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How to get a Public Trust Registered

  • Schedule call with the Lawyer

    Customer discusses requirements and shares details of the properties

  • Drafting the Trust

    Lawyer drafts the Will

  • Registration appointment

    Registration appointment is scheduled

  • Trust Registration

    Will is registered at the Sub-Registrar’s office

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Schedule call with the Lawyer

Customer discusses requirements and shares details of the properties

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Drafting the Trust

Lawyer drafts the Will

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Registration appointment

Registration appointment is scheduled


Trust Registration

Will is registered at the Sub-Registrar’s office

Contents of Public Trust

  • settlor


    Details of the individual wishing to establish a Trust

  • trustees


    Details of Individuals or organisations in charge of managing the trust

  • trust objectives


    The Trust Deed contains the details of the objectives of the Trust, the procedures for appointing trustees and the management of assets.

  • Trust Property

    Trust Property

    The assets or funds transferred to the trust to carry out its objectives

  • beneficiaries


    The larger community or specific groups who benefit from the trust.

Benefits of Registering Public Trust

  • community impact

    Community Impact

    Trusts can significantly impact the communities they serve by funding important initiatives or filling gaps in public services.

  • Legal Protection

    Legal Protection

    Trust property is usually protected from the personal liability issues of the trustees.

  • tax-exemption

    Tax Exemptions

    As per Indian Laws, Public Trusts may qualify for certain tax exemptions, helping to maximise the funds available for their charitable work.

  • legacy


    Creating a Public Trust can lead to leaving a lasting legacy of goodwill and community service

Prerequisites for Registering Will

  • description_black_24dp (1)

    Trust Deed

    This is the primary document that contains all the details about the trust, including the name, address, objectives, trustees, rules and regulations, etc.

  • Identification Proof

    Identification and Address Proof of Trustees and Settlor

    Documents like an Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID, or Driving License of all the trustees and settlor are required

  • registered-office

    Address Proof of the Registered Office

    This can be in the form of a recent electricity bill, house tax receipt, or a rent agreement with a no objection certificate from the landlord.

  • insert_photo_black_24dp

    Passport-Sized Photographs of the Settlor and Trustees

    Recent photographs of the settlor and trustees are required.

  • Proof of Property

    Proof of Trust Property

    Documents proving the title and possession of property owned by the trust. If there is no immovable property, a nominal value of trust money needs to be specified.

  • registration of fee

    Registration Fee

    Proof of payment of the applicable registration fee

Registration Process

  • 1

    Discuss your requirements with the Lawyer

  • 2

    Lawyer drafts the Will

  • 3

    Schedule appointment at the Sub-Registrar Office

  • 4

    Present relevant documents

  • 5

    Signatures of 2 Witnesses in the presence of the Sub-Registrar

  • 6

    Will is registered

Deliverables of Public Trust

  • schedule_black_24dp

    Expert Consultation

    Our experienced team will guide you through setting up your trust.

  • description_black_24dp (1)

    Trust Deed Preparation

    We will help draft a legally robust Trust Deed that clearly outlines your trust's objectives and operational procedures.

  • trust registration

    Registration Assistance

    We will assist with the registration process and ensure all paperwork is accurately completed.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the meaning of public trust?


A public trust in India refers to a trust created for the benefit of the general public or a large section of it. It’s typically established for charitable, religious, or educational purposes.

How do you identify a public trust?


A public trust can be identified by its purpose, which is to serve the public or a significant portion of it. It’s often registered with the government and operates transparently, with its financial records and activities available for public scrutiny.

What is an example of a trust?


An example of a trust in India could be the Tata Trust, which is one of India’s oldest philanthropic organisations that work in several areas like health, education, and rural upliftment.

What is public vs. private trust in India?


In India, a public trust is created for the benefit of the public or a significant section of it, while a private trust is created for the benefit of one or more specific individuals who are usually family members.


Who regulates trusts in India?


In India, trusts are regulated by various laws and regulations, including the Indian Trusts Act of 1882. Public trusts may also be regulated by specific state laws, like the Maharashtra Public Trusts Act.

What is a private trust in India?


A private trust in India is a trust created for the benefit of one or more specific individuals, usually family members. The beneficiaries of a private trust are definite and ascertainable.

What does it mean to have a public trustee?


A public trustee in India is an individual or organisation appointed to manage the assets of a trust for the benefit of the public. They have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the public and are accountable for their actions.

What is public trust in India?


A public trust in India is a charitable organisation established for the benefit of the general public.

What is the law of public trust in India?


Public trusts in India are governed by state-specific acts, with no all-India level act in place.

What are the types of trust in India?


Trusts in India are categorised into Public Trusts, Private Trusts, and Public Cum-Private Trusts.

Who can open a trust in India?


Any person competent to contract, including individuals and companies, can open a trust in India.

Which is the biggest private trust in India?


The Tata Trusts, established by Jamsetji Tata, are the largest private trusts in India.

What is the Indian Public Trust Act 1950?


The Indian Public Trust Act 1950, also known as the Bombay Public Trusts Act, governs the administration of public religious and charitable trusts in the state of Maharashtra. It mandates that trustees administer the affairs of the trust and apply the funds and properties thereof for the purpose and objects of the trust in accordance with the terms of the trust, usage of the institution, and lawful directions issued by the Charity Commissioner or Court.

What is the difference between a trust and a charitable trust?


A trust is a legal arrangement where assets are held by one party for the benefit of another. On the other hand, a charitable trust is a specific type of trust set up to benefit a charitable organisation or cause.

How many members are there in a trust in India?


A trust in India requires a minimum of two trustees. There is no upper limit to the number of trustees that a trust can have.

What is the difference between a trust and an endowment?


A trust holds assets for beneficiaries, while an endowment is an investment fund for non-profits.

How can I open a trust or society in India?


To open a trust or society in India, you need to follow these steps:


  1. Choose an appropriate name for the trust or society.
  2. Draft a Trust Deed or Society’s Memorandum of Association outlining the organisation’s purpose, rules, and members .
  3. Register the Trust Deed or Memorandum of Association with the sub-registrar’s office in your state.
  4. Obtain a PAN card and open a bank account in the name of the trust or society.

5. Transfer assets to the trust or society.

Who controls public trust in India?


Public trusts in India are controlled by special statutes and authorities like the Charity Commissioner. The trustees manage the affairs of the trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

What is a synonym for public trust?


A synonym for public trust is “charitable trust”.

What is a private trust?


A private trust is an estate planning vehicle that transfers control of certain assets from the grantor to the trustee. The trustee then manages these assets for the benefit of specific individuals or groups, as per the terms of the trust.

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    I'm extremely impressed with EzyLegal's services. Establishing our Public Trust for eradicating poverty was a complex process, but their knowledgeable team simplified it for us. Their commitment to social welfare aligns perfectly with our Trust's mission, and we are now legally equipped to make a significant difference in the lives of the underprivileged.
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    EzyLegal's expertise in setting up our Public Trust was remarkable! I must say, their dedication to ensuring every legal requirement was met gave us peace of mind. We are now fully equipped to pursue our Trust's goal of promoting art and culture in our community. EzyLegal is the go-to choice for hassle-free Trust registration.
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    As the founder of a charitable Public Trust, I needed a reliable partner to handle the legalities. EzyLegal exceeded my expectations. Their attention to detail in crafting our Trust Deed and guiding us through the registration process was truly commendable. Thanks to them, we can now focus on our mission of improving healthcare access for all.
  • Priya Sharma

    EzyLegal made establishing our Public Trust a breeze! From the moment we reached out, their team provided us with expert guidance and support. I couldn't be happier with the seamless registration process. Our Trust's mission to empower underprivileged children is now legally protected and ready to make a meaningful impact. Highly recommend their services!

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