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Frequently asked Questions

What is legal consultation?


Legal consultation refers to the process of seeking professional advice from a lawyer or legal expert regarding a specific legal matter or issue. It involves discussing the details of the case, obtaining legal insights, understanding rights and obligations, and exploring potential courses of action. Legal consultation helps individuals or entities make informed decisions and navigate legal complexities effectively.

Why do you need a consultation?


A legal consultation is essential to gain professional advice and insights on specific legal matters. It helps individuals understand their rights, explore available options, assess potential risks, and make informed decisions. A consultation ensures that you are well informed about the legal implications of your situation and allows you to seek guidance from a legal expert to protect your interests and navigate the complexities of Indian laws.

What is client consultation in law?


In law, client consultation refers to a meeting or discussion between a lawyer and their client, where the client seeks legal advice or guidance on a specific matter. It is an opportunity for the lawyer to understand the client’s situation, provide legal insights, discuss potential strategies, and address any concerns or questions the client may have.

What defines a consulting attorney?


A consulting attorney in India is a legal professional who provides expert advice and guidance on specific legal matters, offering expertise and insights to clients seeking assistance in navigating legal complexities or making informed decisions.

What are the benefits of having a legal consultant?


Having a legal consultant in India offers several benefits, including expert advice and guidance on legal matters, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, minimizing legal risks, drafting and reviewing legal documents, representing your interests in legal proceedings, and providing strategic solutions to legal issues. ezyLegal helps you connect with expert law consultants online.

What is the role of legal consultants?


Legal consultants in India play a crucial role in providing expert advice, guidance, and assistance in various legal matters. They offer insights on legal issues, assist with contract drafting and review, conduct legal research, analyze risks, offer dispute resolution strategies, and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Their role is to help clients navigate legal complexities and make informed decisions in accordance with Indian laws.

What is the process of client Counselling in law?


Client counselling in law is the process of engaging with clients to provide guidance and assistance in legal matters. It involves actively listening to clients, understanding their concerns, explaining legal options, advising on potential courses of action, and assisting in decision-making. Through client counseling, lawyers aim to empower clients with the knowledge and understanding needed to make informed choices regarding their legal issues.

What is the purpose of client consultation?


The purpose of client consultation in Indian law is to provide individuals or entities with an opportunity to seek professional legal advice, discuss their legal concerns or issues with a lawyer, understand their rights and options, and receive guidance to make informed decisions regarding their legal matters.

How do I connect with a lawyer online?


To connect with a lawyer online in India or to get an online consultation with lawyer, you can visit the website and avail legal consultation services. ezyLegal provides a platform to connect with experienced lawyers online, allowing you to seek legal advice and assistance conveniently from the comfort of your own location.

Is there any advantage of looking for a lawyer online?


Looking for a lawyer online has many advantages like saving time, ensuring privacy and having no language barrier. On ezyLegal, you can choose a lawyer online who speaks your language. Additionally, choosing a lawyer online gives you the benefit of having many experienced lawyers to choose from, at the click of a button.

How experienced are the lawyers who will give Consultation?


ezyLegal has only Verified and Experienced senior advocates who are practicing in High Courts and Supreme Court of India. Depending upon the Concern area you choose, you will get connected to a legal expert who will give you the Best and Right legal advice.

What is the qualification of legal consultant?


The qualification of a legal consultant in India typically includes a law degree (LLB) from a recognized university or institution, along with relevant experience in the legal field. Additional qualifications such as specialization in a specific area of law or advanced degrees like LLM can also enhance the expertise of a legal consultant.

How can I get the lawyer's number?


To Talk to the Lawyer, you can call on this number +91-8929 889922. After purchasing the consultation minutes, you will also receive this phone number on email and SMS.

Will my conversation with the lawyer remain confidential?


We respect your privacy and confidentiality. Your conversation with the Lawyer is 100% Confidential. Your name and number is not shared with the Lawyer, so you can remain anonymous and Talk to the Lawyer without any hesitation.

What are the timings for Talking to the Lawyer?


This service is available 24×7, so you can call anytime as per your convenience.

Can I speak to the same lawyer if I call the second time?


Yes, you can speak to the same lawyer. When you call, you will be given an option of selecting the lawyer with whom you have spoken before.

Can I choose the lawyer for Consultation?


You can choose the lawyer with whom you have spoken before. Otherwise, the lawyer is chosen by our system based on their rating, practice area, your language preference and the lawyer’s availability.

Is there any time limit for a Consultation call?


No, there is no time limit. You can speak to the lawyer for as many minutes you have in your account. Also, there is no limitation on the number of times you can speak. Your Consultation will last for as long as your minutes last. If your minutes get consumed during an ongoing call, your call will get disconnected. You can then quickly recharge your account and again call on the same number and resume your consultation.

What will happen if my minutes get over?


Your call will get disconnected if your available minutes get consumed. You can then quickly recharge your account and again call on the same number and resume your consultation. However, to avoid any interruption while having an important consultation call with the lawyer, we recommend you keep a minimum of 30 minutes in your account balance before you Call the Lawyer.

Do my un-utilized minutes expire?


Your minutes are valid for 6 months from the date of last recharge. Your un-utilized minutes remain in your account balance. There is no limitation on the number of times you can speak to the Lawyer. You can speak to the Lawyer for as long as you have Active minutes in your account. You can view your Account Balance and the Call logs under My Account section after you login.

If I am convinced by the advice given by the Lawyer, can I hire the lawyer for documentation or filing a case?


If you are convinced by the advice and would need a lawyer’s support, ezyLegal can connect you with a local lawyer who can assist you in moving ahead with your legal matter. After taking the Consultation, you can Call or WhatsApp us at +91-85-8888-7480 and we will be happy to help you.

Can I hire a Lawyer for litigation?


ezyLegal does not provide litigation support. We only provide best and experienced Indian lawyers for Legal Consultation over phone. Additionally, we also provide Legal Documentation and Business registration service.


What is the quality of lawyer consultation that I will get on ezyLegal?


ezyLegal has verified lawyers who have experience practicing in High Courts & Supreme Court. The lawyer consultation process enables you to get the best and right legal advice.

Is attorney consultation online possible?


It is very much possible to have an attorney consultation online. With ezyLegal, you can have an online legal consultation at the click of a button. Attorney consultation online helps you save time, effort and money.

Is taking legal advice online safe?


Taking legal advice online is safe when you keep in mind to check for experience of the lawyer. On ezyLegal, all lawyers are verified and so when you take legal advice online, you know it is a verified and experienced lawyer. Legal advice online should be taken only from trusted websites like ezyLegal.

Online legal advice is available in which languages?


Online legal advice on ezyLegal is available in Indian languages that you are comfortable in. All online legal advice can be obtained in English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil & Kannada You can get online legal advice in the language you best understand.

What kind of lawyer advice can I get on ezyLegal?


There are various categories of lawyer advice that you may want to avail. Lawyer advice can be for family related matters like child custody or divorce. Lawyer advice can also include property related matters as well as other disputes.

Does online lawyer advice save time and effort?


Online lawyer advice does not require you to visit lawyers chambers thus saving you commute time. With online lawyer advice, you can avoid physical meetings and meet a lawyer in the comfort of your home.

What legal consultancy services are available on ezyLegal?


With ezyLegal, you can talk with experienced lawyers on a variety of legal consultancy services. Property related matters to online attorneys and family related matters-these are some of the legal consultancy services available.

Which language do I talk to lawyer?


You can talk to lawyer in an Indian language of your choice as per language options on ezyLegal. You can talk to lawyer in a language that you are most comfortable in, by choosing the language option from the menu

What can I ask a lawyer online?


You can ask a lawyer online about any legal issues that you are facing. You can ask a lawyer online about property, family or any other legal consultation.

Is online legal advice in India popular?


Online legal advice India is getting more and more popular. Online legal consultation or e-consultancy is fast emerging as the next scalable service that will help you consult a lawyer in the privacy of your home, in just a few clicks.

Is online lawyer consultation private and confidential?


One advantage of online lawyer consultation is that you can consult a lawyer in the privacy of your home. For online lawyer consultation, you do not need to visit court premises or a lawyer’s chamber. In online lawyer consultation, your private concerns like divorce stays only between you and the lawyer you are consulting .

How does a lawyer talk to me on ezyLegal?


Lawyers talk to you on ezyLegal after you have purchased minutes on ezyLegal. You can call this number +91-8929 889922 and a lawyer will talk to you. After purchasing the consultation minutes, you will also receive this phone number on email and SMS.

Can a non lawyer give legal advice in India?


No, a non-lawyer cannot give legal advice in India. To get advice from expert attorneys, avail ezyLegal’s lawyer consultation online service at

Can I fight my own case?


Yes, according to Section 32 of the Advocate’s Act in India, individuals have the statutory right to defend their own case without being an advocate. To get advice from expert attorneys, consult lawyer online at

Can I get free lawyer in India?


Yes, you may be eligible for free legal assistance in India under Section 12 of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987.

Can I sue my lawyer in India?


Yes, you can sue your lawyer in India if you believe they have committed professional misconduct or violated professional ethics.

Can police question you without a lawyer in India?


Yes, police can question you without a lawyer in India if you voluntarily waive your rights and fully understand the implications. However, if you initially agree to the questioning and later request a lawyer, the questioning must cease.

Do Indians have a right to a lawyer?


Yes, Indians have the right to a lawyer under the Indian Civil Rights Act (ICRA) and can hire one at their own expense. You can now consult with lawyer online at

How can I get free legal advice in India?


In India, you can obtain free legal advice through various channels such as legal aid clinics, legal helplines, online legal platforms, and pro bono services provided by lawyers or online legal consultants.

How can I talk to a lawyer online for free in India?


To talk to a lawyer online for free in India, you can seek assistance from legal advice platforms, legal aid websites, or pro bono services offered by lawyers. These resources allow you to connect with lawyers online and obtain free legal advice. Alternatively, you can get a law consultation online at

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  • Ram Chaudhary

    They will provide very determined lawyer advice services to anyone who has been wronged legally and my own personal advice is that please do not hesitate to approach Ezylegal. They are always very open-minded and provide proper solutions and answers. Happy to have received help from Ezylegal in time.
  • Mansi Gupta

    I spoke to Ezylegal about my marriage issues and they advised a lawyer consultation session. After proceeding with the needed negotiations and terms, most of my required questions were reasonably answered and solved. A big thanks to the whole team.
  • Raju Poddar

    Every issue was addressed and mentioned. Their legal advice team has very good work procedures, thanks to their equally good management. My problem was dealt with instantly and with no compromise over any point.
  • Samrat Sharma

    Ezylegal is the perfect place to approach for online lawyer advice and they make sure you receive needed instruction and information to go further with your matters. Very experienced and have good knowledge about legal issues.
  • Monica Prakash

    Very professional management! The lawyer advice received made me free of the business demerit charges as the same was wrongly input. Ezylegal guided me and helped me to solve my matter just in time. Best regards.
  • Akhilesh Singh

    मेरी संपत्ति की समस्या का समाधान उनकी online legal advice सेवा द्वारा किया गया। मुझे इसे हल करने का सही तरीका दिखाया गया था। मैं उनके सहयोग के लिए आभारी हूँ
  • Sunil Kedia

    My issue was related to OBC eligibility for my daughter. Ezylegal gave the best legal advice and helped me with a prompt response. Recommended to everyone with similar issues.
  • Mamata Ghosh

    Very much thankful to Ezylegal for their online legal consultation services. I had a problem with a child adoption and many queries arose before I could even proceed. Their helping and attentive understanding overwhelmed me and put me in the right position. Always thankful.
  • Payel Soni

    My cousin approached Ezylegal for attorney consultation when the handler was not obliging to the terms. The topic was carefully handled and was on the proper time. No deductions were made and nothing was left unclear.
  • Vikas Bhakta

    The experience they have reflects in their method of handling the issues. The service of Ezylegal of online lawyer advice was very clear and had no issues or delays.
  • Neha Kunder

    Ezylegal is one of the best legal consultants online. Ezylegal are very genuine and patient with clients. I am very impressed with the service as they guided me perfectly in my case.
  • Praveen Jhunjhunwala

    From the very start, Ezylegal guided me through their lawyer consultation. Things went very smoothly and coordination was much appreciated.
  • Reema Nayar

    Thankful to Ezylegal for helping with my property inheritance matter. It was a very complicated and delayed one but the lawyer talk and every discussion went very well, and I had a good outcome.
  • Maya Rajput

    Would totally recommend having Ezylegal’s legal advice as my problem was professionally solved. They helped create many options and ways for my tenancy disagreement.
  • Mahesh Goel

    Choosing Ezylegal advice online was very important for me as I had to consult for my business reorganization and drafting. They helped immensely with everything making the process smooth and profitable.
  • Ishan Bajoria

    The best services were provided by Ezylegal in terms of legal consultancy services. My company was not registered and many issues took place in a matter of time but with their help and guidance, I was able to do proper registration.
  • Amarjeet Sethia

    My father wanted to get an attorney consultation to make sure his will was not complicated and the best action course was taken. The power of attorney portion was revised and discussed mentioning every needed arrangement to be done.
  • Muskan Meharia

    I immediately needed to discuss my rental home legal dispute. The “Ask a Lawyer online” service of Ezylegal saved me days of burden and tension, was connected to one immediately and they helped throughout.
  • Virendar G. Singh

    I am a businessman and contacted Ezylegal for my business registration legal advice. They invested time and made me understand the rights and obligations which are performed before registering. It was a success.
  • Priya Burman

    To be very honest, I searched many sites for an Attorney consultation but Ezylegal specifically set me with most. It was because of their patience to deal with clients and they were able to settle my dispute with no problems.
  • Rohan Gill

    Very cooperative people and guided me the proper way. Online legal consultation on land disputes can be expensive and not sufficient but in this case. It was a pleasurable experience. Will surely give it 5 stars to Ezylegal.
  • Anwesha Banerjee

    Working in a city away from family made me very concerned as I needed an urgent legal consultant online. I appreciate Ezylegal for being so responsive to my queries
  • Ganesh. H. Sharma

    Most websites don’t reveal the actual information but Ezylegal were on the best management from the start of my lawyer consultation. The steps taken were always discussed with me and my family with patience.
  • Soniya Mehta

    Greetings to all, I would always recommend Ezylegal’s legal consultancy services because I was immensely pleased with their compassionate and understanding behavior. Never for once did they leave out any major point and made sure that I was best introduced to my choice with my case.
  • Harish Kumar

    From my side, I tried everything to get legal advice for my family. Then I found Ezylegal service of legal advice online and took a chance. I am so glad that it didn’t fail and I had the best results with their hard working and helping nature.
  • Jatin Dangayach

    I had consulted many of the lawyers throughout many portals but the lawyer i consulted through this website is amazing
  • Lt. Col. Emmanuel P Dayal

    I'm truly thankful to Sugandha for her meticulous coordination with me to arrange my consultation. Noticing my consultation call ended abruptly, she called me to enquire the reason for the short call and in no time arranged my call with Adv. Deepak who rendered the needful legal advice. I'm happy and very satisfied with the Consultation service from ezyLegal.
  • Surinder Singh

    Adv. Rohit was extremely professional and answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns/doubts. I would definitely recommend and use ezyLegal in the future. Also Ms. Sugandha was quite informative and explained the services in detail Thanks & Regards Surinder Singh
  • Shivani Rathore

    I am very thankful to my lawyer at ezyLegal for championing my case. Her dedication and zeal for her client is amazing and absolutely praiseworthy.
  • Vishal Bhatia

    This company helped me so much. They are very professional and they got things done. I called them with a problem & they assured me right there on the phone that I can sue the product company and claim damages. I never knew there was a company like ezyLegal and I'm really glad that I came across their website. Thank you ezyLEgal for all your help in settling this issue.
  • Radhika Saxena

    My experience with ezyLegal was beyond phenomenal. I didn't think that I even had a case but they worked hard on my behalf and got me the justice I deserved. They kept me informed every step of the way and never have I EVER been treated with such respect when it comes to legal matters. I would HIGHLY recommend them to ANYONE and if I could post 10 stars I would ... PLEASE believe them when they say they will WORK for you because they will. ezyLegal ROCKS! Thank you so very much for all you have done.
  • Vineet Bansal

    I consulted with a Property Lawyer at ezyLegal and was very impressed with their experience and knowledge about the law. She went above and beyond the ask to manage what became a rather complex purchase, including supporting the seller lawyer to ensure a successful outcome. We closed the purchase recently and I am very grateful for all her hard work, along with the other folks in her team.
  • Ravi Bhasin

    ezyLegal made my property buying from an NRI couple very easy and professional. This is a very customer service orientated company and have experts on board covering almost any Indian Legal Matters.
  • Avirup Basu

    Dear ezyLegal, I cannot thank you enough for your expertise in handling my online fraud case as well as your sensitivity and caring attitude towards your customers. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I can’t really express how good it felt to be able to talk to you guys in the middle of the night. Sincerely and may God bless you.
  • Sameer Goswami

    It is a pleasure to recommend ezyLegal. The team not only arose above and beyond their call of duty to help me get legal consultation. but their guidance throughout the case was incredible and that poured new life to my dull case. To those who are considering their services, well I can only say, you should definitely give them a try.
  • Mohit Sachdeva

    ezyLegal is not only a very professional platform to deal with, but their Lawyers are also very kind and sympathetic. I had a difficult divorce and they advised me all through with their knowledge, compassion, and proficiency.

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