will. The opposite duties have been framed on the question of Will registration.

 It consistently fits by the law-making body that a Will, whenever made, ought to be enlisted. The Will has not really been too enlisted by the maker of the Will, yet any individual who is an agent of the Will can compose the Will after the benefactor’s passing.

There are a few lawful observations for making a Will. The registered Will is an enrolled report/deed that can be tested in the official courtroom for reasons referenced in this article.

Reasons seeking after which an Registered Will can be tested in the courtroom:


A record made by any individual that obliges some other individual to work to a limited extent or in full for thought or with practically no idea won’t be permitted to support. Such a Will won’t be qualified with any legitimacy or legitimacy in the eye of regulation. 

A registered Will is, however, procured, an assumption that it is liberated from any malevolence or by any way unlawful; as indicated by a similar comprehension, it is interrelated that the registered Will is released from any misrepresentation. 

The individual who challenges the Will in the official the courtroom on the explanation that it was made by misrepresentation of the weight has arrived to demonstrate the extortion in the enlisted archive or registered Will.


A demonstration of pressure or coercion is unlawful. If the registered Will is made by a demonstration of coercion,it will be considered unlawful, however, such an individual to guarantee the Will to be criminal needs to demonstrate that the Will is illegal in this specific circumstance.

Undue Influence

Undue Influence is to capitalize on the leverage via an important, influential place or under any condition of the profound association wherein the choice taken does not depend on an informed reason.

Such a variable assumes a significant part in concluding whether any Will drafted under such impact has any profound quality or, for that reason, any legitimateness. 

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It will have an uncertain nature.

Different angles demonstrate the legitimacy of the Will in the courtroom, while the idea of the Will likewise succumbs to being tested in the event that the Will isn’t made as per these viewpoints. 

Following are different viewpoints whenever found or lacking such Will could be tested in the courtroom:

1.    At the point when any individual makes a Will wherein any of the content(s) of the Will is dubious or has no importance as to substance, then, at that point, such as Will can be tested.

2.    There exists a failing with respect to the stamp expected by the maker of the Will for the registration of Will, and in the event that such Will isn’t properly stepped yet enrolled, there is an absolute reason to test the Will.

3.    In the event that the thumb impression is expected on the Will or not correctly made or, on the another hand, assuming there are more thumbprints, however, expected by the law, such appearance creates disarray among the signatories of the Will, such chaos on a Will can likewise be tested in the courtroom.

4.    If the production of Will, there exists a demeanor of property or devolution of any privileges in the property, yet such conduct or devolution is made for any individual who isn’t somewhat associated, or there exists no association with proving Will’s legitimacy; then, at that point, such Will can be tested in the courtroom.

5.    The Will has been executed at any spot; however, while registration, the date, time, and put must be referenced on the Will, yet assuming at all the site of the execution on the Will isn’t referenced, then, at that point, such Will can be tested in the courtroom. 

E.g., On the off chance that an individual has executed a Will in a clinic, yet the agent or any individual concerned neglected to specify this on a Will; then, at that point, there can be an inquiry raised on the legitimacy of the Will in the official courtroom.

Blunder in executing the Will

As an individual who wishes to execute a Will, he needs to carry out particular roles in making Will, and afterward, he needs to approve the Will and make a Will that is perceived in the eye of the law. 

In the event that there are blunders in the execution of the Will, such a Will, can be tested in the courtroom.

Following are certain conditions for Will Registration

As talked about over, the Will can now be genuinely perceived as the Departed benefactor’s interest/want/request for managing his property in the afterlife. 

Any individual, while making a Will, keeps an understood and straightforward substance concerning the wish of the Departed benefactor, yet the such aim of the departed benefactor ought to be clarified, and the importance of the Will ought to be succinct and unambiguous, however on the off the chance that by any understanding of the Will, there appears so the arrangement of any provision in the Will seems to be uncertain or as opposed to the the expectation of the departed benefactor, then such statement or any Will to that the degree can be tested in the courtroom.

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Debilitate for Testamentary

There are sure pre-conditions expected by any individual who makes the Will obligatory for him/her to consent, without which anything done in such course of creation will be named invalid and void.

The following are sure circumstances for making a Will:

1.  An individual ought to be free and cognizant to figure out the terms and content of the Will and its impact concerning the execution.

2.  An individual ought to be told, or he/she ought to grasp the degree of his/her property he/she wishes to discard his/her privileges, he/she wishes to regress to somebody.

3.  An individual able to make a Can will understand and value the cases to which he/she should give impact concerning execution.

4.  An individual ought to be sound, and each choice taken by him/her ought to be in the clear brain to its application when it’s gotten impacted as to substance.

5.  No individual ought to be permitted to settle on a choice or make a Will at the hour of any period of loss of motion of solid logic or informed, independent direction.

6. This is also one of the necessary requirement that a will should only and only be made by the individual when the person is of a sound psyche.

7.  An individual ought to follow every one of the necessities of segment 10 of the Indian Agreement Act 1872 for a substantial foundation of Will.


A Will is a vital part of an individual’s life as it concludes who will acquire all the well-deserved cash once the individual dies. In this manner, in a nation like India, it turns out to be vital that on the off chance that individual views a Will framed as unacceptable, he/she has the option to challenge the registered Will in the court to ensure there is no wrongdoing occurring. 

The registered Will can be tested for all the reasons referenced above and the methodology to be followed has been examined in the article.

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Adv. Praneeth GN

Adv. Praneeth GN


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