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    Legal Heir Certificate

Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take to get a Legal Heir certificate issued?


A legal heir certificate takes a minimum of 30 days to be issued.

Whom to approach for obtaining the Legal Heir certificate?


You must approach the area’s Taluk Tehsildar or Corporation/Municipality office or the District Civil Court.

What are the two types of Legal Heirs?


Two types of legal heirs – Permanent legal heirs and temporary legal heirs. 

What is the procedure to get a Legal Heir certificate online?


To obtain and view the legal heir certificate online, log in to the E-district portal and upload necessary documents like ID proof, Death Certificate of the proprietor, and affidavit.

Can a Legal Heir sell a property?


Yes, a legal heir can sell the property.

Who is the Legal Heir to a father’s property?


As per the law Legal heir for a father’s property includes his spouse, his children, and his mother.

Is the Legal Heir Certificate and surviving certificate the same?


Yes. A surviving certificate is given to a surviving member of the deceased, and a legal heir certificate is given to the one who holds the claims of the deceased. But ownership is valid only after you’re granted the succession certificate from the court.

Is a married daughter eligible for a Legal Heir Certificate?


Yes, After the amendment of 2005, now-married daughters also claim the rights over hte property and are considered to be legal heirs.

How do I get a copy of my Legal Heir certificate?


You can either apply for a certificate with the revenue official (Tehsildar) If it has been more than six months from the date of death, you will have to get it through the Court of Law.

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