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A government agency or the police department will give a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) to Indian passport applicants and holders to attest that they have no criminal records. The majority of Indian nationals seeking to immigrate to a foreign country for work, a long-term stay, or a residence must get a police clearance certificate.

A tourist from India does not need to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate before leaving the country. There are now 17 nations that have been classified as Emigration Check Required (ECR) nations because of their comparatively lax entrance and employment requirements for foreign people.

What is a Police Clearance Certificate?

  • The District Superintendent of Police will provide an applicant with a “Police Clearance Certificate” as proof that they are an Indian citizen.
  • That the individual whose photo has been included in the Police Clearance Certificate application form is indeed the applicant.
  • According to district police records, the applicant has not been charged with a crime and is not the subject of any ongoing legal proceedings.
  • That the applicant has not received any unfavorable information that would exclude him or her from receiving a visa or permission to immigrate.

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Who requires a Police Clearance Certificate?

  • All Indian nationals who seek a visa to enter or leave a foreign country must provide a Police Clearance Certificate. 
  • The Police Clearance Certificate must be presented to the relevant embassy or consulate together with a current Indian passport and any other required documentation. 
  • Indian nationals who live or work abroad and want to apply for foreign citizenship or permanent resident status in a foreign country may also require the Police Clearance Certificate.

How can I submit a Police Clearance Certificate application?

Police Clearance Certificate Offline Application Procedure

  • The applicant must complete an application form, which is accessible at the district’s CPRC Centre, to apply offline for a police clearance certificate. 
  • The district police website also offers a download link for the application form. The properly completed application form may be delivered in person or by way of a representative.

Online Police Clearance Certificate Application Procedure

The following actions must be taken while submitting an online Police Clearance Certificate application:

  • Sign up for an account on the Passport Seva Portal and log in.
  • Select the link for applying for a police clearance certificate.
  • Fill out and submit the form that appears.
  • Select “Pay and Schedule Appointment” from the menu.
  • The payment must be made online since it is required.
  • The application is on paper.
  • Arrive at your appointment on time and with all the necessary paperwork.
  • Mandatory documents required 
  • Original Passport and a self-attested copy of the first and last pages, which contain the ECR/ECNR page and the page of observations (if any).
  • Address evidence if there has been a change from the address listed on the Passport.
  • A copy of the visa and an English translation if the original language is another.
  • By taking the legal advice of a business lawyer, one can easily get the certificate online. 

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Documents required for Police Clearance Certificate

   For professionals and semi-professionals

The following documentation must be presented for Police Clearance Certificate in the instance of skilled or semi-skilled persons who have signed a contract directly with a foreign employer rather than through recruiting agents (RA) approved by the Protector of Emigrants (POE):

  • Required paperwork and a self-attested copy of the employment contract.

2.     For women and unskilled applicants

The following documentation must be provided for unskilled people and women (30 years of age or older) candidates who have signed a contract directly with a foreign employer without using a RA:

  • Required Documents, including an employment contract confirmed by the appropriate Indian Mission or Post or a letter of permission.

3.     For those who are talented or semi-skilled (through Recruiting Agents)

The following documents must be presented by skilled or semi-skilled candidates who have a contract with a foreign employer through a RA:

  • Required Documents, including copies of the employment contract, a demand letter from the foreign employer, and a power of attorney, attested by the relevant RA.
  • A replica of the registration certificate issued by the POE.

4.     For candidates who are unskilled or women (through Recruiting Agents)

The following documentation has to be provided for unskilled people or female candidates who have signed a contract with a foreign company through a RA:

  • Required Documents, which include copies of employment contracts, letters of demand, and powers of attorney from overseas employers, certified by the relevant Indian Mission.
  • A replica of the registration certificate issued by the POE
  • Mandatory Documents and a Declaration of Sponsorship by the Appropriate Person Sponsoring the Emigration of Said Applicant are required for dependent family members of a person emigrating or residing in both ECR & ECNR nations.

Other important information regarding Police Clearance Certificate

  • Please fill out the form completely without hiding any information.
  • Each column should be filled out correctly by the applicant or user. If the applicant provides false information, he or she will be held accountable and the Police Clearance Certificate is likely to be denied.
  • A valid ID and proof of the applicant’s current address are required.
  • Please assist the Enquiry Officer (E.O.) during the field investigation by giving him original, authentic papers.
  • A police clearance certificate is thought to be reliable for six months.
  • Per the application form, only one Police Clearance Certificate may be granted.
  • The age requirement to obtain a police clearance certificate is nonexistent.
  • Only if it is necessary by a foreign authority may a police clearance certificate be given to children.

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An official document known as a police clearance certificate is given to Indian passport holders who have sought immigration, a long-term work visa, or residential status. However, it cannot be granted to anyone with a tourist visa who is travelling overseas. 

The police agency is essentially certifying that the applicant has no criminal history. One must take the legal advice of a business lawyer to easily get the Police Clearance Certificate. 

To seek any Redressal from the Court, one must consult a professional lawyer who is an expert in that field.

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